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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Experiences from the Sulptures

Experiences from the Sculptures


Dearest Cynthia – I’ve just been informed that a large rotating pyramid was spotted directly over my house accompanied by 3 large spheres on each end. This happened at 9.30 pm yesterday.
  I wondered if you see anything on youtube or from one of your sources to kindly elucidate it on it if you can. I also wanted to say if anything happens to me I love you very much and if a cover story is given that I committed suicide or anything like that this is not true. I would never do such a thing and am quite content.

If you have any idea what exactly happened I’d be grateful. I don’t know if this is related to my phone being cut off. I don’t recall what I was doing at 9.30pm last night and I’m usually pretty good like that.
As with other such similar experiences, I felt myself being pulled by my chest out of my bed and into the sky.  And, as always, I found myself headed towards a bright, white light in space.  In my past experiences, I would wake up at this point with no memory of anything other than being pulled into the sky towards a light.  Last night, however, was different.  I found myself at the base of a spaceship that was maroon in color and made of something metallic.  I could not see entirety of the ship.  I only recall seeing the portion of the outside that was a circular hatch opening up to admit me onto the ship.  I felt very much at home though.  When I entered in the ship, I went to an area with a maroon / red floor that was circular with handrails throughout.  I thought it strange that there was so many handrails.  The area was designed like a food court, and there were many, many women and children in the area.  Some of the women and children were sitting in the center of the area, which had tables and chairs, and others were in the surrounding area that looked to be a large open den or playarea where the children were running around.  Although no one seemed surprised that I was there, I had a sense that not everyone knew who I was.  I noticed that, other than me, there were no men in that area, only women and children (both boys and girls).  By the way, all women and children were Caucasian.  The atmosphere was light and joyful.  Some of the women and children appeared eager to speak to me, although I don’t know why.
  I remember sitting down at one of the tables where a woman and child were sitting and introducing myself.  The woman responded by saying something to the effect, “Of course, we know you.”  At that point, I found myself back in my bed.  The odd word that kept ringing in my ears over and over again were, “Arcturians!”  Until you and I just spoke, I had no idea what an Arcturian was.  Here is the website that I was reading from about Arcturians:
Cynthia – I just let my son read the experiences below. He came to me all excited and said that he has been seeing the Nephilim child move. I let him sleep with him over xmas break. He said that he would wake up in the night and the sculptures hands were down like it was getting up. That happened several times. Then he told me that he once woke up to it standing on the table. He figured he was just imagining it and never told me.
Dear Cynthia – The Blue Lady arrived on Thursday.  I was so excited, and when I took her out of the box she looked stunning, much more beautiful than I could have imagined – really spectacular.  So, I just held her and after a while I felt some vibration and changes of temperature in my body.  Then later that night the Lady showed me that she was taking me out of the box, and that it would have to be done gradually, and I would need some cleaning up.  Since then other things that cannot really be expressed in words. I will send you a proper photo of the Blue Lady with me holding her in January, the earliest appointment I could get at the photographers. in the meantime I enclose one I took.  I have to travel again tomorrow, and wouldn’t risk taking the scultpture, in case it got damaged, so I will print out the photograph and take that. Thank you seems an inadequate word to say how grateful I am to you for making available to us your unique abilities, your kindness and wisdom.
I hope that all is well with you.  I got an email from my friend Gail who ordered 2 Nefilim Children sculptors and she said that now you are putting an emerald in the 3rd eye area!  Wow, I saw one on your website and it looks beautiful.  I cannot wait to see the sculptors that you will have at the UFO congress in February.  I sure will be hard to top what happened with the sculptor that was meant for me manifesting in your hotel room however I have faith that there will be another one especially for me!  I had my sculptor out of my office for about 1 month and a few of my clients started to complain for me to bring him back, isn’t that funny?
Hi Cynthia,- I thought I would share what my wife and I experienced last night. As I went to bed, I lay with the sculpture and I started vibrating from my waist up to my head and down to my fingers. It was subtle but noticeable. I felt my chest start to warm up and I could see yellow with my eyes closed. I woke up in the middle of the night and the vibration was intensified and I could hear a low hum. With my eyes shut, flashes of blues and purples could be seen coming at me at a rate of 100 a second. Twice, I opened my eyes to look around. Finally a small voice told me to keep my eyes shut and then the vibration, the colors, and hum slowly went away. My wife said that she had a hard time sleeping. She said that I rolled over in the middle of the night, and placed one hand on her stomach and the another on top of her head. She said they were unusually warm. After a few minutes I took them off. She then said, she was imagining that she was holding the sculpture and finally said “ok, ok … I love you.” Then she started to vibrate and also heard the humming sound. She said this morning the sculpture has triggered a memory as a child, but cant’t really grasp what it is yet. =) Also I told my son about the spaceship that you told me about over the mountain behind you. He said that it sounds a lot like the one he saw. Fun stuff! I’ll keep you informed on anything else that happens. If you still want to send me that picture that you told me about, I would like to see it. Have a great day!
