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Thursday, October 24, 2013

English -Charles Hall’s Tall White Alien Public Talk in Sydney2013 (Part 1)

By Laron at

A few weeks back I went to a talk by Charles Hall in Sydney and made some notes. This article will be part one of two, of my summary of the talk. Before I go any further  I have to state that during this four and a half hour session, I really started to lean towards what Charles Hall experienced as most likely being real and that Charles Hall believed what he had seen and everything he was saying.

His wife was beside him and supported him during the whole talk and also spoke from time to time on stage. I found him to be a very humble man, and a very brave man because of his many experiences. From what he explained, many men failed at what he had to do, where he managed to overcome the fear and stick in there and do his job. Even his body language and stance went towards his character and what he was presenting.

Who is Charles Hall? While working for the United States Air force in the 60′s as a weather observer at Indian Springs, Nevada for two years, Charles Hall ended up working alongside and interacting with what he calls the Tall Whites. He also had contact with the greys and a species of an ET he calls the Norwegians. (with 24 teeth). He talked extensively about his experience there during the session and has written about it  within five of his books which I have ordered.

What really touched me during his talk was the many situations he found him self in relating to ‘fear’ and also the fear that the tall whites had towards humans. It seemed very realistic to how it would be in such a setting.

Charles Hall

While in Sydney a few days before the talk, Charles Hall was interviewed on Channel 7′s Sunrise program which I wrote about in this article here, ‘Charles Hall, former US Military discusses working with various Alien species on Australian TV‘ and also had an article written about him in a local newspaper. Because of this media attention, the venue was booked out, but people were allowed in to sit on the floor at the front.

I want to mentioned a bit more about Charles’s background before I get into my summary of this talk. Charles Hall served in Vietnam, in the Mekong Delta, after working as a weather observer in Nevada where he interacted with the Aliens. By that stage, he knew what fear was so I am sure his experieces would have helped him a great deal while in Vietnam. Charles received an award for surviving more than 35 communist attacks.

Charles Hall later studied and earned both a Bachelor’s Degree in Thermal Physics and a Masters degree in Applied Nuclear Physics at San Diego State University in San Diego California. Charles did a Ph.D. level post graduate work at the University of Maine at Bangor.

Of particular interest, Charles Hall’s first paper describing his Photon Theory is included in the appendix of Millennial Hospitality III, The Road Home, and further writing is included in Millennial Hospitality IV, After Hours. Hall Photon Theory maintains that Einstein’s theories fell short and, if scientists accept the hypotheses presented, vehicles can be built which will travel faster than the speed of light. In addition, the fourth book no longer disguises place names, has a section of credible updates and answers to frequently asked questions. Charles is currently working as a Nuclear Physicist and Database manager. With all the children grown, he and his wife Marie maintain their empty nest in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It is said that there are up to 45 different species of ET’s visiting the planet earth at this time. (The presenter of the exopolitics group hosting the talk said this)
Something of interest is that the Air force never told him that he could not talk about these things.

The name of his books is ‘Millennial Hospitality’, and this name was chosen by Charles Hall’s wife. The reason they used that name for the books is because of how they believe that we will soon have to interact with the aliens and the experience that Charles Hall had really shows you how to interact and be hospitiable to them, in a big way.

While working at Indian Springs, Charles Hall figured out pretty quickly that the base was actually a UFO base and not a military weather station.

Charles Hall started off the session talking about where a tall white ‘deep space’ craft crash landed from meteor damage and shows some slides of the location. He mentioned that the size of the craft was about the size of a large cruise liner. He discusses more of this within his book. He described in detail the location of where everything is using slides at the beginning.

He explains that the speed of the tall white craft is about 12,000 km’h and they usually stop at about ten thousand feet above the earth, at that speed, before coming in slowly. He says the reason the crafts went to this location is because of how electronics are affected with the crafts taking off and landing, so this is a safe location as agreed with the United States Government.

He explained that the ‘deep space’ craft come in and then they use ‘scout craft’ when they want to travel places on earth. These scout craft are located in bases inside the mountains in this location.

Charles Hall explained that the areas out there in the Nevada desert are so secret that the United States Military do not name them.

He explained that the tall whites wear suits that has various technologies in built, such as the ability to levitate. He mentioned the tall white children levitating and playing on roofs.

Charles Hall talked about an ancient Greek story of how these gods would come from the heaven, who they called the ‘watchers’, and they would stand outside the fire light and watch the greeks with such fascination and curiosity. He provided another example of how he had to change a tyre and the tall whites would come up and watch everything he did with such curiosity and believes this ancient Greek story was about the actual tall whites.

He mentioned there were 41 men before him, going by the log books, for ‘weather observers’ at the base where he worked and he always wondered what happened to them.

He explained they they have the technology to turn off a car’s engine which they did to his vehcile a number of times. He said it took him six months to overcome the fear of interacting with them. He explained that the tall whites can read minds from a very long distance and always know where you are because of their technology.

