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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Portugal UFO Sightings Portugal (1755/1969)

 Portugal UFO Sightings

10-15-1755 Lisbon, Portugal
Enormous spheres reportedly flew across the sky performing chase maneuvers. One globe would fly to the opposite horizon while the other would pause then follow.

05-17-1913 Cova da Iria-Fatima
Source Info.: "Intervencao Extraterrestre em Fatima" by Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada Three children were collecting their sheep about noon when they saw a flash in the sky.Later,a white bright figure appeared near a tree. DATA ABOUT THE ENTITY: -Seemed to be a beautiful female entity. -Was surrounded by a powerful bright light. -Appeared to be 12 to 15 years old. -Was about 4 ft tall. -Was wearing a tight skirt, a coat and a cloak. -Her head was covered by "something" hiding the ears and hair. -Her eyes were dark. -Was carrying a "string of beads" around her neck and a ball of light at the waist level. -Appeared to come from the sky and " vanished by stages". -Did not execute any facial movements. -Her feet did not move while "walking". -Spoke without moving the lips. -Moved her hands briefly. -Turned back to the witnesses when leaving. -The contact lasted 20 minutes. -It was "said" by the entity that contacts would be made every month on the same day 13,and, at the end of the sixth one she would tell the witnesses who she was and where she came from.

05-18-1913 Cova da Iria-Fatima
Source Info.: Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada Several people, including the witness, observed the falling of angel hair over the area where previous events had taken place.

05-23-1913 Cova da Iria-Fatima
Source Info.: Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada Fall of angel hair was observed by several people.

05-24-1913 Cova da Iria-Fatima
Source Info.: Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D,Armada The witnesses reported a fall of angel hair.

07-17-1913 Cova da Iria-Fatima
Source Info.: "Intervenção Extraterrestre em Fatima" by Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada The witnesses had another contact with an entity supposed to be the"Holy Virgin". A noise like a thunder was heard before she appeared. When leaving, a noise like a rocket could also be heard.

07-17-1913 Cova da Iria-Fatima
Source Info.: "Intervenção Extraterrestre em Fátima" by Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada The witnesses had the third contact with an entity who announced that a "miracle" would be performed in October, in order to convince everybody.

08-17-1913 Cova da Iria-Fatima
Source Info.: "Intervenção Extraterrestre em Fatima" by Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada Like the previous three other observations, the phenomenon proceeded in the same way. Data concerning the physical aspects involving the observation of the entity: -Lightning and thunder before the contact -Noise like "thousands of bees" while the entity spoke to the three children -Strange white smoke cloud over the tree where the entity appeared -Several colorful clouds in the sky -Daylight became darker than usual -Temperature went down -A quite pleasant smell -Several objects were seen inside the clouds -Classical type of UFO (DD) -Strange small balls over the tree -The entity was moved over "stairs of light" which, would involve the whole area where the children were, including the tree -Wind and dust were normally felt -Observation of falling angel hair -Tranquilizing effect on the sheep.

09-17-1913 Cova da Iria-Fatima
Source Info.: "Intervencao Extraterrestre em Fatima" by Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada ; A. Ribera There were a few thousand people that could see the "sphere of light" used by the entity to go to the place of the meeting. According to the very words of the Reverend General Vicar of Leiria, who was one of the witnesses, the entity came in an "aeroplane of light", an " immense globe, flying westwards,at moderate speed. It radiated a very bright light. " Some other witnesses saw a white being coming out of the globe, which several minutes later took off, disappearing in the direction of the sun.

10-17-1913 Hour: 1:47 pm Cova da Iria-Fatima
Source Info.: Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada ; Antonio Ribera The following data reports the event that was known as "The Miracle of the Sun" which was witnessed by a great amount of people. 1-Weather conditions: -Pressure: 749.7 mm at 13:00 hours -Temperature: 13.2 Celsius at 13:00 hours -Humidity: 87.04 % -Direction of winds: W-NW (12:00/14:00) -Falling rain: 9.5 mm (12:00/14:00) -Speed of winds: 7 km/h at 13:00 h ; 24 km/h at 14:00 hours -Visibility of Sun: 6 minutes from 13:00 to 14:00 hours -Total visibility of Sun this day: 3:45 hours -Angle of Sun: 42 degrees 44' 2-Before the "Miracle": 50 000 people wanted to witness the event, announced three months before by the entity to the three children. Journalists, teachers, workers, priests, farmers, children, sick people, etc., etc., all them, observed the "dark cloud" coming closer to the usual place. By this, some people started praying. By 13:47 hours rain had gone and the sun was visible for a while. Another small white smoke cloud appeared over the oak tree while the first one was still visible in the sky. Meanwhile, Lucia kept talking with the entity and,as the dark cloud moved, a silver "globe" was uncovered. At the end of the dialogue the entity pointed her finger to the place where the sun was, as if she was pretending to make a sign to the silver "globe", and left. 3-Description of the phenomenon: When the entity left, the clouds opened and a bright silver disk appeared, spinning and shining as if it was the sun. At this point the "miracle" was done. It stayed like that for 8 to 10 minutes and then became dark. Then, for unknown reason, the disk looked as if it would crash, which caused a sensation of fear among the crowd. It took off with irregular movement. 4-Secondary effects: Sick people recovered from illness. Rising temperature dried clothes and environment. Sensation of fear, commotion and anguish. Environment colored by several colors. 5-Percentage of witnesses: 22% Farmers 22% House wives 06% Lawyers 06% Journalists 01% Engineers A. Ribera's investigation concluded that the crowd that stood in a field at Fatima, a small village in the district of Leiria, some 62 miles north of Lisbon, on October 13,1917,was waiting there for a miracle, because three children had been assured such an event would take place after a number of meetings with an "Entity" that came from the sky in a globe of light. The witnesses were shepherds: Lucia, aged 10,and her cousins Francisco Marto and Jacinta Marto, aged 9 and 7. Among the crowd was Professor Almeida Garrett, of Coimbra University, a scientist, who described the phenomenon in the following terms: "It was raining hard, and the rain trickled down everyone's clothes. Suddenly, the sun shone through the dense cloud which covered it. Everybody looked in its direction.It was not dazzling. I don't think that it could be compared to a dull silver disc, as someone said later in Fatima. "No. It rather possessed a clear, changing brightness, which one could compare to a pearl. It looked like a polished wheel. This is not petry. My eyes have seen it. This clear shaped disc suddenly began turning. It rotated with increasing speed".

