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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

English --The Strange Saga Of Brian Scott By Bill Hamilton

Chapter Two 'Alien Magic' - Copyright 1996, 2000

"Fear not-knowledge is of you. By your mind the truth --- fear not mankind --- speak this of I --- Man has cut his destiny in and on all orbits of known and unknown --- for each step forward he takes is a step backward to his end --- without control of the power he has created, the power will control him and mark his end." --The HOST

One of the most remarkable abductees that I came to know was Brian Allan Scott. Brian was born on October 12, 1943 in Philadelphia. On his 16th birthday he saw a glowing orange ball of light come down from the sky to within a foot of where he stood, then it darted skyward, leaving the youthful Brian dumbfounded. The ball of light returned on many occasions, and on one particular night it came into his house and passed in front of a dresser mirror. Its reflection could not be seen in the mirror. Brian grabbed a broom and tried to bat the ball out of the house.

Brian's first encounter with alien entities took place on the night of March 14, 1971 near Apache Junction, Arizona. Apache Junction is located near the haunting Superstition Mountains. Brian lost two hours of time the night of the first encounter.

Brian had gone out to Apache Junction that night at about 9 PM with his friend Nick Corbin to look for a good range for target shooting with a pistol. He had left the main highway and followed a dirt road for a quarter of a mile. He then parked his car to have a look around. His attention was riveted by the sound of an animal in the distance, but he could not see the animal. As his gaze wandered above the Superstition peaks, he was amazed to see a glowing oval object hovering above the mountains. He slowly realized that he was not looking at a conventional airplane or helicopter as it was too large and had a "funny kind of glow around it."

The object began to move toward Brian and, as it did, his first thought was to run back to his car and leave the area as fast as he could. Before he could move, the object positioned itself directly over his head and now appeared so large that it filled the sky above him.

The next sensation Brian felt was that of being lifted into the air. Fruitlessly, he reached out to grab something to maintain balance, but there was nothing to grab but air. A feeling of hysteria overcame him. He was being pulled upward by an invisible force through a doorway and was set down in an outer corridor of a craft. He could feel the mixing of the cool air in the craft with the warm air outside. He could look out and see the lights of Phoenix directly behind him.

When Brian turned in the doorway, he was astonished to see that his friend Nick Corbin had also been lifted aboard this craft. The two of them could only stare at each other. Brian could see bright light coming from the interior of the craft.

Suddenly, without warning, a door seemed to explode open and Brian could see four silhouettes framed in the light of the open interior hatch. Two of the creatures approached Brian and two approached Nick. Within seconds the creatures began to undress Nick and Brian. Nick started to struggle to resist the creatures' efforts. Brian, seeing any resistance as futile, cooperated with the creatures and finished undressing himself. Nick passed out as the creatures took him off in one direction, and took Brian in a separate direction. Brian was taken for a short walk and then turned to the left where he faced another door with a symbol on it. The creature on Brian's left reached out and touched the center of the symbol on the door, and the door opened. The creatures were described as 7-1/2 feet tall, gray in color, with skin that reminded Brian of the skin of an elephant, with large hands and a very bulky body. Their hands ended in 3 fingers and an oddly bent thumb. The creatures seemed calm and certain of what they were doing.

Brian was led to an inner room, taken to the wall where the creatures then released their hold on Brian. It was at that time that Brian thought about bolting for the door to effect his escape, yet he felt restrained to the wall by an invisible force. Brian found that he could only follow the movements of the creatures with his eyes as they stepped behind a rectangular lighted console. While this occurred, an intense beam of light was directed at him from a box attached to a pole that ran from floor to ceiling. A cable ran from the box up the pole. Another creature stood behind the box, manipulating it. Brian noticed that the entire room was filled with a mist and an odor that smelled like dirty socks. The mist or vapor seemed to linger on the creature's skin and was absorbed by it. The box was lowered to the floor, at which time Brian could feel the sensation of warm and cold fluids running up and down his legs. He distinctly got the feeling he had urinated, and he felt strange in the pit of his stomach as the light of the box played over his body. As the light shone in his eyes, it caused a numbing sensation and gave Brian a headache. At this point, the creature extinguished the light and departed through a doorway, at which time another creature entered the room.