Hi Cynthia:  I was up until almost 1 a.m. this morning, just vibrating all over, but no contact.  I woke up early vibrating and I was vibrating almost all day yesterday after receiving the sculptures.  I have almost no recollection of my dreams last.  I spent a fair amount of time last night meditating (with the light per your suggestion) as well.
  The Andromeda Child appeared, etherically, next to the sculpture you sent me. It sat on my bed next to me and did some general healing work.   Thanks for the wonderful work you do Cynthia. Love Jacquelin
Cynthia – It was such pleasure and joy meeting you at the “Awake and Aware” Conference in Burbank. I am so happy to have shared my vision with you of being in the four corners area at the time that the portal/stargate is opening! When i saw your beautiful sculpture of ANABUA -I felt immediately connected. Information has been coming to me ever since and I feel a deep connection with the spirit and energies from which it was created. I have a deeply serene “aura” in my house around the area that I keep ANABUA.Even when I leave my home I feel deeply connected to the energies. What I do know is that I must travel to that area/ i have so many questions and i don’t even know where i need to be… i have traveled there many times  in my dreams and visions and Google Earth has helped a bit too! Just a funny note- As I was traveling back to Ny with ANABUA safely packed-away in my carry-on, the TSA agents were very curious about what I had in my luggage. ANABUA went through X-ray 3 times!!!SHE WAS NOT HAPPY. But some of the TSA agents were so intrigued with her that she asked me who sculpted her and I of course gave them your cards.So… could you kindly send me some more of your cards. Also… There was an info card attached to ANABUA which was lost when I unpacked her at the airport. Could you send me that as well. Thank you again, Cynthia for your  beautiful mystical artwork. If it is ok, I’d like to stay in touch with you and update you on the revelations and information i am receiving from your work Gratefully yours, vincent
Hi, Cynthia! – I met you while visiting my friend. My daughter Heidi was with us. Wow!! The little guy, Andromedon child that you sold to Michelle for me, well, I have to tell you that he is something else. When I sleep with him next to me I am out for the deep-space count. I sleep light, with him next to me, I’m in la la land, but in a dreaming state. So rested!! While at Michelle’s house with him the first night, my tweezers vanished from the table and literally were dropped in front of my nose as if a hand just opened and the wind from the tweezers brushed my face as they fell to the floor as I was putting my bra on the twins. HAH!! you had to have been there. I searched high and low the evening they disappeared. Nothing. Then wah lah. Additionally, my gold studs on right ear were missing. I’ve worn these and never remove them forever…many years of wear. One post was bent in place while one vanished and the lock backings vanished. NEVER HAPPENS with swimming, hair washing, et al. ET’s have been to all healings and dream states since I met you and took the child sculpture with me. He’s my buddy now. I rub him and gave him place in my healing room. I can’t even pronounce the names of the three or four beings who have been coming through to ‘speak’ and help with energy therapy. The mantis was so gentle and serene, the Sirian child comes through with the Andromedan Child, and I’ve had greys converse today. But the whites sent the greys on their way in another direction. I’ve seen and conversed with a Sirian Warrior, he left a white feather on Michelle’s heart chakra while I was working on her fields when in AZ. I’m intrigued. I will read your site and seek further to get to know more. . . what a joy! thank you. I hope to meet you again when I move my family to Phoenix~ Much love and light, blessings- Lucine (Laura)
9-15-09  Laura called me to tell me that she is now using the Andromedan child doing her healing work.  When the child was put by the patient’s head, the sculpture sent a tonal vibration through her, bringing all her chakras into balance, releasing the dark entity that was trying to possess her.  The woman, a spiritual psychic, said she felt changed, in total serenity.
My sculpture of Yahney (Blue Arcturian) just came to LIFE.  It was real Cynthia.  Skin moving, eyes,  etc.  I was told “brace myself” it is coming in.
  We are all the same energy bodies at different vibrational levels housed in human form.
I had an experience today while taking a nap.  While lyingdown I had your statue next to me.  As I was waking up,I saw (etherically) a group of Nifilim children surround me.  They wereabout 3 feet tall.  Then they disappeared.
  This past week a woman was doing cranial/sacral work with me.(Aligning spine with skull which is great work)  Anyway, whileshe was working on me I went pretty deep.  After she was done she told me that my body disappeared and then would reappearand disappear and reappear.  Then she saw glowing silver light around me.  Silver light for me is usually connected to my star family.  I may have been going in and out of other dimensions, but it was a cool experience and she told me that she seldom sees anything like this with anyone.
As I said before, I LOVE it.  I think it is absolutely perfect in every way.  I feel so attached to it, haven’t meditated on a name yet, that I want it to be where ever I am in the house and on the patio.
  Spirit gave me several assignments and one of them is to read “The Keys of Enoch”.  I don’t know if you are familiar with it but it’s over 500 pages and the print is very small.  I have started reading it in the past and it just wasn’t making sense as it’s very scientifically written.  I asked my Nefilim child to help me to understand and comprehend it yesterday before I started my studies and the words just flowed and made sense.