10-13-1917; Fatima (District of leiria), Portugal
Three young shepherds (Lucia, age 10, her cousins, Francisco and Jacinto Marto, nine and seven, respectively) were gathering together the sheep that they were herding. Strangely, they were drawn to the sky, and as they looked up, they saw a brilliant white globe. Soon after, a mysterious being, whom they believed to be the Virgin Mary appeared. "The wonderful lady looked young. Her dress, white as snow and tied to her neck by a gold band, wholly covered her body. A white cloak, with a golden edge, covered her head," Lucia thought of the incident. However, many ufologists now believe that this was not a visitation by a divine spirit, but rather a misinterpretation of an extraterrestrial contact.

10-13-1917; Fatima, Portugal
Sr. Alfredo de Fendricas, a photographer for a local weekly newspaper, took two pictures of a large round luminous flying object above the heads of thousands of witnesses. The huge brilliant object is seen as it emerges through the clouds in one photo, and is shown below the rain clouds in another. Witnesses stated, "A hole opened in the clouds and the object came through." It made a circle overhead and then began making low passes over the crowd, so low that they felt the head and ducked in fright. Some said the heat from the object dried their clothes, wet from the drizzling rain. The object at times hovered, and it revolved on a vertical axis. Estimates of the number of witnesses varied from 12,000 to over 60,000 in all.

??-1922 Estoraos-Viana do Castelo
Source Info.: "Insolito" # 32 - Joaquim Fernandes The witness, aged 15, saw a tall dark figure when crossing a bridge. It was six and half feet tall, dressed like a monk and passed by the witness as close as seven feet.

??-1943 8:00 pm Famalicao-Braga
Source Info.: Mr. Joaquim Fernandes A six year old child and his mother were standing at the window, waiting for his father, when the child said he could see a white indistinct figure walking as if it was floating. It was as tall as a human being. The mother could not see the entity and had to close the window due to the child's excitement who kept repeating the same question- "What was that?!"

08-14-1946 Province of Alentejo and north of Portugal
Source Info.: "Belang Van Limburg"-19.9.46 The Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon couldn't supply an explanation for the reports coming from several provinces regarding the observation of strange lights all over the country. The phenomenon was described as spheres of green light flying south and without making any noise.

08-16-1946 Province of Douro
Source Info.: "Belang Van Limburg"- 21.9.46 People from this region observed one of the mysterious lights which flew at high speed in the sky.

8-3-1952 Chaves
Source Info.: "La Vanguardia"-Barcelona (Spain) The police headquarters commander from the city of Chaves reported to the Minister of the Army that, when he was in the area, he and many other people observed several flying saucers. One of them hovered over the river Tamega for a while. It was disc shaped, red on one side and grey on the other.

05-??-1954 Fregim-Oporto
Source Info.: Mr. Joaquim Fernandes The witness, a businessman, was eight year old in 1954 and, at the time he used to take care of sheep. One day he heard a few whistles and decided to run and look for their source then he observed two disc-shaped objects one of them flying toward the river and the other spinning as it rose. They were two meters in diameter and one meter and half high. The one which was getting higher changed direction and swiftly headed north. By this time the witness noticed the presence of two humanoids inside the object, one of them with long arms, seemed to be touching something. The other seemed to be looking continuously at the witness. They wore blue suits, their heads were very large and had some kind of brown dash on the front. They seemed to be seated. After the observation the witness felt scared and hypnotized.

07-15-1954 Valhelhas
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-16.7.54 A bright object was seen over this village.

07-15-1954 Segura-Beira Baixa
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-16.7.54 People from this village observed some kind of balloon that was flying slowly and no higher than 800 meters.