This new creature was taller than the others, almost nine feet tall! The new creature approached Brian and placed his hand on top of Brian's head. Brian felt as if thousands of thoughts were rushing into his mind. Brian asked the creature who he was and what he wanted. Brian could hear the creature reply, but its speech was rapid and slurred. The creature replied again at a slower rate and in perfect English, saying, "There will be no pain of this." Saying that, all pain fled from Brian's body. He continued to ask the creature who he was, where he was from, and what he wanted. The creature then replied, "I will tell you, and I will show you." At that moment, Brian got the sensation that he was leaving the craft as if the walls of the craft had just melted away. Was this another demonstration of alien magic? He then saw a holographic projection of domed cities on the surface of an alien planet. The creature explained that this was his original home planet before its destruction, and before the time of the airborne virus that caused the mutation and death of his people. The hulky creatures were not as they appeared to Brian, but were wearing a projected "cloak of sorrow" in memory of the days of those who had gone before them. The cloak also served as a biological shield against contaminants.

After the projected image disappeared, Brian found himself free from restraint and could move about freely again. As the creature turned to leave, Brian still demanded to know who the creature was. At this point the creature turned to face Brian and said, "I lift the veil of projection." Brian saw the true form of the creature who appeared as a human being about seven feet tall with long red hair and piercing blue eyes. The being said further, "I am Voltar," then left the room. Brian was escorted back to the first corridor where he had entered the craft. There he met up with Nick once again. His crumpled clothes were left there for him to dress. In a gentle motion Brian was lifted into the air and deposited back on the desert where he began to walk, looking for help. He noticed a light on the ground which he discovered to be his own flashlight that he had dropped at the time he first sighted the UFO. As he returned to his car, he could remember clearly everything that had just happened. Later, after turning on his car radio and discovering it was now 11:10 PM, and that he had been out and away from his car for two hours, his memories began to fade. Brian had over an hour's drive to get to his home in Glendale. By the time he arrived home, he could only remember seeing a strange craft in the sky.

Brian revisited the site of the first abduction on March 22, 1973 where he encountered a small humanoid entity that he called, "The Host." He was further abducted on October 25, 1973; November 21, 1975; and December 22, 1975. On one of the three occasions he disappeared for 27 hours. Scott's ex-wife testified that at 3 AM Brian had gotten up to go to the bathroom and fifteen minutes later she called out to him and did not receive an answer. She was worried about Brian because she had seen the strange orange balls of light come into the house. She looked for Brian all over the house and outdoors, but found him nowhere. His wallet, watch, and clothing were all left at home. After going out and coming home the next day, she found Brian in a dazed and confused state. After that day, Brian would lapse into trances and do complex drawings or utter words in a strange voice, even in other languages. Brian started going through a transformation and was no longer the man his wife had recognized.

Brian did not contact researchers about his experiences until October of 1975 , after which he was hypnotized by Dr. McCall at Anaheim Memorial Hospital and told to recall in detail the events of the first two abductions. A strange mechanical voice emanated from Brian during of the sessions that produced a uniform frequency of a thousand cycles per second on an oscillagraph. These sounds could not normally be produced by human or animal vocal chords. Brian also showed positive results on a psychological stress evaluation test. Investigators from CUFOS, MUFON, and APRO came to see Brian to record the details of his reported experiences. They all had their own theories and opinions concerning what happened to Brian.

Some heavily religious people wanted Brian exorcised to rid him of the bedeviling voices that emanated from him when he fell into trance. Brian was subjected to investigation and harassment for a year before he met Jim Frazier who fast became Brian's confidante and only wanted to lend him a helping hand in friendship.

Jim wanted to write a book about Brian, but he first wanted a sign from those mysterious entities who were using Brian as some sort of cosmic radio or recording device. Joyful of this, the Host sent a message through Brian at 2:10 AM on August 23, 1976 which in the peculiar style of the Host stated: OF THE HOST. OPEN RUN 1. FROM THE SKY NOW COMES A BALL OF FIRE FOR ALL MANKIND TO SEE. OF THIS 1,000 PARTICLES. OF THIS I AM, I AM. LOOK TO THE WEST, GIVEN IN TRUST, LAT 38 01' N LONG 119 50' W. OF THIS, SEEK OF I. OF THIS, HE ASKED OF I, A SIGN. GIVEN. Twenty hours after this message, a ball of fire streaked across western skies "sparkling like a thousand bright lights." According to the wire services, it "ejected particles" from Canada to Mexico and the largest fragment landed less than ten miles from the coordinates given by the Host. There have been many witnesses to the strange phenomena that surrounds Brian Scott, and yet tangible evidence still eludes the keenest investigators.

