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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


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How many have heard of Tim Beckley? All of us that have been in the UFO field for eons know who he is. Tim published UFO Universe and books on the subject for years. This is a talk he gave at a conference at the University of Wyoming Contactees Conference. I think it will be enlightening for all of you.

I've been involved in this field for so many years, that it's hard to recall or state for certain when it all began. When I was 14 years old, I started publishing a UFO Newsletter. The first issue consisted of 50 copies and it was about five pages long. By the time I threw in the towel, it had grown to a circulation of about 1200 and it was 50 pages in length. In those days there were no quick copy centers or anything like that. I had a little mimeograph machine. I had to type the stencils and there were a lot of mistakes. And there was ink! I know my mother used to have a fit, because I would get the ink all over the kitchen, the refrigerator, and in the bathroom. I was always determined to carry on with this work in the face of many adverse conditions. Although, I never professed to be a spokesman for the field of UFOs, I've continued on in this, somewhat behind the scenes. I've always been involved in the publishing end of this. Of course, now, most of the other magazines in the field have gone out of business mainly because of economic reasons, not because of any great censorship. Although, I believe, there are the powers that be who are glad to see it this way.

My own experiences began at the age of six. I lived in a house that was haunted: we had poltergeists, lights going on and off, and doors opening and closing. I remember one time a big china plate on the kitchen table slid right across in front of the entire family and fell to the floor. It didn't break; it just landed there which I thought was very unusual.

My grandmother, who just passed away about four years ago at the age of 91, was somewhat psychic herself. She kept a book of her dreams which unfortunately was in Hungarian. I could never read it, but she did tell me about some of her experiences and her dreams. Even her stepfather in Hungary had experiences of a precognitive nature.

He had been swimming one day and had contracted pneumonia and was laid up in bed. Of course in those days, there was very primitive medicine and one could die of almost anything, even a mosquito bite. He was lying there in bed, trying to get well, and apparently he dozed off into a coma or deep sleep of some type. When he came out of this coma, he told those around him that he would be the third in the village to die. There would be two others before him and he named the names of other people who were to pass away. Apparently, he got this information or revelation in some other world whether it was heaven or some other dimension, whoever keeps records of these things. He accurately predicted his own death. Of people that he mentioned, one was driven over by a horse; and the other one drowned, in the order as he predicted. How did he get this knowledge? Usually we find in talking to contactees or people who are psychic that there does seem to be a genetic or inherited ability to be psychic n some cases.

So at the age of six, I had some rather unusual experiences. My sister, who's a few years older than I am, is still living in a house that's haunted. It seems that every place that she moves, the spirits follow her. Later on, when I was about eight or nine, I had an out of body or astral projection experience, where I found myself floating above the bed one night enveloped in this purple or blue haze. I heard voices or music, actually. I don't think it was actually somebody talking. It seemed like celestial music of some kind.

My first UFO sighting was at the age of ten. It was a warm summer night in July or August and we were out on the front stoop. This was in New Jersey back before people had air conditioning or at least most people didn't. It was pretty warm. I guess it was about 8:20 or 8:30 and somebody came running up to the front stoop and pointed out two bright lights in the sky. Now I won't tell you that I had contact with the ETs on board; or that I even saw landing gear or portholes or anything of the type. What I did see was mysterious and strange. I still can't explain it, even to this day.

There were two bright lights, one directly above; and one directly over the factory building across the street. And they would rotate, one would be here and one would just change places in the sky. We watched that for about 25 or 30 minutes. Then it looked like somebody pulled out a light switch on the object across the street, over the factory building. We continued to watch the other one for some time and then we finally just went into the house after it got a little cooler. The next day there was an item in the newspaper, to the effect, that other people had witnessed these strange objects but the authorities were saying that it was nothing more unusual than a weather balloon. Even at the age of ten, I said, "Weather balloon." "That can't possibly be!" because these things seemed to be under intelligent control. They were not bobbing or weaving along with the air currents. They were turning around and around and around. The only explanation that I thought about was that they might be some kind of searchlight beacons playing on the clouds, which seemed to be down rather low that night. However, I ruled that out because the searchlight beacons would have to be within a radius of a few hundred feet, because these lights were very close overhead. We did not live in a neighborhood where there would be a theatrical opening or a new movie house or supermarket or anything of that type. So, I remain doubtful about that particular sighting.

This is what gradually led me into this field. I started collecting information and reading books on the subject between the ages of 10 and 12. I found myself drawn to UFOs. Although, I was also interested in the psychic phenomena, in those days, there wasn't the blending of the two fields like there seems to be today. I read some of the early books by Major Keyhoe and Edward Ruppelt, and some of the early contactee books.

