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Saturday, January 25, 2014


Feacturing Aileen Garoutte

This blog (UFOexperiences) has been created to inform the public about the UFO subject. It also contains peripheral phenomena. Created by Aileen Garoutte, previously Director of The UFO Contact Center International.


By Clyde Lewis

UFO reports have increased in number all over South America. Is it because Extra-Terrestrials have secret hidden bases near Chile and Argentina?

The people of South America are the most beautiful people you will ever meet. They are generous and kind and will offer you whatever they have no matter how poor they may be. The people have seen their share of revolutions, and civil rights violations. Yet they persevere. One of the qualities of South America is the abundance of spirituality in all forms. From the Catholic Church to smaller denominations most south Americans have a reverence for God in their own special way. Many, who live in El Campo have a reverence to ancient tribal legends as well. My belief in the world beyond this world was reinforced by the solace of the campfire the sipping of Mate, and the gazing into the night sky.

Stories were told of Angels visiting familieis. Visions of the Virgin Mary, immortals that walked the earth and Extra-terrestrials. It was in Argentina where I met my first "angel" and saw a brilliant light in the sky. There were times where you could take the train from Lujan to Buenos Aires at night and the moon seemed to fill the whole sky. It was as if it was painted on a wall and you were not far from the end of the earth. When you live in a foreign country, you learn to adapt. You realize that a lot of oyur manners, and customs need to be altered. You learn a different language and after you learn it, you run into someone that you can't understand. They are speaking Spanish of course, but you forget that in other countries, they have different dialects, and accents. Some people are there speaking Spanish as a second language so you can eventually distinguish accents from other countries as well.

The first time this happened to me is when I was at a Chinese Restaurant in Floresta Argentina. Imagine looking at someone who is obviously Asian who is speaking Spanish with a Chinese accent. It is a little confusing to say the least. You do realize that there is a difference in the Spanish speaking. You don't think that you have an English accent when speaking Spanish... but you do. People can tell. But what if you spoke with someone who didn't have a recognizable accent. We often don't think about it, because if we understand them that is all that matters. Sometimes we can tell what part of the world they are from, sometimes they can speak to us and sound as if they were born and raised in the Midwest.

The reason I bring all of this up is because I need to prepare you for a remarkable story. A story that may be proof that extra-terrestrials come and go here all the time. That they left a message with a couple from Chile, and that message was recorded on tape for the world to hear.

In 1984 a group of radio enthusiasts say that they were in contact with a strange group of people who called themselves Friendship. People in the area who saw this group say that they were very peculiar, and villagers claimed that they appeared very Tall. They had blonde hair and blue eyes, and had a strange accent when they'd speak. It has also been suggested that after observing this group a lot of people claim that the group had high levels of technical knowledge. They had skills in medical and biological fields and mathematics. It was rumored that they were a religious cult. Some thought they were American scientists, but later the people would find out the truth about Friendship. Friendship was in reality a group of extraterrestrials with 7 bases on earth.

It was raining heavily on the southern coast of Chile, a thick fog hugged the ground near the Canal de Chacao. A man named Octavio, who used the handle "Lucero" on his Short-wave radio heard an emergency message coming from a mysterious island where boat captains claim strange occurrences take place. Lucero had heard these messages before. Boats that lose their way and then, the messages of strange lights, and equipment breaking down.

The Boat that was in trouble belonged to the department of Oceanography at the University of Chile. The captain of the boat, Alberto was trying to find his position. He said that he was near the area of Mtiegauay, near the southern tip of Chile when a strange light broke through the fog. The light came down and landed on the boat. It must have been radiating a lot of energy because some of the sailors hair began to fall out. Alberto, the captain of this boat was attempting communication with another small supply boat, Enquique. Enquique could not make contact. Lucero could not believe what he was hearing. He started talking with a man named Hector.

Hector the captain of the boar Black Web recalls that the same occurrence happened to him in the same general area. His radio malfunctioned. An intense radio signal was sent pegging his VU meters on the radio and then suddenly silence. The object would quickly disappear.

