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Friday, October 26, 2012

Paranormal Encounters, Time Windows, And Extraterrestrials By Basil C. Hill

Paranormal Encounters, Time Windows, And Extraterrestrials By Basil C. Hill

The word "extraterrestrial" refers to a being from beyond our earth boundaries. A person cannot say that he or she believes in the existence of God, angels, and/or Melchizedek, without acknowledging the existence of extraterrestrials.

The average human being has an active imagination. However, Hollywood producers have advantages over the average person, mainly, in that their imaginations are as large as their wallets. Since Hollywood has the ability to portray and profit from their imaginative works, they have succeeded in cementing their concepts of what extraterrestrials should or do look like---in the minds of millions.

As a result, whenever most people hear the word "extraterrestrials," they imagine little green men, or beings with unusually odd-shaped ears. The question: is Hollywood that far off? What if some of the people who produce movies have had an encounter or two with a being or beings, that could not have been earth-bound?

This article must address those issues in a practical and sensible way. To do so, I have to hold my balance on the narrow bridge of investigative journalism. If I slip, I will fall on the side of lyrical confusion or on the other side of scientific fantasy; so I have a very narrow road to tread. I can only do this if readers hold me up tolerantly. For the record: I do not smoke or do drugs. It takes a lot of arm twisting for me to take non-natural foods into my body.

Most people have had, and still do have repeat nightmares. Psalm 91 in the Torah and the Bible tell us that those are night terrors-- types of evil extraterrestrial beings. Science-fiction movies feature hosts of them in starring roles. However, they call them space aliens and/or "extraterrestrials." From my many years of research, the Torah, the Holy Koran and the Bible all accept and document that there are extraterrestrials.

The Holy Koran calls evil types Jinn. The Bible calls the evil types evil spirits, night terrors, and demons. All three holy books call the good ones "God's angels, archangels and cherubim." All three acknowledge that God is the head and supreme authority over them all.

I have counseled prisoners. Too many prisoners have documented cases of paranormal experiences. One particular penal institution that I visit has an active guillotine. You cannot pay the most feared prisoners to go there at night, especially on moonless nights.

Getting them to talk about what they have seen is like pulling teeth out of roosters' beaks. Since paranormal experiences could be mental, spiritual, physical or all three, without scientific corroboration, I will only handle the ones I have actually witnessed.

I once dated a lady who came to an exotic island for a vacation. She seemed very reserved and distant. The only social partner she ever had, a former husband, succumbed to a long illness and died. I encouraged her to move on with her life. I took her sailing and taught her to snorkel. One night while dancing closely under the stars at an exotic night spot, we took a walk outside.

Since the moon painted such a beautiful background picture, I pulled her closer to me. Suddenly, I felt a cold touch, like that of a hand deliberately intervening to cool down the social thermometer. I stopped immediately; I took her back to her hotel and ended the relationship immediately, without any explanation at all.

This situation was different. The relationship was very strong--physically. I met and fell deeply for an Irish Pentecostal pastor's daughter. I could not have known that when I met her. Both of us had strong spiritual roots. None of us knew it then.

We both had strayed so far from our prophetic purposes that we were both corrupted shadows of our true selves. In spite of that, we fell passionately in lust. On the first anniversary of our living together, she pulled out an Ouija board. Suddenly a strange feeling engulfed me, and then whatever it was began tugging us both through a weird tunnel of evil. I could hear awful screams; whatever was pulling me had tremendous strength.

She was screaming at the top of her lungs. I remember calling the name "Jeshua." Somehow that spooked the thing and it released its grip. Our relationship ended shortly after that. The emotional wounds took months to heal. The spiritual damage took years before a massive deliverance session pulled me through.

I met a couple on vacation. I invited them sailing. When I drove to pick them up to take them to the marina, the wife was visibly shaken and exceedingly pale. She asked me to look out the window. She showed me a crumpled piece of foil paper.

The husband explained that they would take off lights in the cottage, shower, and then sit on the balcony to let the Caribbean Trade winds dry them off. As he got out of the shower the evening before, he saw his wife transfixed as she looked outside.