Many of you here today are probably unaware that the contactee aspect of the UFOs has been going on since the late 1940s and early 1950s. We had people back in those days who actually were taken aboard UFOs. They were not abductees like Betty and Barney Hill, but they were people who claimed they went aboard these ships and were taken to other planets in the physical body. We had people like George Adamski, who is probably the best known of the Contactees. There were people like Dr. Dan Fry who lived in Arizona; and he claimed that he went on board a UFO and traveled from the White Sands Proving Ground to New York City and back, in one half an hour. Well, that was said to be a trip of about 8,000 miles an hour. Of course, scientists in those days said that it was impossible, that nothing could travel that fast. Anybody on board would be crushed to death. Dan had to stand an awful lot of ridicule and of course he's been proven out. Luckily with his academic degrees and his knowledge of science, he was able to withstand the test of time. Now we realize that we sent people into outer space, and rockets to the moon, and that man can withstand pretty incredible speeds without being crushed to death. So a lot of the excuses the skeptics used in the early days to dismiss the existence of UFOs, science would be ready to admit now; that space travel is possible. We're still in the infancy of all this. It was less than 100 years ago that Orville and Wilbur Wright took off at Kitty hawk. So how can we say as a human race that, in another 50 to 100 years, we won't be traveling out among the stars. I think that many of us may be aboard these ships. If they're not extraterrestrial ships, they may be craft built right here on this planet.

I was also influenced a lot in the early days by a gentleman who is now deceased, a radio commentator by the name of Long John Neville. I don't know how many in this room have heard of Long John. He was the first all night talk show host and he had the first call in telephone show on radio. He broadcast every night from midnight to 5:30 in the morning from a radio tower in Caterac, New Jersey, right off the Jersey Turnpike. He was the only talk show host in those days who had the guts or the interest to put on some of these far out types. And, far out types they were. Some of these fellows were Howard Menger and George Van Tassle. Buck Nelson was a farmer, who used to go around to all the conventions dressed in his overalls. He had a big Venusian dog named Bo, that he had clips of hair from, and gave it out as souvenirs. There were some pretty wild guys in those times, who told some pretty incredible stories. And of course, a lot of the public listened, and a lot of the public laughed.

There are people today who are telling the same kind of stories. I still remain pretty open-minded about all this. Although I do like to think that all of us, even those who have the spiritual and psychic experiences, can every once in a while get those feet planted down on terra firma, at least long enough to try to convince the scientific community and other people that there is something substantial and solid to this. Because while we may be off on our astral voyages somewhere, there are still some people who are seeing physical, down to earth UFOs. There are hundreds and hundreds of cases over the years, where these objects have actually touched down. They have left indentations in the ground. They've left burn marks. They've caused power blackouts. I think if we're going to convince the people, the general public, of what we're saying, not only do we have to tell them of our unusual psychic and mental experiences, but we've got to prove to them that these things are also solidly planted in some sort of reality. There certainly is enough evidence that this is the case. Even though some of us here may like to downgrade the work of groups like MUFON, they all serve their purpose in trying to get across to the scientific establishment the fact that there is evidence to show, that some sort of physical objects are coming here and visiting our planet.

I've made somewhat of a study of people who have claimed to have experiences of one type or another. Probably over the years, I've heard thousands of stories, a constant barrage of people, who have personal testimony of one type or another to relate. But what does all this mean? Where are we going? Where have we come from? What will we see developing in the next few years? Will this contactee phenomenon just keep on, or will it develop into something else? Are these predictions of the end times, revelations, and the Earth tilting on its axis, something that should be taken seriously, or is it something that is more of a symbolic personal nature to each of us? Well, I don't claim that I have all of the answers. I'm still open to the possibilities. I can see around me, that we are polluting our environment, that we're making enough nuclear weapons to destroy the planet fifty, a hundred, a thousand times over, well beyond what we might need for our own individual defense. So I see that the things that the contactees are talking about do have some validity to them. The question is, and I guess it's a pretty big one in all of our minds; Are the UFOs going to step in and help us, if we're going to destroy ourselves? There's evidence to indicate that they have the power to do this. There is no doubt about that at all.

In fact, how many of you can recall the movie that was made in the early 1950s called, "The Day the Earth Stood Still?" Well, it's a good one. It is shown on TV every once in a while. I know I saw it just a few months ago. In this movie, a scientist from another planet lands here with his robot companion. They try to get a message across to mankind, and of course mankind refuses to listen. They surround the craft that has landed on the White House lawn with military. They proceed to put the extraterrestrial into prison, and he has a heck of a time trying to keep out of the grips of the military, so he can get his message across. One of the things the aliens were able to do was to cause a terrible blackout all over the planet. I do believe that, in reality, such blackouts have occurred, and have probably been caused by UFOs.

The biggest blackout of all time occurred on November 9, 1965, when over 30 million homes in the Northeast from Canada, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York were plunged into total darkness, in a power blackout that lasted for more than a day. What was not generally known at that time is that there were many UFO sightings, just before and during the blackout. Much of this information has never been released to the public, even though I wrote about it, back in 1966, in a now out-of-print magazine that Heyden Hughes put out called, The Interplanetary Intelligence Report.

In fact, up around Canada and Syracuse, where the trouble apparently started, there were any number of UFO sightings, including one by a deputy aviation commander, who was coming into the Syracuse airport. Suddenly, he saw this mushroom shaped object in the sky, and the next thing that he knew the airport lights were out and everything was in total darkness all around him.