Lucero then said that he would relay what Alberto was trying to tell the Enquique. After the whole affair Alberta managed to find his way back to port. Alberto wanted to meet Lucero to thank him for relaying the messages.

Lucero finally met Alberto. Lucero asked Alberto what he was doing in the fog so far off course.

Alberto said that some "Americans" had hired him, and they had taken him to an island and they had he equipped his boat with strange machinery. Alberto had received his boat after he took out a huge loan from the Chilean Government. It was a debt he could not afford to pay back. So he took the boat far south and became a modern day pirate. He was underground now hauling secret cargoes for different people.

One day he met a guy named Emesto de la Fuente, a sound engineer who had just recently met some Americans... who belonged to a strange religious cult called Friendship. He recommended Alberto's services to get supplies to the uncharted islands and they in turn would pay off his bills and help him get back on track. Emesto said that they were Americans, however Alberto was not as sure about the group.

Their appearance was not typical. While they were blondes "rubios" they all looked very much alike. They were very tall and dressed strangely. They appeared like they did not know the most basic aspects of society and yet they possessed great knowledge of physics, biology and mathematics. They disguised their conversations with a spiritual tone, and they hid their own individual identities with names of angels. Their leader, Ariel claimed that they had several locations where they could go in the islands but their general headquarters was on a lost island near Archipelago of Chonos which is made up of 3800 islands. They said that they possessed an advanced technology of medicine and aeronautics.

Lucero was very impressed with Alberto's story. Many times they would discuss his travels and soon Alberto and Lucero became good friends. Alberto introduced Lucero to Hector, the other captain with the strange stories. Hector claimed that he met Ariel the leader of Friendship and asked if it would be okay to introduce him to his wife Cristina. After their meeting they kept contact with the radio. It was a few months later that Ariel had a strange confession. He told Cristina on the radio that they were not from planet earth. He claimed that while they were in our humanity, they did not belong here and were preparing for a trip to another planet. Lucero explained that when this occurred the Vu indicator had a power presence. It was as if Ariel was near by.

It was about 2:30 in the afternoon. Cristina was near the radio and she heard a call from Friendship. The following is the translated conversation between Cristina and Ariel.

Woman 1 Moving what? Come in Ariel. Please, tell me what you are going to move.
Woman 2 It's moving, Mona.
Woman 1 Yes, now I see it, it's moving then. Listen, Ariel hello. Ariel tell me what is happening, tell what is happening. QSL.

Friendship: Only 5 degrees, five degrees towards the mountains.

Woman 1 Now, affirmative. Yes, I see it. I see it, it move five degrees towards the mountains. But tell me please, is Alberto all right? QSL

Friendship: All is well, all is well and you can see everything. All this, you can see all this when you come here.

Woman 1 Ah, ha, ha Ariel, in the summer, in the summer. QSL

Woman 2 Tell him to invite me too. I am fascinated. Roger

Woman 1 Listen, do you know what? Oh my God... listen I don't know what is happening really, I am shaking all over.

Woman 2 Listen...??? Let's see Ariel if you copy me. Roger

Woman 3 Cristina? Cristina?

Woman 3 Listen what do you see?

Woman 1 Listen, how terrific! Look.. I don't know how to explain it to you, but wait, please wait a minute?? Just look north, north towards the sky. Hello, come in Ariel, come in Friendship, hello Friendship, do you copy?

Woman 3 Cristina?

Woman 1 What?

Woman 3 Tell him to take me, that I play the guitar well.

Woman 1 Ah, h, ha... Hello come in Friendship, Friendship do you copy?

Friendship Check apocalypse, apocalypse (interference)

Voice 1 Hello, Friendship for Lucero.. Hello, we are going to see the South, come in Friendship Island.. this is Lucero. QSL

Friendship Don't let that helicopter come near, make sure it doesn't approach.