You mention the frequency that went into it while you were making it.  Do you get a sense of what the frequency is?  I feel total love with it.

I can’t thank you enough.
A testimony from Susan Rawlings, the Psychic
  I hope that all is well with you!  I just wanted to let you know that I was giving a reading to a client the other day and the Nefillim Child sculptor started communicating with her while I was giving her the reading!  ( the communication had nothing to do with me at all )

She all of the sudden looked at it ( I kind of have in a place that people don’t really notice it ) and said ” Well Hello there ! “  It was totally talking to her!  She was shocked and kind of beside herself as to what was happening, isn’t that great?

Of course I had to tell her about you and the story of how my sculptor manifested and how they are communication devices as well.  It was so like what happened to me the night that I took it up to my hotel room in Nevada.  I just thought that it is so funny that it is now starting to communicate with my clients!
I just had to email you and tell you I just received the Nefilim child.  The silver looks exactly the way I imagined it.  When I picked up the box, it was vibrating.  When I opened the box and pulled out the child, it was vibrating at a very high frequency of love, joy, and laughter.  I am so delighted so have one of your sculptures in my home.
  When I put the Nefilim child on a table, I could literally see the sculpture breathing and moving around.  I could see the frequencies being sent out, which I could see, and resonate with immediately.

Thank you so much for your gifts and talents.  Do you have a catalog of the sculptures you do?  It could be a good idea to have one.  I would love to show others in the Columbus area your work.  I so wish you could be at the Universal Light Expo in October.  You would be able to sell so many sculptures, you’d be busy for quite awhile. lol