09-7-1954 Lisbon
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-7.9.54 An object with oval shape crossed the sky leaving a trail of blue and bright light behind.

09-21-1954 Hour: 10:45 pm Airport of Sta. Maria-Ponta Delgada-Azores
Source Info.: "Diario Popular" 3.10.54 ; MUFON Journal ; FSR ; CEAFI The official inquiry was conducted by the representative of the Portuguese government, Lt. Henrique da Costa Pessca, Commander of the Santa Maria Airport facility. The information contained in Lt. Pessca's report was made available to Wing Intelligence Officer Robert D. Gammell,1st Lieutenant, USAF, head of the US Intelligence Operations at the Azores Air Transport Station in Lajes Field. Lt. Gammell prepared and submitted his report to Air Force Intelligence in accordance with the official UFO reporting format, AFR 200-2,the procedure used from 1953 through 1966,when it was revised for use in conjunction with the Condon Committee inquiry. The shape of the object was reported to be oblong,10 feet in length by 5 feet in height, and, of a light metallic blue in color. There was a plexiglass-type section in the forward end, also blue, which contained the "pilot". There were four pole-like appendages, two at each end, which supported parallel aerials, and there was an orange light in the nose of the object. The civilian guard, Mr. Monteiro, was alerted to the presence of the object by a humming or whirring noise, similar to the sound made by the wind passing over wire cables or telephone lines. The object approached and landed approximately 30feet from the guard post, making a slight nose-down approach to land; it levelled off, hovered a few feet above the The witness was unable to see any landing gear. A blond-haired man,5 feet,10 inches in height, got out of a door located in the plexiglass section; he approached the witness, but "attempts to converse failed". The contact lasted from 2 to 3 minutes and was terminated by the approach of an automobile. After the pilot reboarded and "belted up", the UFO ascended almost vertically and then accelerated rapidly into the night sky, disappearing in the darkness. The weather, according to the witness, was fair, with visibility unlimited. The official weather conditions for Terceira Island (142 nautical miles to the northwest of Santa Maria Island) reported the ceiling at 200 feet, with a one/eighth cloud cover at that altitude. The wind direction was 230 degrees at 14 knots, at 6,000 feet. There were no balloon launchings in that area at the time.

10-07-1954 Hour: 4:00 pm Condeixa
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-8.10.54 The witness was hunting when he saw a flying saucer crossing the sky at an incredible speed. Keeping the same speed it changed direction.

10-11-1954 Hour: 4:30 pm Vila Nova de Famalicao
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-12.10.54 A cigar shaped object was seen flying over the villages of Vermoim and Pousada de Saramagos. The object was inside a cloud of white smoke. The front side of it seemed to have a configuration of a cross. Among the witnesses was a reporter from the "Diario de Noticias".

10-13-1954 Santo Tirso
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-14.10.54 An object was seen over this village. It was cigar shaped and left a smoke trail behind.

10-17-1954 Paco de Arcos
Source Info.: Joaquim Fernandes The witnesses observed an object in the sky with a disc configuration. Date: Jun 17, 1977 Hour: N/A Type: DD Location: Castelo do Bode Source Info.: "Insolito" magazine (CEAFI) During a flight the witness observed a dark object.

10-19-1954 Alvito-Lisbon
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"* check date * The witness was hunting when he noticed a big cloud of dust. He was surprised when he saw in the middle of the cloud a strange object taking off. It was like a big cigar and left vertically.

10-25-1954 Hour: 9:30 pm Angra do Heroismo-Azores
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-3.11.54 The Security guard from "Jones beach", the American side of the beach Vitoria, and his wife observed a strange object over the beach. It was cigar shaped, black, without windows and four meters long. It expelled white and yellow fire. A noise identical to a sewing machine could also be heard. It disappeared slowly to the interior of the Island.

11-12-1954 Hour: 7:00 pm Funchal
Source Info.: "Diario Popular"-12.11.54 A flying saucer was seen over the bay for ten minutes.

12-10-1954 Hour: 2:48 pm Lisbon
Source Info.: "Noticias" (Lourenco Marques-Mozambique)-17.12.54 The witness observed a silver ball expelling blue fire over the city. The observation took ten minutes.

12-12-1955 Evora
Source Info.: "Diario de Lisboa"-12.12.55 An object was seen over this city.

08-30-1956 Entroncamento
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto"-2.9.56 An object like a small white ball flew over this city.

09-27-1956 Lisbon airport
Source Info.: "Diario de Lisboa"-27.9.56 The witness observed a bright object when he was close to the airport. Several other people observed the same phenomenon.

10-24-1956 Vila Real de Sto.Antonio
Source Info.: "Diario Popular"-24.10.56 A metallic sphere of considerable dimensions was seen over this city. Observed with binoculars it hovered and was blue, red and white. Some people tried to take photos but due to the fact that the sun was in line, it was impossible to do so.

05-19-1957 Arrifana
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto"-12.5.57 A strange object leaving a smoke trail behind flew over this village.

07-0 3-1957 Sacavem
Source Info.: "Diario de Lisboa" 3.7.57 A UFO was seen over this town for ten minutes.