It was not only cases with the contactees which had been summarily dismissed, but the new wave of abductees, especially those abductee-contactees such as Brian were doubted time and again. Brian only helped those investigators who helped him achieve the strange mission that extraterrestrial beings had given him. The whole experience of getting involved with Brian left one charged with emotions and skewed any well-intended objective approach to the case. One of Brian's witnesses, Lou Savage, was not available to interview. But I did interview Sue Scott, his ex-wife, Doreen (who later married Brian), and Jim Frazier. They all attested that they had witnessed paranormal phenomena in Brian's presence. Sue testified that she had seen the balls of light that flew through the Scott household, and watched Scott fall into strange trances. Doreen told the story of one day going to the bank with Brian to cash a check. She was thinking to herself that she would love to have a bouquet of roses from Brian, but did not voice these thoughts to him. They had left the car parked and locked in the parking lot of the bank. Doreen says that she never left Brian's side, yet when returning to the car and opening the still locked door, the desired bouquet of roses lay on the front seat! Jim Frazier had seen Brian bending metal as the famous Uri Geller had done on stage, however Brian would seldom have to touch the metal utensil to have it bend. He usually lapsed into a trance when this happened. Jim also saw water materialize in droplets over Brian's head when Brian went into a trance. One time, Brian in trance, seemed to materialize an ancient Greek gold coin that was in excellent condition. We examined this coin under a 300X industrial microscope. Its antiquity was verified by numismatists. It was later identified as coming from the ancient temple of Diana. If Brian was trying to put one over on us, he was coming up with some pretty good tricks.

Twice, I myself saw spoons bend of their own accord in Brian's hand. Both times this was witnessed by others. On many occasions we interrogated the voices that spoke through Brian in trance. Sometimes Voltar spoke, and other times a powerful voice came from Vertrex. Several times the voices would eerily reply to questions only formulated in our minds. That is some trick. Or Alien Magic. Standard electronic analysis showed that some of these voices produced a graph different from Brian's voice. The sheer volume of automatic writings and drawings that came through Brian was staggering. Some of these related to advanced technology or science, and others related to man's past. The writings seemed to go beyond Brian's knowledge. One message came through in a dead Greek language. The writings kept pointing to an ancient link between their world and our world. The type of evidence that can be studied in this case leads one to the belief that Brian was in contact with extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings who were involved with us in our past and who re-involved themselves with us now to prepare us for future contact and much more...the more became evident as Brian's case unfolded before us. I do not believe that Brian contrived these experiences or hallucinated them. Many abductees have now reported seeing these ubiquitous balls of light that have traveled down many American hallways.

If we view Brian's contacts as real contacts with a benevolent species of alien, then we will be open to the projects that Voltar and his people have commissioned Brian to accomplish before the end of the year 2011.

I met Scott and Frazier in early December 1976. By the end of the month they were on their way to Tiahaunaco, Bolivia where Voltar instructed Scott that he would undergo a transformation of mind enabling Voltar to share Brian's physical existence on earth and communicate with us more directly. When Scott and Frazier returned from South America, my friend John and I went to greet them at LAX. Indeed, Brian seemed like a different person. There was an a perceptible aura of psychic energy around him. He kept mentioning objects that he could see on the other side of a wall. Brian was a heavy smoker, but Brian-cum-Voltar did not smoke at all. He could discuss anything from flowers as food to black holes. This period of psychic transformation lasted a number of weeks before signs of the old Brian returned.

That night on the way home, northbound on the 405 freeway, I sighted a large object that hovered in the off-shore clouds. It had a faint orange glow on its topside. It appeared to be cylindrical and pointed away from us at a 60 degree angle. I asked John to pull of the freeway as quickly as possible so that I could get a better look at this object. When he pulled up on a side street, I hopped out of the car and looked at the object through binoculars. An intense flash of red light emanated from the side of the object and seemed to penetrate through my eyes into a deep recess of my mind. In the days ahead, I underwent my own transformation and experienced a state of cosmic consciousness that lasted weeks. That event had a big impact on my life, but is the subject of a book in itself.

Have extraterrestrial entities influenced our own growth and development in science and technology now and in the past? Were the remarkable constructions at Stonehenge, Giza, Tiahuanaco, and other places throughout the world inspired by visitors to our world? Authorities do not think so, but the possibility cannot be eliminated. Were the mathematics of the Hindus and Mayans developed by these ancient people without any outside assistance, or were the fundamentals of these systems taught by other-worldly teachers? Were the ancient priests of Amun in Egypt early-day contactees who became custodians of a science from the stars? Is there any evidence that we, today, are receiving information from alien sources?