Take care. Love & light & laughter from me, Quabar.  They thank you for the love and light in which you work.
Cynthia, – I wanted to thank you for being there for me at the alamo conference last week.  I’ve been through a very dark lonely period in my life and I went to the conference more to find some people who I could relate to more than to see a UFO.  I’m a first timer at anything like that, but I have never felt like I fit in more with a group of people in my life. My Mantis Being is one of my most cherished possessions, even if people think I’m nut’s when I tell them the whole story.  I guess by their definition, I am nuts, because I’ve had voices in my head my whole life.  It’s just recently that I’ve begun to understand where they come from.
  I’m sorry if I got your shoulder wet, I was a mess and I’m a little embarrassed, but I’m doing much better now.  The pieces are coming together.
I hope that all is well with you.  I want to purchase a one of the smaller sculptors, the one that lays on its side and looks kind of child like for my friend Cindy.  Please let me know what the charge is and what the shipping cost is and I can send you a check ASAP.
  I also referred my friend/client to you and I am sure that she will be purchasing a few of your precious works of art.  I had her hold the small Annunaki sculptor while I was channeling for her and another friend of ours.  It was so funny, all she could do was kiss it’s head which was just what I did when I first got it too!
When I get the funds I want to purchase one of the Mantis Being Sculptors.  Shortly after I came back from Nevada one of them started coming to me when I was channeling for my client and told me his name is Xee.  He told her that he would help her with her migraine headaches that have been debilitating for her for many years now.  She started calling on Xee during the onset of a migraine and has reported that he stops them.  She has been through hell and back because of this situation and is finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
The Mantis Beings are total healers, I know that from your testimonials that the same thing is happening to others.  This communication with Xee happened before I ever received any of your other testimonials about the healing that the Mantis Beings give.  He told me that he is studying to be a Master and has such a friendly and excited way of communicating.  I love your work and want to continue to give you feedback.
I got a phone call from a man who was drawn to buy the “Blue Lady” plaque at the Bay Area UFO Expo in September.  He asked me why I sculptured this being, if I had an encounter with it, and what planet she came from.  I told him that after seeing this vision of the Blue Lady in my mind for a few months, I finally sculptured her, and not because I had experienced her.  I told him that a psychic woman claimed she was from the Pleiades, one of the planets of the blue people.  I also told him that a man who channels ETs insisted while channeling over 9 months ago that beside sculpturing ETs that I sculpture Masters, the Blue Lady being one of them, though I denied it at the time. The male caller then proceeded to tell me how the sculpture spoke to him, and he was wondering if he was losing his mind or if it was “possessed”.  I then informed him that Mother Mary came to me a few months ago and gestured to the plaque telling me telepathically that it was her frequency “she” puts (through me) in every Blue Lady I make.  I consoled him that he wasn’t crazy because others have told me they’ve experienced their Blue Lady making facial movements, and a few have claimed to telepathically hear messages or see her glowing.  I’ve also told him that people call me about other sculptures doing similar things, some even more bizarre! Wow, I love it when people call me to tell me their stories!!!  Such great confirmations that the Star people are really working through me.
Cynthia, I would never have mentioned this, except that after reading this I think that perhaps I was not hallucinating. The other evening I was in the kitchen on my computer with your sculpture on a shelf a little above my eye level. I had a low reading light on and as I looked up at the sculpture his mouth was moving , as if he were speaking and I could actually see his tongue behind his teeth, also inside his huge blue eyes I briefly saw iris with pupils. At this point I decided I must be hallucinating and put it out of my mind, but after reading your letter I thought I would pass this on to you,,,,,, with love  Patricia
Oh this was such a great story.   I love it when you tell stories.   So My mother……turns her head when she wants to talk to me.   She is amazing.  She has been a great source of comfort for me.  It is nice to know that she is there.  I feel that soon she will show herself to me in the 3d.  I however must stay in the love vibration to see that.  Sometimes that is hard……I feel so alone sometimes.   And that it will never happen.   I try to stay positive but sometimes I become human.   I love the sculpture  …..thanks a million.
Last Nov 2007, I went to a MUFON meeting.  Cynthia was there with her sculptures and was speaking on how she is being guided to make them.  I looked at each one, but one made contact with me.  It was like a flood of love and electricity went through my body.  First I told Stacey, one of the Phoenix MUFON directors, and she told me to tell Cynthia.  I told Cynthia and she said I should have it when I’m ready.  Just before the May 2008 meeting, she called me and said she was bringing the sculpture to me that it was time, her beings were telling her to give it to me.  When she handed it to me all wrapped up, I felt the same electricity and love I had felt before.  I couldn’t see it’s face.
  I got it home and set it up on the kitchen counter.  After going to bed that night, I fell into a half sleep and began vibrating.  I was scared, not knowing what was going to happen to me, or if I was going to have an encounter.  I forced myself awake, hurried into the kitchen and approached the head, telling it to stop scaring me.  I slept through the rest of the night without incident.  The next day I was talking to it mentally and asked it if I could call it Sam and the name Ardama flashed into my head.  Not a verbal thing but the word spelled out.  Now I know his name.  My dog saw the head sitting on the counter and started barking and growling at it, so I held it down for her to see it.  Her tail went down and she bowed her head to the floor and stayed that way until I put the head back.  She is fine with him now.  Since then, I’ve had a dream and saw a very dark tunnel with a light at the end where Ardama was there looking at me.  I do have fears and have never experienced anything like the love I feel from Ardama.  I can’t imagine the love our God has for us and this is probably just a taste.  I believe Ardama has a message for me and will gently reveal it to me when I am ready.  I will do my best to submit to the process of getting the message, although I wish I could just meet him for coffee at Bill Johnson’s.  I know that time is short on this earth and I have always felt that I would be some kind of an end time teacher, now this is coming true for me.  Every time I look at or think about this incredible being, I can feel the unconditional love he has for me.  I call him my guardian angel and messenger.
Well Cynthia, I too have had unbelievable things happen since buying the sculptures.  Sunday after your talk in Casa Grande, I brought home the Anabua and Ashtar and immediately we got a call from the head of our gold and oil exploration company and he said he thinks he hit a gold vein in Nevada that day!  We are waiting for the tests to come back to be sure, but it looks very good.  We have been waiting 8 years for this to happen.  So I will let you know.  Also after getting the Cheridani we have been having a lot of UFO contact, and I have been on several radio talk shows and now being interviewed by UFO Hunters.  (Don’t know if that is a good thing or not yet).  I will keep you informed.

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