07-10-1957 Aldeia do Bispo-Sabugal
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias" 10.7.57 An object with a shape of a disc, flying at varying speeds, was seen over this village.

07-26-1957 Hour: 10:05 pm  Arco de Baulhe
Source Info.: "Jornal de Noticias" 27.7.57 A big ball of fire was seen over this village. It was moving from south to north. It left a white smoke trail behind.

07-26-1957 Hour: 12:00 m Evora
Source Info.: "Diario Ilustrado" 26.7.57 The witnesses were talking in the street when they heard a noise like the engines of an airplane. Looking up to the sky they noticed the presence of a strange object with powerful sources of light. Sometimes it hovered. Then,it disappeared at high speed. The object was described as a disc of light.

09-04-1957 Hour: 9:15 pm Ota-Air Force Base
Source Info.: Joaquim Fernandes The witness observed a light with 20 cm diameter, at the airport.

09-05-1957 Hour: 8:21 pm Granada
Source Info.: "Diario Ilustrado" 16.11.57 Mr. Costa Macedo and Mr. Venancio Deslandes, both with a title of General, allowed the journalist to interview the witnesses who had an encounter with a UFO. Capt. Lemos Ferreira was leading a squadron of F-84G airplanes along with three other pilots, Mr. Manuel C.N. Marcelino, Mr. Alberto A.P. Covas and Mr. Salvador A. Oliveira. They were on a training flight at 25,000 feet when the Capt. noticed the presence of a round light source with unusual features. All the pilots were surprised by such brightness, and, the fact that its central part changed color from green to red. As they kept flying they observed the object changing its shape from circular to oval. At the same time it lost brightness and became an object of larger dimension. Then, another circle appeared to drop two luminous circles of red light. Suddenly all the objects, the oval one followed by four circles of light, started flying toward the airplanes and at an incredible speed they passed behind and under them, confusing the pilots. The Meteorological Observatory of Coimbra registered an extraordinary magnetic field fluctuation at that time.

10-16-1957 Hour: 8:16 pm Vimioso
Source Info.: "Jornal de Noticias" 19.10.57 A strange object appeared in the clear sky of this town. It was flying south, it had a configuration of a luminous disc, its color was a bright orange and its apparent diameter was close to three feet. After several aerial  manoeuvres it disappeared from sight

10-17-1957 Cova da Iria-Fatima
Source Info.: Radio Station " A Voz " ; " Diario de Noticias " During the morning of this day there was a fall of strange white substance ( angel hair ) all over the place. Some sample were taken to be analyzed in a laboratory at Lisbon.

11-05-1957 Funchal-Madeira Island
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-7.11.57 A luminous object,flying at high speed was observed in this city. The object,of ovoid shape, presented several reflected colors.

11-06-1957 Hour: 6:00 am Oporto
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto" - 7.11.57 A cylindrical object was seen over this city. It was the same phenomenon as the one observed over Lisbon on this day.

11-06-1957 Hour: 11:00 am
Lisbon Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto" * check date* A strange object with a cylindrical shape was observed over this city. It was incandescent and left behind a trail of smoke.

Location: Lisbon Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-7.11.57 Close to Lisbon, when returning from the school of Mechanics (Navy), in Vila Franca de Xira, a group of Navy officers observed a strange object in the sky. The object, which was reflecting sunlight, had a circular shape and was flying from east to west. The phenomenon could be seen for ten minutes.

11-06-1957 Hour: 11:00 am Lisbon
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-7.11.57 A strange burning object which fell in the middle of the river Tagus, was observed in this city.

11-09-1957 Hour: 7:00 pm Evora
Source Info.: "Diario de Lisboa"-11.11.57 An object was seen in the sky over this city for three consecutive days. It seemed to be a powerful lamplight.

11-11-1957 Hour: 11:30 am Povoa de Santa Iria
Source Info.: "Diario Popular" (check date) Several residents from this region observed an unidentified object in the sky. It was a bright object and was flying from north to south. The observation took seven minutes.

11-13-1957 Hour: 6:30 pm Tabua
Source Info.: "Diario de Coimbra"-16.11.57 A round object was seen in the sky over this village.

11-14-1957 Hour: 7:30 pm Oporto
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto"-15.11.57 Several people made phone calls to this newspaper trying to find out the source or reason for their observation of a strange object in the sky. The object was white, luminous and emanated big beams of light.

11-15-1957 Hour: 7:20 pm Moura
Source Info.: "O Seculo"-17.11.57 The witness and several other people observed a strange bright object. It was ovoid and two meters long. It projected four beams of light to the ground.

11-16-1957 Segura-Beira Baixa
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-19.11.57 An object with a shape of a globe flew over this village.

11-17-1957 Vendas de Galizes
Source Info.: "O Seculo"-18.11.57 The witnesses observed more than 30 white balls in the sky. Seen from the ground they would be smaller than the stars. They were flying in a straight line at a slow speed. They changed position twice to form an "A".

11-24-1957 Hour: 2:00 am Amares
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto"-26.11.57 A luminous object was observed over this village.