Voice 1 Yes, affirmative Friendship. Tell me exactly where in the south of Chile you are located, friend.

Friendship Don't let that plane come near, make sure it doesn't approach.

Voice 1 No one can warn him, listen

Voice 2 There is a plane flying around close byVoice 3 I have a plane pretty close, friend

Friendship (in English) Don't get so close.

Voice 4 Listen friend

Voices ????

Woman 1 Listen, come in friendship, hello Friendship. Hello Ariel, hello Ariel, do you copy?

Friendship Be careful of the magnetic field, the magnetic field, do not approach.

Woman 1 He has a magnetic center, don't go near. He says... the plane...

Voices ???

Voice 1 Affirmative and he is the one informing us. Felipe, and he tells us when he is moving, when he is going to move the craft, he told us just a short while ago that he was going to move 5 degrees and it moved just like that and he told us to remember.

Voice 2 Yes. Intruder the south of Chile....fool

Friendship We are going to a lower altitude, lower altitude in front of Farallon's... interference

Ariel told Cristina to go outside. She looked up and saw a brilliant object. She was very excited. She contacted Ariel and suggested certain movements that the object carried out. Either the craft was being piloted by Ariel or it was being flown by remote control.

Thousands of citizens reported the presence of the object including national television stations which filmed it with telephoto lenses. One of the witnesses felt she wanted to cry. She felt overwhelmed by what was passing over her house.

Gustavo Rodrigues, who is the director of air traffic control also saw the spectacle and says it was a light about the size of an orange that gave the impression of spinning on its own axis and it was in space without really moving. They monitored the movements of the craft for most of the afternoon. As the sun was setting Rodriguez says that situated to the left of the orange ball was a dark sphere which followed the orange ball toward the mountains.

This strange craft was also seen in Argentina. It was also reported in the Argentine press. Representatives of the weather bureau say they saw the mysterious object as well and as far as they were concerned they could not produce a meteorological explanation for the phenomena. Amateur astronomers were saying that the object had a brilliant ring and some sort of antennae.

There was one final message sent from Friendship. A farewell, as the light disappeared into space. The message was from someone who called himself Marte Uno. Here is another translation from the radio communication:

MARTE UNO: This Marte. This is Marte. Precisely... (garbled)... signal of the last communication for the polar friends that contained interference. Now I want to answer because I promised to. We Marte..(beep).. I want to answer a question since the answer will not be a surprise. Polar friends (indefinido)... We want to see you. We want to see you. This is the question that all of our friends will certainly answer. Here is the quest... the answer, the answer to the question. Polar friends, friends of the North, Mercury friends.. (garbled) we cannot hear. We are already among you. We are already among you. We are already among you.
The light was gone.

The story is remarkable and chilling because of what I witnessed when I attended a Seminar with Richard Hoagland. Hoagland showed footage from the Space Shuttle. The cameras positioned themselves over Santiago do Chile. It was if they were waiting for something to happen. What happened was a bright light shoots out towards the camera and then the cameras move to show the light meeting up with several disc shaped objects. The strange spaceship leaves Santiago and moves south to another area, maybe the area near. They also move eastward to Argentina. I am not suggesting that the audio tape that I have has any connection to the Hoagland Footage. However, the Hoagland footage could validate the possibility that a UFO base exists in the southern end of Chile and in the southern part o Argentina.

EarthMail has reported this in great detail. It has been posted on the S4 data base if you want more information. This will remain one of the most enigmatic Ground Zero stories on record. Other factors to consider that are being investigated are:

Can communication from a remote area like Archipelago of Chonos be heard on these radios?
Was Ariel aboard the ship that was in the sky?

Did airplanes see the object as well?

Did it show up on radar?

What does the Richard Hoagland video show us? When will be release it to the public?

Do the communications continue?

Were there any military in the area?

Why did the pilots of Friendship speak in a non-discernable dialect?

This investigation will continue when more reports come in.

posted by Aileen @ 10:12 AM

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