The genius behind alternating current electricity, Nikola Tesla, believed he had received signals from space. An old newspaper article from 1899 reads: "Mr. Nikola Tesla has announced that he is confident that certain disturbances of his apparatus are electrical signals received from a source beyond the Earth. They do not come from the sun, he says, hence must be of planetary origin; probably from Mars; he guesses." Tesla believed in life on other planets and believed he could communicate by radio with this life. Were Tesla's later experiments and concepts of force fields, death rays, and resonant thought-control devices the result of knowledge he had received from an extraterrestrial source? Most would think such an idea is absurd, that Tesla possessed a brilliant and creative mind and did not need help from outside minds. Our sciences and technologies have experienced a tremendous growth, seemingly growing exponentially since 1890. Since that period of time more of our thoughts have turned to life on other planets, space travel, and advances in all frontiers of knowledge.

My first encounter with an inventor and contactee who claimed to have received knowledge from an extraterrestrial source was Mr. George Van Tassel in 1957. George said that he was shown the gravity motor on a flying saucer back in 1953 and was given the principles of an electro-static magneto-gravitic generator which he was to incorporate into a structure he called the Integratron. George planned the Integratron as a domed non metallic building 38 feet high and 58 feet in diameter. The work was begun in the desert near Landers, California. The dome is an electro-static generator with armatures over four times larger in diameter that any other in existence. The fields generated by the machine were to encompass the entire structure. The dome does not contain any nails, bolts, or metal in its assembly. George was going to initially use the Integratron to charge biological cells with energy in order to rejuvenate humans and animals. He spent over 20 years working on the project using money solicited by donations. George had many detractors, and debunkers said the whole project was a magnificent monument to pseudo-science. Sadly, George never finished his project and died of a heart attack in February 1978, his dreams now getting buried by desert sands, the dome withering in the sun.

In 1959, George Adamski showed us a small laboratory in back of his home at Palomar Gardens, California. He was experimenting with magnetic fields and gravity. He had a number of metal discs that were radioactive on the bench. Nowhere in evidence were small models of the scout ships he photographed as debunkers so often repeat. Something drove Adamski to learn the secrets of the saucers. In 1959, I heard a magnetic tape recording of an interview with Dr. Wilbur Smith of Canadian Project Magnet. Smith claimed to have made contact with human beings from flying saucers. He even claimed that they sent him information on how to design a coil that could receive their signals when attached to a television receiver. When he attached this coil to a television set, he said he received clear pictures in color from orbiting spacecraft. He could see both uniformed men and women on the spacecraft.

By 1975, Brian Scott was receiving voluminous information from his abductors. My friend, John Maxfield, who had a background in computer programming as I had, and I set ourselves the task of attempting to decipher the volume of data Brian had recorded. Brian had been receiving information and drawings on:

1) Binary and trinary computer mathematics

2) Data on genetics and cloning

3) Orbital mechanics and astronomy

4) Equations on electromagnetics

5) and Quantum Displacement Physics (teleportation)

Scott said that some of the data was transmitted by a computer inside a probe that had become a satellite of the moon. A lot of the data on the satellite's position and orbit was forwarded to Duncan Lunan, an astronomer in Scotland, in an attempt to encourage Mr. Lunan to transmit a radotelescopic signal to the satellite and receive a response. Brian referred to this satellite as the "Selene Orbital." Scott claimed that the satellite was the same that was responsible for the long-delayed echoes received by Stormer and Van der Pol in 1929. At one point in time, Scott had recorded the satellite's signals, an electronic sonar-type beep, on a tape recorder without any radio attached. In fact, several times when the voices came through Brian and were recorded on tape, a playback of the tape would reveal the additional sounds of beeps. Could the ETs be taking tissue samples for the purpose of precipitating a genetic transformation of our species, or, as frightening as it seems, are they cloning individual members of our race to see if the clones could adapt to a new world? Are they looking for their own cross-bred descendants?

Whatever line of speculation we wish to pursue, the abductees describe on board body exams that imply that we are objects of a biological survey. In a transmission to Brian dated December 1, 1975, the Host indicated that their original world was in the constellation of Bootes and that the first descent to Earth from the Secondary World happened in 40,500 B.C. when there occurred "SEXUAL IMPLANTATION OF KNOWN LIFE --- KNOUS 1350 -- 1450cc," these figures given refer to skull capacity in cubic centimeters. Another transmission indicates that the place of their first descent was in the Andes.

