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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

English -- Face of Transformation - Brian Scott -- from Exopolitcs U.K.

Face of Transformation - Brian Scott  


Written by Administrator      
Friday, 05 December 2008

This has to be one of the least known yet amazing contact cases in modern times. Brian also works on NOR technology, which is a whole new topic.

Note ::  Jim Frasier sent out an email in mid January 2009 to say that Brian Scott died after a chronic illness. I'm hoping to expand this article once I have finished reading the book [it's long] and hopefully got a copy of the full DVD.

In March of 1971, Brian saw a purple-green light in the night time sky of the Arizona desert and lost two hours of time. He had a repeat experience in the Arizona desert in 1973. In October of 1975, he saw an orange-green light of an entirely different shape in Orange County, California and again lost time.

In the fall of 1975, when strange dreams of flashing lights and numbers started to occur, and when he started finding strange writings which presented an alpha numerical code related to the lights, he reported the events to a UFO Center in Orange County. The code spelled out LAOS NOUS HIKANO, which was later interpreted by Greek scholars to mean "The God-Mind of Man Returns", the theme of the Brian Scott Story.

Two investigators, Professor Al Lawson and Dr. McCall, who were engaging in their first UFO investigation, began hypnosis sessions with Brian. The sessions became so dramatic that they arranged for video-taping. A very deep and authoritative voice spoke from Brian. This presence gave information, answered their questions and then (much to their surprise) began asking them questions and asked them to carry out tasks.

The Face of Transformation
Photo by James E. Frazier, Copyright 1976 James E. Frazier

They had no idea whether the voice was Brian, an alien, or perhaps a demon or multiple personality. The Host, as the voice was called, requested that Brian be taken to South America, at a certain latitude and longitude, on December 22, 1975, and June 22, 1976. The Host promised to give mankind knowledge of genetics through Brian. After that day, he was to be surrounded by men of knowledge and asked questions in a step by step manner. The information was to help mankind understand and use genetics. The investigators didn't want to get involved in following around an alleged contactee and a battle of wills began. They wanted more proof, the Host wanted commitment and performance.


Meanwhile, Brian was producing, almost daily, automatic writings and drawings. He continued in his career as a draftsman for a major international company. Eventually, the investigators refused to do anything, unless they could be given proof.
On October 31, 1975 the Host appeared in Brian's garage and offered proof to "mark the mind of mankind". The proof was information about an underground nuclear explosion in the Ural Mountains of Russia. The Host said this would be the "fate of mankind" if Brian didn't get to South America, at the right place and at the right date. Brian saw and experienced the explosion, fires and deaths. The professors didn't believe him and could find no information in the newspapers or TV reports of the day. They seriously began to doubt Brian as a contactee.

The next day, a ball of orange light showed up in Brian's house. His wife, sister-in-law and cousin saw it and were terrified. It beeped electronically and seemed to be monitoring their thoughts and emotions. The investigators considered their reports of lights to be "too psychic" to investigate and, though they continued with hypnosis, they refused to investigate the "ball of light" phenomenon or keep their promise to get Brian to the South American site on the given dates.

This started a dark and destructive series of events. A second alien group, known as the Greys, abducted Brian. Other investigators became involved when he was hospitalized for Bell's Palsy, which he suffered after exposure to one of the Grey devices. Brian was abducted again on November 22, 1975 and December 22, 1975, but by opposing groups of aliens. He seemed to be caught in the middle between two alien groups.

Investigations on the ball of the light phenomenon continued until March of 1976. By then, every member of Brian's family had been hospitalized at least once--including Brian. From November thru March of 1976, they experienced a terrifying life. Events frightened away even experienced investigators.

We won't go into the personal details, because it is all part of Jim Frazier's book, Transformation of a Common Man. The important point is that Brian learned and experienced a lot about people, himself and the meaning of the CODE WORDS: Laos Nous Hikano, translation: The God-Mind of Man Returns.

Later on, a Russian geneticist who had defected to Britain mentioned the nuclear disaster in the URAL MOUNTAINS in a magazine article. When his statement was attacked by government officials, he became suspicious and began holding press conferences. He couldn't believe people in the West didn't know about the massive destruction and contamination caused by an explosion of underground storage wastes--thousands of people had died. After the CIA and the British Intelligence tried to discredit the scientist, he obtained CIA files through the Freedom of Information Act.

In 1977, he published a book in America showing that the CIA purposely suppressed all knowledge of the disaster, which had occurred in 1957, so that American social activists could not use the information to help them stop the building of nuclear power plants.

By June of 1976, Brian's life was in turmoil. He had lost his family and been kicked out of his home. All of these personal events are part of the book written by Jim Frazier and won't be discussed now. The important point is that on June 22 of 1976, Brian had a very physical contact, on a UFO in the desert. He talked with the Host and others involved in this process, which they called The Play of Life. They told Brian to keep going that he would become a "light to all mankind." Brian agreed to proceed, change his circle of friends and follow their advice.