When he rushed to the window, he saw a man with a pipe in hand. Whatever he stuffed in the pipe, every time the man lit up and took a hit, a beast surfaced over the man's body. The wife confirmed the story. I kept the details in my mental files. Years after, a very intelligent homeless man asked me to pray and ask God to deliver him from the "spirit of addiction."

Just as he began to go through the cleansing prayers, his hands began to change shapes; his voice changed into a deep blood-curling growl. Immediately, I flashed back to the incident that happened to the married couple years ago.

Every institution that dispenses knowledge should be made to take oaths affirming truthfulness. They also need to say openly: some things are classified. After all, Erich von Däniken has collected a mixture of well-documented, and also some questionable evidence from either past advanced civilizations, or construction sites worthy of more scientific research.

Such sites are considered "controversial" because unearthed evidence could shatter the theory that mankind is climbing an evolutionary ladder. Many deeply religious people shy away from such areas also.

After all, not all scientists are atheist. In fact many are devoutly God-centered. Science cannot shake a person's faith. In my case, it is scientific knowledge that prompted me to seek better understanding (of many formerly unknown supernatural events) that cemented my faith. That bedrock of knowledge makes my faith so much harder to shake because I can speak, teach, and share things from a been-there-done-that point of view.

As long as institutions of religious persuasions keep their ancient texts obscured from scientific probers, and as long as the scientific community shy away from spending more funds researching records of the Vimanas in ancient India, and interesting findings-- such as Nasca Lines in Peru--- people without scientific backgrounds will explain what they see in Hollywood-accepted terms.

I have been documenting known paranormal activities for years. I have enough factual experiences to make a case that time windows exist. When I finally get scientific corroboration, then I will partake in intelligent discussions on whether or not U.F.O's exist or existed. To some people, every highly-unusual aerial manifestation is a U.F.O.

Did we have space travel or space travelers in the past? What if, during specific planetary alignments, time windows open up to allow us visions of past events? The Vedic texts in India house detailed drawings of ancient flying vehicles. Isolated peoples have more detailed knowledge of astronomy that most of our modern astronomers.

The Dogon are supposed to be one of the most isolated peoples on earth. Most have no formal education. Yet, any member of the tribe can take a stick and reproduce major star groups with such accuracy that it would embarrass our scientific communities. I know that the prophet Daniel was elevated above the time bridge and given glimpses of past and future events simultaneously--Daniel 7:9-13.

Since I have had experiences that are completely different from what I believe, I must have those cases scientifically analyzed.

Bear in mind that from now to the end of time is future, and from the beginning of time to now is past. Whenever future and past intersect, we create a temporary dimension called "present"--Ecclesiastes 3:15 "That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past."

I am the first-fruit male and seventh-born from both sides of my family. In the fullness of time, I must walk into my prophetic destiny, once I have retrieved my prophetic mould.

There needs to be a truce between religious and scientific educators. The chasm that exists between proponents of human evolution and proponents of creation is a lame excuse for not sharing valuable retrieved data. It is no secret that the Library of Alexandria was burned.
Most ancient libraries documented data from past civilizations and have records of pre-earth beings. Were those beings the ones mentioned in sacred texts--who walked among us--or some other types? How else can we separate facts from fiction unless the religious communities--who have some of the greatest reservoirs of retrieved ancient texts-- allow them to be examined critically?

As a result of decades of denials, secrecy, and misinformation, people feel drawn to subtle-and not-too subtle occult-driven sources for information. By doing so, they open up spiritual doors to demonic interference, since the mere contact with such organizations or their members will cause spiritual contamination--Isaiah 8:19.

It is so sad that few preachers teach about the behaviour and types of evil spirits; others simply discourage and try to dissuade their flock with such dribble as "demons are not around today." If those enshrined with the tools to teach neglect their duties because of fear and/or ignorance, then people will search for readily-available resources: movies and movie-influenced explanations.