Charles explained that there is a reason there is no paperwork and documents about the real purpose of the base and puts through the point that if there is a disclosure, there won’t be much physical proof to disclose.

After this he went into detail about the different locations in that area, such as area 51 and area 52. He said that the guards of these locations start to become more serious as the location becomes more important. He mentioned there are no UFO’s located at Area 51, so the location wasn’t thought of as being a critical place to guard. But after area 52, they stop having guard posts. Charles Hall said you may just drive in and see a saw mill and no body and if the guards who were hidden, did not know who you were, then they would just shoot you for trespassing.

With one of his early experiences, he explained a situation where he was driving down one of the roads at the base and a tall white scout craft started following him alongside far out to the left. Another one did the same on the right. Then a tall white scout craft came down ahead and he stopped his truck. He was on a narrow road and because of the fear and the narrow road, it took him 30 minutes to turn around trying to do a thirteen point turn. He explained how he did not look in the mirror as he was so scared and had so much fear, until a long time after he had gone from that area.

He explained that you had to be the rank of Colonel to know about ‘Dreamland’ which is the name of the location where the tall whites were in the Nevada Desert back then.

He explained the US Government funded secret projects within the budgets for different projects. So the real project may cost 500 million, however, the actual real cost would only say be 100 million , leaving 400 million for the secret project, such as for the the tall white base funding.

Charles Hall explained that from time to time a tall white craft would come down and require repair and would usually do this at the end of a train line as they would require a power source to complete the repairs.

He explained how fast their craft can take off so fast. All of a sudden they go 12 thousand g’s when they head to space. He said he witnessed this many times.

Charles Hall explained that that because the tall white space craft are gravity powered, they have to enter the Earth’s atmosphere when the moon is in a certain location in relation to the Earth. He explained the reasons why, which I don’t go into. If they didn’t come in at the right time, when the phase of the moon was just not appropriate, they would have a lot more trouble coming in. So what was the phase of the moon when they usually came in? It was when the moon was in the fourth quarter. What this means is that we would probably see many more UFOs in the fourth quarter phase of the moon cycles.

Charles Hall said the tall whites skin is as white as a peace of paper. He mentioned that they are afraid of humans, the ones that are not used to us. He explained because of the gravity on their home planet and because of their body being suited to that planet, they were not able to lift much weight while on Earth.

At one stage he discussed the humor of the tall whites, and said it was very dry. He gave the example of a joke that they had about one of them and that this tall white thought it was funny.

He said that the tall whites could put thoughts in your mind, but you would know when they did that. The speed at which this occurred was probably about half the speed of what we may think. It worked for simple things, not really complex things, this thought technique.

Charles Hall said that at 18.5 miles the tall whites could see him. He wasn’t sure if it was their eyesite or their electronics.

He said that they used hand signals sometimes to communicate with the tall whites. He gave an example where one time he stumbled across some tall white children playing near a bush and another tall white came along. Charles Hall used hand signals to tell the tall white where the children were. The tall white had such a surprised expression as it didn’t think Charles was that intelligent or could do that. But Charles Hall noticed how scared the tall white was having to interact with a human. (Charles)

He said that the tall whites have similar emotions to what we do. They love their children in the same we we love ours. He said their anger is very different though. He gave an example of how guys sometimes fight each other to sort something out, the tall whites are not like that. Charles Hall said for example, they would never physically hurt each other and if you tried to slap a tall white for example, he may kill you or go away and never come back.

Charles Hall explained that every minute you have to remember that the tall whites are not humans because of how fearful both the humans and the tall whites were. Even after working around them for so long, he really put in the point that you can not forget that they are not human.

Charles felt that the US Airforce was not ready to tell human’s about the aliens because of the fact of how difficult it was for them to interact with us.

He talked about how the US Military cooperated with the tall whites to share their technology in exchange to be able to have their base there on Earth, in the Nevada desert.

Charles Hall explained that many weather observers that he knew, which went to Indian Springs, sat at the base and made up fake weather reports because of their fear of going out and having to interact or be around the tall whites.

He explained that the older whites get to 8 to ten feet tall. He told a story of where one of the tall whites came up to his weather shack, along with a tall white guard who was older, around seven and a half feet tall. The older tall white had no fear at all, the guard. Charles was very afraid at this stage as he knew they would kill him at any stage if they wanted to. The reason some of them kept interacting with him was because some of them needed to loose their fair of humans and by interacting with Charles Hall over and over, this helped for them to not be so afraid. Charles Hall thinks this was the purpose of his job out there, so that they could learn to better interact with humans and then trade technology with the US Military / Government later on.

Charles Hall was very clear that the aliens were not supernatural, as in ‘gods’. They are just different creatures from other planets he said.

To be continued in part two…

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