A few weeks later, he met Jim Frazier and a young, evangelical Christian woman. She was the main female in the events from 1976-1980. We won't mention a lot of the personal stuff that happened, now, because that is all in the book.

After spending six weeks researching all of the tape recordings, six sessions of hypnosis on video tape and nearly a hundred pages of automatic writings, Jim told the Host, he would get Brian to South America for the transformation, if at all possible-- but he would need a sign. The Host complied within 48 hours. He stated in writing "that a ball of fire in the sky would come, for all mankind to see. A thousand particles of this, of I," he said. He gave a latitude and longitude and said to seek this for knowledge.

About twenty-one hours later, on August 23rd, 1976 at about 11:00 P.M., a sparkling ball of fire in the sky, dazzled people living in the San Francisco area. The sparkling, green and orange fireball, lit up the Bay Area region. Then it split into three pieces and showered northern California in thousands of particles, as far south as Bakersfield. The largest piece of the ball of fire continued eastward toward Yosemite National Park. Thousands saw it and felt a rumble. "It was like the sun came down to earth," one person said. "It was so bright, that the night became day." People could see the countryside, the trees and forests as if the sun had suddenly turned on. Then it was over. The ball of fire impacted near Cherry Lake. An astronomer spent three days investigating people and cross-plotting reports. A week after the ball of fire, he published a map showing the likely area for impact. The latitude and longitude given to Jim, 20 hours in advance, was right on target.

On Labor Day weekend, 1976 Jim and Brian took a horseback ride up into the mountains of Western Yosemite looking for the meteorite. They didn't find it, but they did hear 22 electronic beeps, and events took place on that mountaintop which started a new phase of the Brian Scott Story. This led to development of paranormal powers on his 33rd birthday, October 12, 1976. Bill Hamilton , John Maxfield and many others became involved in the story including ex-Air Force officer Guy Kirkwood, who introduced Brian to astronaut Gordon Cooper.

Eventually, with support from a lot of people, Brian was present in South America on December 22, 1976, where he experienced a TRANSFORMATION, an uplifting to mind-level four (Nous 4). Phase Two of the transformation, an uplifting to Nous 8, took place on June 22, 1977, at the same temple--the Temple of Tiahuanaco, site of the vast pre-Incan culture, home to the God-man, Ticci Viracocha. The pre-Incan culture of Tiahuanaco, which is near the southern of Lake Titicaca, was started by a Ticci Viracocha--a tall, polite, but solemn man with a beard, white skin and long nose. He wore a white robe, with a waist band, and taught the brown skinned, native people--who did not grow hair on their face--all about reality and nature.

Photo by James E. Frazier, Copyright 1976 James E. Frazier

Ticci Viracocha, which means--he who walks on the water--built an empire, which included more than 3 million people, amazing stone structures and a vast network of roads which stretched outward from Tiahuanaco, like strands of a spider's web. Viracocha was not the only man who fit this description. There were a few others, all with very European features. These white-skinned, blond and red-headed people lived on the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca. They wore turbans on their heads, flowing long robes and waistbands.

If you remember the book Kon-Tikki, which is named for Ticci Viracocha, you might remember that Thor Heyerdol investigated Tiahuanaco and the race of white skinned people who organized all of the native people in the region around Lake Titicaca into a massive empire. He believed that they migrated to the Easter Islands, and that they had red and blond hair. He wrote a very scholarly book that analyzes grave sites, including hair follicles, skull structure and teeth, etc. He also compared the stone work, and all the monoliths of both Tiahuanaco and the Easter Islands. Many red-haired mummy's were eventually found in the Tiahuanaco and Chavin area of Peru and pottery from the regions shows bearded men with turbans on their heads and European-like faces with long semitic noses. The white race did not survive in the region, though the legends of the white-skinned Viracocha are core to the Incan culture. In fact, in Peru today, white men, who are very polite, noble and gentlemanly are offered referred to as "Viracocha."

The Tiahuanaco culture was passed on to the natives in the Cuzco, Peru area, and they later became known as the Inca’s--or LONG EARS. Inca--means long-ears. Brian had reported seeing creatures with LONG EARS on board the crafts, and he found those creatures represented in stone at Tiahuanaco.

What happened during the transformation?

During the two-phase transformation process Brian was united as one with Viracocha and with a tall, red-headed alien being, named Voltar. They all agreed that the spirit of Viracocha was "born anew" within Brian.

After the second phase of transformation, Brian, united with Voltar and Viracocha, was betrayed three times--by three different people. Those betrayals caused severe pain and destruction and won't be discussed as they are subject matter for the book, the "Transformation of a Common Man", written by Jim Frazier.

It took two years for Brian and Jim to recover emotionally and financially from these betrayals. However, in 1979, thanks to the help of many people in Orange County, Brian, united as one with Voltar, began to bring forth the purpose of the transformation. Brian met Glenn Brooks, who he helped take through a transformational type of experience. Afterwards, Brian and Glenn became close friends.