In a frightening prophecy the Host describes destruction on the Earth: "MOUNTAINS DASH TOGETHER-AND HEAVEN IS SPLIT IN TWO-THE SUN GROWS DEAD-THE EARTH SINKS INTO THE SEA-THE BRIGHT STARS VANISH-FIRE RAGES AND RAISES FLAMES AS HIGH AS HEAVEN." This is, evidently, a quoted piece that predicts coming cataclysms. Messages like these have been given to other abductees. Sometimes abductees are shown a movie show of coming destructive events on board craft. Brian saw such a show projected on the wall of his apartment. Either these messages are given as a warning, or they are meant to test our reactions to loss and catastrophe. Brian was told about ten gifts to bestow on mankind, gifts of extraterrestrial science and technology, yet not beyond our means to engineer and construct.

Brian was to design four solar pyramids to be placed in specific locations throughout the world to help stabilize planetary balance. Brian completed the blueprints for one solar pyramid which will serve as a solar energy converter and power plant. Within the base of the pyramids are magnetic generators that will help balance irregularities in the geomagnetic field. Also the pyramids act as storage containers for human cells, a clone cell bank to preserve human genomes until the year 14,000 A.D. The second project given to Brian was to write the history of the people "from beyond the stars" who first contacted him on that March night of 1971. This book is to reveal their relationship to the people of Earth. The third project was the design of machines which will function on mental commands. These machines will help man raise his level of consciousness and increase his mental functioning. The fourth project involves placing time capsules in orbiting satellites so that we may preserve the events and information regarding UFOs and their purposes in coming to Earth. The fifth, and one of the more fascinating projects, is the design of a Biological Monitoring Belt, an electronic, mind-activated device that has four phases of development. In the first phase, the belt is worn around the mid-section and monitors and displays the body's weather conditions and will alert the wearer to any critical malfunctions. If any of the body's readings go into abnormal ranges, this will alert the wearer. In phase two, the belt will be linked to a computer and could trigger the release of specific nutrients to the body to bring metabolism and functioning into balance. In phases three and four, the belt will be upgraded to accomplish Quantum Displacement, the teleportation of the wearer from terminal to terminal. The remaining five projects have not been disclosed to Brian.

When the Host communicated orbital factors in the transmissions to Scott, three formulas for magnetic interaction and magnetic flux were given. One of the equations, found in our own textbooks in relation to gravitation force was: F=Kmm'/r2 and was used more than once to describe "RAPOR" (rapport). One equation turned out to be used for magnetic flux variations in a toroidal coil as given in the Handbook for Chemistry and Physics. It was surprising to find this kind of data in the transmissions if we assume that the data came from Brian's own mind as we could find no evidence that Brian read any scientific books or journals. A spacefaring race would and should be concerned with magnetics and gravitics. Our own sun has a huge magnetic field that extends past the orbit of Pluto. Biologists are now realizing that organisms develop weak magnetic fields and are sensitive to changes in magnetic flux and polarity. In fact, it is becoming increasingly apparent that a magnetic field is necessary for the sustenance of life. Geologists now realize that there have been 171 magnetic polarity reversals of the geomagnetic field in the past 76 million years, and coincident with such reversals, entire species have vanished. We also know that UFOs exhibit electromagnetic effects and that these space-time craft develop powerful magnetic and gravitational fields which can disable electric motors and generators and cause radio and television interference. From indications given by the Host, he is concerned with changes in magnetic flux. For him, it might be a life-or-death situation in spacecraft navigation.

All of the transmitted astronomical drawings received by Brian contain strange and familiar symbols. One of the drawings shows a diagram of an orbital path from their world to Earth. Their original world was described as orbiting two artificial suns. During a tragedy that occurred many thousands of our years ago, their world was evacuated. They searched space for a new home. Brian said they found that new home on the fourth planet orbiting the star we call Epsilon Eridani. One of the diagrams shows 36 stars, together with their catalog numbers and light-year distances to Earth. Voltar's home world of Epsilon Eridani 4 is shown as 10.8 light-years from Earth. Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani were sun-like stars that were the objects of a search for extraterrestrial life made in 1960 by Dr. Frank Drake at the Radio Astronomy Observatory at Green Bank, West Virginia. Stars have been classified according to their light or spectral emissions as detected by spectrophotometer. Those stars classed as spectral types F, G, and K are most likely candidates for supporting habitable planets. Our sun is a type G star. Tau Ceti is a type G star and could be similar to our sun, supporting at least one habitable planet in orbit. Another of Brian's diagrams shows the size and distance of planets in our own solar system. All figures given in the drawings agree with standard textbook astronomy. We do not know the purpose of these diagrams.