11-25-1957 Hour: 6:29 pm Vila Real
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto"-26.11.57 A small white light was observed over this town.

11-26-1957 Hour: 6:00 pm Funchal-Madeira
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto"-28.11.57 A bright sphere flying at a high speed was observed in the sky overthis city. It flew from north to south.

11-26-1957 Hour: 6:00 am Oporto
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-7.11.57 A circular object flying at high speed was observed over this city.

11-28-1957 Hour: 6:20 pm Cova da Iria-Fatima
Source Info.: " A Voz " newspaper (09.11.57) A strange object was seen flying over this area. Due to its speed it was not possible to identify its shape.

11-28-1957 Hour: 9:30 pm Ceissa-Ourem
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-1.12.57 A powerful gleam of light was observed over this village.

11-28-1957 Hour: 11:25 pm Coimbra
Source Info.: "Diario de Coimbra"-29.11.57 The director of the Institute of Geophysics of Coimbra,Professor Jose Custodio de Morais, informed the "Diario de Coimbra" newspaper that an unidentified flying object was detected by this Institute. It was close to the mountain of Lousa, in S.E. direction at a latitude of 30 degrees. It was moving with an apparent slow motion because it was visible till midnight .It was extremely bright, more than planet Venus and scintilated strongly, radiating various colors from red to blue. Due to its brightness it was hard to observe it through a small telescope.

12-22-1957 Couto de Baixo
Source Info.: "Diario de Lisboa"-23.12.57 A strange bright object was observed over this village.

04-20-1958 Sernancelhe
Source Info.: "Diario de Coimbra"-22.4.58 A strange metallic object was observed over this village.It was elongated and was seen for a few minutes.

06-12-1958 Hour: 11:30 pm Beja
Source Info.: "Diario do Alentejo"-17.6.58 The witness was at home, on his balcony, when he noticed the presence of a strange object in the sky. Its shape was like a saucer.

07-12-1958 Hour: 11:00 pm Braga
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto"-15.7.58 A bright object was seen over the city. Its shape was that of a disc. The object, that looked fiery, changed its color a few times.

10-17-1958 Airport of Oporto
Source Info.: "Diario Popular"-17.10.58 People who work in the airport noticed the presence of two bright objects in the sky that were making odd patterns. Despite the fact that they used binoculars it was not possible to identify the objects. A small airplane from the aero club of Oporto, piloted by the instructor Mr. Adelio Fernandes, took off in order to have a closer observation of the objects. At 1200 meters high he saw the manoeuvres without any conclusion. A request was made to the Air Force base of OTAbut no airplane was flying in the area.

10-27-1958 Hour: 5:00 pm Fronteira
Source Info.: "Diario de Lisboa"-30.10.58 A strange bright sphere was observed over this area.

01-30-1959 Viana do Castelo
Source Info.: "Diario Ilustrado"-30.1.59 A strange cigar shaped object was observed over this city.

09-21-1959 Alges and Cruz Quebrada-Lisbon
Source Info.: "Primeiro de Janeiro"-22.9.59 Several people observed strange objects in the sky. There were many different opinions about the shape of the objects.

11-02-1959 Hour: 12:00 n Evora
Source Info.: "Diario Ilustrado"-18.07.60 ; A. J. Guedes do Amaral Two objects with a disc shape were observed over the city. They were grey with darker color on the edges. One of them executed several movements, stopping and changing directions at high speed. At that point several people, including teachers from the Secondary School "Escola Comercial e Industrial de Evora", observed the falling of a strange white substance, (angel hair). This phenomenon took place over a four hour period. Samples were taken and examined. It was then possible to observe a strange being with central round body. Ten arms in perfect symmetry were radiated from it. This observation happened while making some tests with the substance. Scientific Conclusions: During the First Iberic UFO Symposium in Oporto, October 7 & 8, 1978,and for the first time since 1959,the reports made by the teachers were released and discussed. At the time, and with a total agreement of the participants on the symposium, the ordinary " Angels Hair " became named "Fibralvis", a word composed from the Latin "Fibra" (Fiber) plus "Alvis" (Alvine), then adapted to Portuguese as "Fibralvina". Material deductions: The substance looks like flax which is linked by white filaments arranged in a random pattern. The filaments are from a natural source and not artificial fibers. They form some kind of felt with wave shaped fibers, sometimes with nodosity. Physical action is the only way to separate them. Compared with cotton it is much thinner. The substance is a vegetable product and not animal. Its combustion is fast and leaves a very tiny residuum of white ashes. The organism found in the experiments is entirely connected to the UFO phenomenon. This subject was presented for debate, by Mr. Joaquim Fernandes, Director of CEAFI at the time, as a team effort by his group.

11-05-1959 Elvas
Source Info.: "O Seculo"-6.11.59 A strange object was seen over the city by several people. It seemed to expel fire. The observation took two hours.

11-24-1959 Hour: 6:15 pm Cidade da Praia and Island of S. Vicente
Source Info.: "Novidades"-26.11.59 A luminous object surrounded by a halo with pulsating light was observed over this area.