Although inter-denominational branches defend their faith turf jealously, I pray for the day when when scientists will sit down with exorcists to document data, so that paranormal issues become sensible talk-show topics. Then, perhaps we would be more inclined to describe what we see, or believe we have seen in broader, better, and more accurate terms.

For more detailed research data, check the links posted below.
Suggested : "The Golden Fleece Found" by Basil Hill-- and also check

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

02:10:2012 -- Shifting in the Land of the Shiftless

Shifting in the Land of the Shiftless

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012.
by Zen Gardner

The Shift is here. Big time. So many people are experiencing the stepped-up strange changes and shifts in perception it’s amazing. Time seems altered, perception seems to be slipping. Many are feeling almost drugged by it.

It’s moving fast. It’s not easy to describe but the effects change perception, your sense of timing and energy, and some are even sensing physical earth changes around them.

And it’s all good!…that is, unless we resist the change.

Trends Now Appearing

I’m seeing some very interesting trends of late in light of these changes, both inspiring and disconcerting.

On the surface, some of these trends seem to contradict each other, but really they’re manifestations of the same vibrational change in the midst of the mounting matrix clampdown and we have to see them as such. And these choices remain choices for each and every one of us.

That’s why commitment brings peace.

But I digress.

We are looking overall at a very basic choice humanity is being forced to make. Do we open up to these vibrational changes, or do we align our lives with the non-thinking, unfeeling fascist clampdown on humanity? It’s always been this way but this current exponentially growing intensity is precipitating a crisis.

A good one.

Do we stay open and conscious, or yield to the oppression for seeming personal safety and security?
You’ll see this choice radically evident as the days go by.

Now You See It…Now You Don’t?

Within the more conscious community there is apparently another choice at work. It appears to me from what I’m seeing that while so many “get” it and are open to these expanding changes, even though it’s a somewhat confusing time, a reluctant contingent are apparently fainting in their minds and stumbling backwards into a sort of resignation mode.

And something’s strange and very wrong about it.

We can’t mess with free choice and never should. But what I don’t like is this creeping cynicism I’m sensing. How come some people in the alternative community are caving in to this growing sense of hopeless resignation? I can understand a little spiritual withdrawal in the light of obvious truths, but arm-folding and snide remarks that only disparage and discourage?

Is this a form of insecure self-justification?

Preparation for and resignation to some obvious very probable eventualities at our doorstep has its place. But quitting conscious participation in the awakening is another. Did these people never really get free and see the full picture in the first place,  and are getting sucked back into the gravity of the matrix?

Something to think about.

Seems we could be getting another level of sifting and testing. Sounds about right. That’s how it works.


Only We Can Stop Ourselves


Let’s face it, so many are preparing and screaming about the deliberate implosion of the world’s current structure so that’s nothing revelatory any more. The headliner should be the overriding power of consciousness and conscious awareness of the greater Truth. As serious as our current circumstances are they’re essentially just part of the play we’re in. We’re active players, yes, yet we can also transcend the playing field to see the bigger, truer picture.

Even more so, our influence is universal and eternal. Never lose sight of that or you’ll give up in the face of any adversity.

When someone says, “No. No further. Can’t do it, not me..” it’s over. It won’t be over for me, but it’s over for them. Them and all of those they were the possible link to, whom they could have influenced for the better had they said “Yes!” and kept on.

Remember: Only we can stop ourselves. We have the majesty of choice. Nothing can take that away.
And your decision affects everyone else. Everyone. So does mine.

New Life, New Energy, New Challenges


It’s happening. Even though this consciousness shift and vibrational empowerment is paralleling the dark side’s efforts to shut everything down and suppress us, this amazing cosmic rift is ripping open fantastic new energies and bringing new life at new levels to our planet and all its living creatures.
To the already awake it’s more easy to discern what’s going on and to ride these waves, although it’s challenging even to the most seemingly seasoned “astro-surfers”. To the newbie and those just now getting the cosmic nudge, it can be pretty disconcerting.

Choosing to get “on board” is generally pretty instinctive to the pure in heart.