At one point in the messages, the Host refers to his first descent on Earth dated to our year 3113 B.C., and says: "DNA CODING NOT COMPLETE-ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE." There are repeated indications by the Host that his mission to Earth is biological. He refers to "SEXUAL RAPOR," "SEXUAL IMPLANTATION," and "GENETIC TRANSFORMATION" by the Secondary World at the dawn of our known world. These messages were transmitted to Brian before there was any wide-spread talk of aliens and genetics. Perhaps Brian was given a key to abduction cases that have occurred throughout the world. Repeatedly, as with Brian, the abductors have performed some type of medical or biological examinations of humans. Most of these drawings and writings received by Brian in a state of trance were identified as coming from a single source, the Host. In biology, a "host" is classified as an organism which, temporarily or permanently, supports another organism (a parasite) at its own expense. Brian contends the Host to be a vital force which transcends physical death. In that analogy, the parasite dies, but the Host lives on. In an a transmission given in October 1975, the Host states: "ONE CELL HAS LIFE, AND THROUGH IT MAN WILL STRIVE. CLONING BY OF YOU, FROM MIND, AND LIFE." A clone, according to the language of zoology, constitutes the descendants of a single individual; a pure line; an asexually produced individual. Cloning is mentioned many times by the Host. Today we have experimented with cloning plants and animals in our laboratories, yet the Host is talking about the cloning of man, his mind, and his life. Extracting a gene from the nucleus of a cell and reproducing a clone of the host cell, produces an exact copy of the original. If we wanted to save an endangered species, we could clone members of that species and produce replicas for continued survival. Perhaps an entire planetary population could be cloned and transplanted to a colony world. The biological technology of cloning would be a definite asset to a spacefaring race. Even now the first chapter of Genesis comes to mind when God said, "Let us make Man in our image." Were the first men on Earth clones of the Gods? There are many hints of early genetic experimenting given by the Host. In one message the Host states, "DNA TRANSFERS AT ORIGIN OF TIME, I, THE HOST WILL RETURN --2011 AD December 24." The Host promises to return to the point of DNA transfer in our past at an exact time in our future.

In many instances, the Host uses a form of Logic and "Inverted Logic" with a numerical superscript that is subject to interpretation. Here is an example: "EXPANSION OF THOUGHT/ENERGY4 = TIME." Is Energy4 a level of energy? We don't know. The Host states again and again that "TIME IS OF THE MIND." The concept of time as a mental phenomenon has been argued in philosophy. To a spacefaring race who are able to travel the immense distances between stars at relativistic velocities, or bore through space using wormholes, the statement by the Host is perfectly understandable.

In other statements concerning time, the Host refers to the conversion of energy from mass, nuclear transformation, producing or being related to time transformation. Accelerating particles to near light-speed causes time dilation. Those mathematical laws which define the relationships of magnitudes in one system to another are known as laws of transformation. Einstein has said of time: "The experiences of an individual appear to us arranged in a series of events; in this series the single events which we remember appear to be ordered according to the criterion of 'earlier' and 'later'. There exists, therefore, for the individual, an I-time, or subjective time. This in itself is not measurable."

The Brian Scott case is a complex case with many fascinating facets, not the least of which is the study of knowledge. Like many other experiencers who cannot present proof of their experience, Brian has had to suffer through ridicule and denial. Psychologists want to approach Brian as if he were experiencing psychological abnormalities, falling into trances, speaking in strange voices, compelled to visit remote locations, and all as if this was all occurring deep inside the recesses of Brian's mind. But the physical manifestations that have occurred around Brian spill outside of the perimeters of his mind into the consensual physical world we all inhabit. Materialization of water or coins could be construed to be psychic phenomena only and not implying the influence of alien entities. The knowledge, the drawings, the witnesses all comprise parts of a larger whole that begs for a new description of reality, one that might include the people from beyond the stars.


Reprinted with special permission from 'Alien Magic' by Bill Hamilton Copyright 1996, 2000

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