04-01-1960 Hour: 12:00 m Angra do Heroismo
Source Info.: "Diario Insular"-1.4.60 A flying saucer was flying so close to the ground that seemed it was going to crash. Its central part was like aluminum and the edge was red.

04-21-1960 Hour: 9:00 pm Evora
Source Info.: "O Seculo"-23.4.60 The witness was in the train station at Estremoz with his wife and other people, when he saw a cigar shaped object flying across the sky.

06-10-1960 Hour: 3:30 am Algoz-Silves
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias"-12.6.60 The witness was going back home followed by his dog and walking through the countryside, when he noticed the presence of what he supposed were the lights from some car. As the lights got more powerful he hid behind a bush. Then, terrified, he observed the movements of six humanoids around a landed UFO. Meanwhile he noticed the dog running away. A few minutes later the object took off in a vertical direction and the witness started running towards his house. At fifty meters away from it he was surprised by the UFO which was searching the area with a beam of light. Then it disappeared.

08-15-1960 Hour: 10:00 pm Lisbon
Source Info.: "O Seculo"-16.8.60 The witnesses observed a strange luminous object in the sky. It was cigar shaped, yellow and flew at high speed.

09-13-1960 Hour: 1:15 am Cascais
Source Info.: "O Seculo"-13.9.60 People who were expecting to see the satellite "Echo" were surprised to watch a strange object in the sky.

05-12-1961 Hour: 11:00 pm Lamego
Source Info.: "Diario de Coimbra"-16.5.61 A strange object was seen flying across the sky.

07-??-1961 Rio Frio
Source Info.: "Diario Ilustrado"-2.8.61 An unknown object was seen over this village.

08-04-1961 Hour: 9:30 pm Termas de Monfortinho
Source Info.: "Diario de Lisboa"-5.8.61 Residents from this area observed a strange object for several nights, always at the same hour.

08-16-1961 Hour: 10:45 pm Lisbon
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto"-17.8.61 A strange phenomenon was observed over the city. It was an object flying at high speed. Its brightness and dimension were greater than the stars.

11-04-1961 Funchal
Source Info.: "Diario do Alentejo"-6.11.61 A big shining light was seen for a few seconds.

05-28-1963 Fundada
Source Info.: "Diario Popular"-29.5.63 A strange unknown object was seen in the sky.

11-08-1964 Oporto
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto"-9.11.64 The witness observed an object in the sky that she could not identify. It was moving quite fast while emitting a green light. Before it took off it split into pieces. One hovered, shining with same brightness. The other piece disappeared after 15 minutes, as it got further and further away.

11-13-1964 Hour: 8:00 pm Foz do Douro
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto"-14.11.64 Two people, among others, called this newspaper in order to find out what the object was that they saw in the sky. The object had a bright white light and flew at a very high speed.15 minutes later another object appeared in the sky with the same shape as the first one.

02-15-1965 Vimioso
Source Info.: "O Seculo"-16.2.65 A powerful light was seen in the sky.

05-23-1965 Hour: 11:00 pm Angra do Heroismo
Source Info.: "Diario Insular"-25.5.65 A torch of light was seen over the bay. It was hovering and reflected such powerful light that illuminated part of the sea. Its color was between red and orange.

07-09-1965 Hour: 3:00 pm Vila do Porto-Island of Sta. Maria-Azores
Source Info.: "Diario de Lisboa"-12.7.65 A strange cylindrical-shaped object was seen over this village. It was white, flying at slow speed,10 Km above the round. Meanwhile, all the clocks at the airport stopped for ten minutes. These clocks were controlled by an electromagnetic device. Mr. Antonio Loureiro was able to see the object and the stoppage of the clocks at the airport. Among several other people who observed the phenomenon was Mr. Mario Fernandes, subdirector of the airport. An airplane of the Azorean Airways, C.A.T., took off trying to have a closer look at the object which, meanwhile, disappeared.

07-08-1965 All over the Country
Source Info.: "Seculo"-13.7.65 Several ufos were observed over many different parts of the Country, such as Matosinhos, where many people saw a "flying saucer" with a red light changing to orange several times. This object was seen before 5:00 AM and was one km above the ground Mr. Vitor Moniz, from Vila do Conde, observed identical object over the area where he lived. From Mr. Julio E. Raposo, resident in Lagoa, there was a report concerning the observation of an "aluminum" object flying at a moderate speed. This event took place from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM.

07-10-1965 Oporto
Source Info.: "Diario Popular"-11.7.65 The witnesses, people of credibility, observed a "flying saucer" overa forest close to the place where they live. The object had a bright pulsating orange color. A few green flashes were seen coming from a specific place in the object. It was visible for three minutes and then took off. Meanwhile, during the observation, their radio got strong interference.

07-15-1965 Hour: 2:20 am Lisbon
Source Info.: "Diario de Lisboa" 15.7.65 The witness was at her window when she saw a strange object in the sky.

07-19-1965 Hour: 9:00 pm Carregal do Sal
Source Info.: "Diario de Lisboa" 7.8.65 A strange glowing object was seen for 21 nights. It was a triangle shaped object.