But some aren’t so sure, sorry to say.

My concern is their cynicism will infect others. They should cool it and keep their fainting to themselves.


We Need Each Other

People are finding and giving support and realizing how much we have in common and need each other more than ever. We’re looking for strength, community, support. It’s there but it’s difficult to find in many cases. The forums and comments sections are a manifestation of this hunger, as well as the burgeoning social media phenomena.

On top of that, people have their own personal mailing lists where they keep loved ones and new friends up to speed on important developments.

My heart goes out to these people. I want to reach out and help them in any way I can. In most cases they help me more than I help them as far as I’m concerned. The yearning is mutual amongst all of us but we often don’t realize it until we make contact. Then the energy gets exchanged.

It’s a beautiful thing. I’m blown away daily by the amazingly informed and conscious, loving people I correspond with and those who visit my site and how they appreciate and support each other.
That’s how it’s supposed to work.


That’s No Melancholy Baby

I’d say beware this melancholy resignation that’s creeping in. A major conflagration is about to happen, yes, but we have to see through and beyond it. A misdirected, down-turned attitude will lead to defeat and deliberate disempowerment to those who entertain it and those they influence, intentional or not.

The decision to ultimately look to the spiritual like never before as a way of refuge and personal empowerment is a good one. But don’t withdraw from the fray. Everyone’s participation is crucial. You can remain a participant in spirit if nothing else.

Remember, the shift is hitting everyone. It’s not just real in the life or mind of the conscious experiencer. It hits everyone. Just because someone cannot yet, or refuses to, see the Truth around them and draw some startling conclusions as to what’s really going on, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

We do not need mass endorsement for anything.

Seeing Past the Conflagration: Consciousness is Never Wasted


Seeing past the coming conflagration is really important at this time. As more and more revelations come to light in all aspects of society and knowledge, science, and every sphere of understanding, these imprints on the collective conscience will not be lost. Although much of what science and mainstream media is beginning to confirm and publicize may appear to be too little and too late, it’s not in the grand scheme of things.

However this next chapter unfolds, it is my conviction that humanity’s collective conscience will retain what it has learned through the awakening we’re all experiencing.

This may seem a bit esoteric to some, but when you know there is no such thing as death it’s an easy flow.

Get there…it’s a nice, peaceful place. And you can see a whole lot more clearly from there!


Humanity’s Force Multiplier and the Ballast of Love!


While a massive depopulation program is well under way via the genetic altering and toxification of our planet, every conscious soul born to this world adds ballast to the human experience and hence our conscious growth, especially as we’re shifted into higher frequencies of consciousness.

Why else would they attack babies and children so heinously and treat humanity as cattle to be farmed instead of treasured as a divine gift?

That mentality will never stand in the light of Truth and Love. If you need a reminder as to how cold and calculated these globalist parasites are, just look at the anti-human Zbigniew Brzezinski when he coldly gave the signal to the elite minions to kill by saying, “It is easier (today) to kill a million people than it is to control them.” (Source)

That’s what we’re up against.

And that’s the reason they fear us. We outweigh them. We out love them. We out human them.

Conclusion: There’s No Disengaging from the Shift


It’s everywhere. It permeates every level of the Universe. We can and should retreat to meditative states for periods of time, but these cosmic changes are as inescapable as the influences of the sun on humanity and they’re affecting every sphere of creation, and we need to participate in as many of these spheres as we’re called to.

We’re part of a marvelous Universe with unlimited potential. We each share that unlimited potential.
Let your life be empowered and enhanced by this shift. Become conscious and let it activate you with Truth and Love as your guide.

That’s where the love is connected, in a commitment to Truth.

Those who are truly free know it. Those who aren’t, don’t.

Know you are free.

Love, Zen


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In the last days I received multiple requests to translate my posts for foreign readers, as they have very limited information about the happenings in Ukraine. This material describes events which took place in Kyev on January 22 and 23.

Sharing and distribution is appreciated.

22 January 2014. Battles on streets of Kiev.

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