There were even photographs of the UFOs, that I believe, may have been responsible for the blackout. They have never been published outside of this newsletter and the front page of, I believe, the Syracuse Journal. Only the local paper printed them, but they still exist. A gentleman by the name of William Stillwell, who was a member of the St. Paul Episcopal Church in Syracuse, claims that for a number of nights prior to the blackout, he saw these spiral shaped fireballs in the sky while looking through his telescope from one of the windows in the church tower. He had a camera mounted to the telescope and took a series of photographs of these objects.

Why wasn't this information presented to the public, when it seems that nobody had a real rational explanation as to why the blackout occurred? This is more information to consider. Certainly the UFOs show us that they have the ability to control all our electrical appliances. They have the ability to shut off power over a great area.

We interviewed a gentleman by the name of Stuart Whitman who is a fairly well-known actor who has been in, "The Sound and the Fury," and quite a few other films. Mr. Whitman was in New York at the time of the blackout, staying at the Plaza or one of the better hotels along Central Park. He had fallen asleep, I guess, sometime in the middle of the afternoon, because he had somewhere to go for dinner later that night. We talked to him on the telephone. This item made the newspaper during the time, but it has probably been forgotten. Anyway, somewhere later in the evening he woke up to find his room in total darkness, and he heard a buzzing sound in the room. Suddenly, a voice started talking to him. At first, he thought that somebody from the hotel, perhaps a bellhop, had come into the room at the time that the lights had gone out on the floor. But the voice proceeded to direct him over toward the window and told him to pull the curtain open. He went over to the window, pulled open the curtain, and there were these two egg-shaped objects hovering near Central Park. The voice continued to communicate with him for a while, and told him that they were responsible for the blackout. They were here to show us that they have the ability to interfere, if we were to go too far in our warlike activities. The contact lasted for about five or ten minutes. To this date, Stuart Whitman, despite, I'm sure, much ridicule on the part of his fellow actors, still continues to tell the story.

Over the years, I've collected reams and reams of material indicating that the UFOs have the ability to control our military aircraft. They have the ability to hover over our top military bases and missile silos. There have been a number of cases that have come out under the "Freedom of Information Act" where UFOs have even prevented our missiles from firing. There was a case over Iran, that is pretty well documented that shows that they can knock out radar. They dug up a number of cases, where military bases have been knocked out for four or five hours, while they hovered there. So, these things come and go as they want, at any time.

Now, before I conclude, I just want to read you something. It's very short and it's a message, that I channeled several years ago. I put out a book called The New World Order which is channeled prophecies from space. I don't make a big deal about this. I don't even mention in the book the fact that I am the channel for this, because frankly I don't want the attention. I leave that up to those of you who are interested in telling the public about it, because I am happy just publishing my little newsletters and books, and enjoying my solitude in New York. I'm happy to share this information with you because I know you are open-minded enough to listen.

I was told there would be 32 or 33 messages that would be given to me. They were given to me, and since then I haven't heard any voices. So, I guess I'm back to "normal" again.

One of the questions that was asked is: Are these beings that are coming here -- are they physical or do they exist in other dimensions? The answer that came back through this being who spoke to me is that:

There are many beings inhabited in many dimension. There are many worlds within worlds and spirals within spirals. All the way from the elemental kingdom to the most powerful and potent masters that have ever existed. On your planet, the people are physically dense. There are beings that exist below them on the evolutionary scale and there are beings that you cannot even imagine that exist far above you. Oh! if you could see the universe with clear sight, if you could see the beauty of God's creation. The magnitude of the universe. As I am seated here at the controls of the great mothership, I can look out into space and see the majestic colors, the majestic hues. I can see them because they exist not only on the physical, not only on the spirit plane, but on all these realms simultaneously. My vision is limitless, and your vision can be limitless as well. We are watching you. We are watching your world. We are watching all that is happening. Oh! the universe is so vast we cannot even begin to tell you of the many life forms that exist throughout the universe. There are many dimensions. There are many different kingdoms, some of which I cannot even see and yet I know they exist. Every thought that I think, every thought that you think is reality. Bring it to you, Starchild, bring it to them, bring it to the rest of the world. Tell them to think of many dimensions. Tell them to think of many planets that are inhabited. Tell them to think of the totality of creation. You would not do well to destroy yourselves, you would destroy so many. Learn to live in peace and harmony. Learn to expand your consciousness. Learn about the sanctity of life. We praise you. We praise your planet for there are many there who would like to see the New Age come forward. Yes, there is strength against the forces of darkness there. We are with you. We are guiding you. We watch every move. We send out rays of healing energy. We send out rays of hope. We send love. We send peace. We wish to charge you with the electromagnetic power of every planet, every sun in the universe. We send it spiraling toward you on the physical plane. Let the whole world rejoice. Yes, Starchild, we will remain with you. We will remain vigilant. But you must do your part too. Every man, woman, and child must know. Get the word out... Tell them, there is life in the universe. Someday we shall all travel together on the same beam of light towards that ONE SOURCE.*
*Beckley, The New World Order 1982, p.58 Tim Beckley is the Editor and publisher of UFO Universe and UFO Review and owns "Inner Light Publications" and "Global Communications."

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