07-23-1965 Santa Catarina-Lisbon
Source Info.: "Seculo" 24.7.65 Two luminous objects were seen over the city.

07-27-1965 Hour: 10:15 pm Mascarenhas-Tras-os-Montes
Source Info.: "Primeiro de Janeiro" 29.7.65 Residents from this area observed the manoeuvres of strange objects in the sky. A disc-shaped object with bright red light was followed by two others with different shapes and colors.

07-27-1965 Mascarenhas-Mirandela
Source Info.: " O Primeiro de Janeiro "-29.07.65 An object was seen over this village. It was a disc and radiated a red light.

07-28-1965 Hour: 3:00 am Peniche
Source Info.: "A Voz do Mar" (Peniche) 10.8.65 The witness observed a strange cone-shaped object.

07-29-1965 Granja do Marques-Sintra
Source Info.: "Seculo" 30.7.65 Several people observed the manoeuvres of a strange object over Granja do Marques air base. It was no more than one km above the ground, its speed was faster than a jet and it flew in zigzag pattern. Two alternately flashing lights were seen. No civil or military airplanes were reported to be flying over the area.

07-30-1965 Hour: 2:15 am Algezur-Algarve
Source Info.: "Seculo" 30.7.65 Mr.Goncalves,a National Guard Officer, and Mr. Silva observed a 40 cm cone-shaped object over Lagos street. It was 100 meters above the ground.

08-18-1965 Hour: 9:30 pm Funchal
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias" (Funchal) 10.8.65 witnesses observed a strange object moving over the area of S.Martinho. It was moving slowly and carried a green light.

08-20-1965 Gioes-Alcoutim
Source Info.: "Seculo" 21.8.65 A strange white ball-shaped object was seen in the sky.

08-24-1965 Hour: 1:00 am
Alte-Algarve Source Info.: "Seculo" 24.8.65 A strange torch of orange light, traveling quite fast, was observed by the witnesses, including a reporter from the "Seculo" newspaper.

08-26-1965 Hour: 11:10 pm
Type: NL Location: Vila Verde-Braga Source Info.: "Seculo" 27.8.65 An extremely bright object crossed the sky from south to north.

09-02-1965 Hour: 10:00 pm Lisbon
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias" (Funchal) 4.9.65 Two unknown objects with lights were observed in the sky.

09-08-1965 Hour: 9:15 pm Monsanto Mountain-Lisbon
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias" 8.9.65 A woman made a phone call to this newspaper claiming to be watching a ufo over the mountain of Monsanto.

09-19-1965 Hour: 5:20 am Beja
Source Info.: "Diario do Alentejo" 19.9.65 The witness, a police officer, observed a luminous object in the sky. It disappeared flying in zigzag pattern.

12-07-1965 Hour: 8:00 pm Castelo do Queijo
Source Info.: "Primeiro de Janeiro" 8.12.65 A businessman was returning home, from Matosinhos, along with three other people in his car, when observed two strange objects over the sea. The edge of one of them seemed to have blue lights. The objects moved quite fast.

04-22-1966 Hour: 9:00 pm Figueira da Foz
Source Info.: "Voz da Figueira" 28.4.66 A sphere-shaped object was observed over this city. Its color was orange.

05-07-1966 Hour: 12:15 pm Praca Duque de Saldanha-Lisbon
Source Info.: "Diario de Lisboa" 7.5.66 A strange object traveling at high speed was seen over this city.

07-05-1966 Hour: 9:45 pm Funchal-Madeira Island
Source Info.: "Jornal da Madeira" 9.7.66 The witness, aged seven, observed a strange object in the sky and called his mother who saw the event too. It was red at the beginning and turned white.

09-03-1966 Hour: 6:00 am Olhao-Algarve
Source Info.: "Seculo" 4.9.66 Two sphere-shaped objects were observed over this village.

09-07-1966 Beja-Alentejo
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias" 9.9.66 A strange object, brighter than the stars, flying in zigzag pattern was seen over this city.

09-16-1966 Viana do Castelo
Source Info.: "Montemorense" 18.9.66 A cigar-shaped object was detected over this city. It traveled fast and was one Km above the ground.

01-12-1967 Hour: 8:15 pm Matosinhos and Leca da Palmeira
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto" A bright red lighted object traveled across the sky.

04-08-1967 Hour: 9:30 pm Alenquer
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias" 9.4.67 Two lighted objects crossed the sky.

07-??-1967 Hour: 7:00 pm Monte (Oleiros,Ponte da Barca)-Viana do Castelo
Source Info.: CEAFI The witness, a farmer, saw an object in the sky flying at high speed and projecting yellow, green and red lights. Meanwhile his two daughters who were taking care of the cattle, noticed, with sensation of fear, two humanoids on the top of a wall 30 meters away. They had big heads, the arms and legs reflected the sunlight and were shorter than one meter. They jumped over the wall, that was half a meter high, at the same time with both legs. The children told their father about the event and he went to the place but didn't find anything.