In 1980, the evangelical Christian woman and Brian separated. She had become overwhelmed by events and refused to go forward. With a pleasant, friendly woman named Marla, who was an electronic technician, Brian built the NOR X1-11, a Neural-Optical-Responder. This device was placed into the hands of a medical health facility for one year. Then it was transferred to a psychology lab of a major university for 12 years, where numerous studies were conducted, using the device.

A second major project was started when the NOR was nearing completion. Following the direction of Voltar, Brian, united as one with Voltar, gathered the voice of common people in Orange County in response to President Jimmy Carter's much publicized appeal for help. Carter had asked for help from "the people" to overthrow the "oil cartel". More than 26 newspaper articles documented the project as Brian gathered the "Voice of Common Man" for the President. Numerous people in Orange County helped with the project, which was based in the city of Tustin. With the urging of various political officials in Orange County and local radio stations, the White House agreed to formally receive the tape and associated materials. AMTRAK agreed to transport the "Trio from Tustin" to the White House for the presentation. Holiday Inn provided rooms. The trio included Brian, Marla and Jim.


On February 7, 1980, after spending three days in the White House in meetings, they each were acknowledged by President Carter in a personal letter. They didn't get to meet him face to face because the hostage crisis took a new turn of events. However, all of the information regarding the NOR and the Voice of Common Man, were officially placed into Jimmy Carter's Presidential Library. This material, including photographs, can be obtained by anyone by writing to the Library in Atlanta, Georgia.

In September of 1980, after the White House presentation, and after presentation of the NOR X1-11, all paranormal events related to Brian came to an end. Brian was told to go on and live his life. He was the first and only contactee, on the planet, allegedly, to have completed his assignments, and the first and only man in thousands of years--to have gone through the complete transformation. He was told that he was the only success since Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha.

Despite repeated temptations, Brian never allowed himself to be used by anyone and did not allow his experiences to grow into a cult or religion. Since 1980, he has worked in his career, as a design-engineering draftsman, in the military-aerospace-electronics and biomedical fields. He has not been involved in UFO groups or clubs, but has spent his spare time and money in buying and displaying show cars. He owns a pure white Camaro Z-28, that has won many awards.

Brian is now ready for the final phase of his experience. He has the knowledge to bring forth the final stages of his transformation: the knowledge of quantum displacement physics is to be given to man. It is one of ten gifts to be given to man: five were of knowledge, five were personal and won't be discussed, now.

Quantum Displacement Physics involves a science and an engineered system for biological monitoring of human beings. The process begins with the NORX1-11, includes radio bio-telemmetry and leads to a teleportation system, similar to what you have seen on Star Trek. The system would be implemented on earth, first and will involve satellite technology, bio-radio-telemmetry and numerous other sciences and engineering professionals.

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

For Brian to give the five gifts to mankind, will require the involvement of many people. As Voltar said, "These things must be of the hand of man, for man benefits and man must maintain them." In order to handle the gifts, mankind must learn of himself, the past of life on earth and the future. Remember, Brian is a design-engineer. That means, he creates blue-prints. He knows how to do the designs. His proof and performance is design and manufacturing. Some of the information he has, is implanted neurologically.

This information must be revealed and unfolded in a step-by-step fashion: in an orderly manner, one step at a time. Each step cues to the next step. Someone must ask a question, make a commitment, take an action. Then the proper information is released to proceed to the next step. There is really no other good way to work with Brian, except step-by-step, through drawings, plans, models, etc. He needs people who understand this engineering process.

Brian is also, a "common man" who quit school at age 16. He knows who he is, what he is. If you want to benefit from your experience with him, you best relate to him as what he is. He doesn't know everything about physics or engineering. He only knows what he was given.

Remember, he is a common man, transformed by a non-human intelligence and given gifts for mankind. If mankind chooses to work with him to bring forth those gifts in an orderly, step-by-step fashion, Brian can provide the designs, wisdom and direction necessary. He warns that the gifts are dangerous. must develop them to survive.

"If the common man does not learn of these things, and build them, they will be developed by the government and used against the common people," Voltar warned in 1980. Now 16 years have passed. If you are a movie buff, you have seen Star Wars, Close Encounters, StarGate, BattleStar Galactica, the Arrival, Phenomenon and Independence Day.

If you are a New Age or Patriot, you have probably heard a lot about "HAARPP" and non-lethal electromagnetic weapons which can stop a plane, a car, or a person, in their tracks. It has happened. The future is here. Now, find out about the Play of Life--the Brian Scott Story, and you will understand what it is all about.

"In this lifetime all will be known...the knowledge mankind seeks of the past." -- Voltar.

Brian is now 60 years old. He has until the end of his life to bring forth and pass on the gifts to mankind. If you want to help, you may request information on the five gifts. You may also contribute your knowledge, information and capabilities to bringing these gifts forth before 2011 a.d., which is the end of The Play of Life.

According to the Host, the Play of Life for earth started in 1971 and will end in 2011. Then the next phase begins, with the Children of the Stars. You can help get the 21st Century started right for YOUR children and grandchildren. With Brian Scott, you can be a part of The Play of Life.

Copyright (C) by James E. Frazier, 2003

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