07-28-1967 Hour: 8:30 pm Tarouca
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto" 29.7.67 A luminous object was seen for two weeks at about the same hour. When closer to the ground, it looked like a disc with four lights. It left behind a bright trail.

11-28-1967 Hour: 6:35 pm Cidade da Praia-Cabo Verde
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias" 20.11.67 An unknown object was seen over this Island.

01-31-1968 Terceira-Azores
Source Info.: "Diario de Lisboa"-26.02.68,"insolito" #13,#14 Mr. Serafim Sebastiao, married, aged 36, a security guard in the military installation of Azores air station was working that night, when he noticed that the radio was not receiving properly. He got out and observed an oval mettalic object with a "glass tower" on top. Two humanoids were standing there. Walking to another point he observed that instead of two there were four beings, two inside the object and two outside. They were moving, and when the witness projected a source of light all he could see was two of them wearing a suit which by the color, seemed to be made of lead. Meanwhile he heard a sound like a bee hive. The object was reported to be 6 meters in diameter by 3 meters in height, it moved fast and the witness was caught by an extremely bright light followed by some fumes or dust that knocked him unconscious.

02-??-1968 Funchal-Azores
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias" 29.2.68 Ten egg-shaped objects were reported to be seen in the sky.

02-01-1968 Angra do Heroismo-Azores
Source Info.: "Comercio" (Luanda-Angola) 4.2.68 The witness was attacked by a ufo and had to be hospitalized. Mr. Serafim Sebastiao, a security guard, was working that night in the military installations at Cinco Picos, island of Terceira, when he made a phone call reporting he was watching a "flying saucer" hovering quite close to him. He was found unconscious in the early morning and, transported to the hospital where he stayed, in shock, for five hours. As soon as he could, he made a written report focusing on what had happened and drew the object. On the report he said he noticed interference on the radio, which made him feel suspicious. Then, he saw the object with two human shapes inside, hovering over the military base. Terrified he ran to the telephone asking for help and while waiting for another guard he was knocked out by some kind of gas. The witness was considered credible.

02-04-1968 Hour: 10:45 pm Horta-Azores
Source Info.: "Primeiro de Janeiro" 5.3.68 A strange oval-shaped object was seen in the sky.

02-05-1968 Covilha
Source Info.: "A Capital" 5.3.68 Residents from this city observed an unknown object in the sky. It was a bright ball of light and was seen for 20 minutes.

02-09-1968 Hour: 4:00 am Coimbra
Source Info.: "Diario Popular" 9.3.68 The witnesses, students at the University of Coimbra, observed and took some photos of a UFO which was hovering the city.

02-09-1968 Hour: 4:30 pm Redinha
Source Info.: "Diario Popular" 14.4.68 The witnesses, among others, observed a strange noisy object in the sky. It was entangled in a smoke cloud and flew so close to the ground that it created a vacuum over the grass.

02-13-1968 Hour: 7:00 pm S. Miguel-Azores
Source Info.: "Correio dos Acores" 15.2.68 An unknown object was was detected over this place. It seemed to be round, grey and flew at high speed.

02-14-1968 Funchal
Source Info.: "O Seculo" 15.2.68 Several objects were seen over the Island.

02-14-1968 Hour: 8:10 pm Airport of Santa Maria-Azores
Source Info.: "O Seculo" 15.2.68 Several people, including the witness, working at the weather service observed a strange luminous object in the sky. It flew North-South.

02-23-1968 Hour: 7:00 pm Flores-Azores
Source Info.: "A Capital" 28.2.68 The witnesses observed a white bright object which was ball-shaped and then became oval.

02-28-1968 Angra do Heroismo-Azores
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias" 29.2.68 Mr. Rocha, Supervisor of the Meteorological Station of Corvo, Mr. Covelo, Meteorologist, and Mr. Mauricio observed a strange flying object. It was full moon-shaped and was one Km above the ground. The phenomenon was observed for seven minutes. The witnesses, people of credibility, were sure that it was not a natural phenomenon.

09-14-1968 Hour: 11:30 pm Terceira-Azores
Source Info.: "Uniao" 17.9.68 A strange disc of light was observed in the sky.

11-08-1968 Hour: 8:25 pm Oporto
Source Info.: "Comercio do Porto" 9.11.68 A strange object of light was observed in the sky.

01-19-1969 Lamosa
Source Info.: "Diario de Noticias" 20.1.69 Three yellow glowing objects were seen over this town. They were flying at a high speed.

02-28-1969 Hour: 8:30 am Miranda do Douro
Source Info.: "Republica" 1.3.69 A strange object was seen by the witnesses when they were driving close to Valdemira. The object was flying close to them, at high speed, and was around two meters high. The witnesses reported that the object seemed to land somewhere. The National Guard made a search in the area trying to detect physical evidence.

03-19-1969 Hour: 8:30 pm Lisbon
Source Info.: "Novidades" 1.3.69 A strange globe-shaped object was seen in the sky and reported by the Aerial Defense Station of Monsanto.

07-11-1969 Hour: 10:45 pm Gaviao
Source Info.: "Seculo" 13.7.69 A glowing object flew across the sky. Some people thought it was a satellite.

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