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Friday, July 6, 2012

Transcript of Archangel Michael’s Comments on SaLuSa, Containment vs. Mass Arrests

Transcript of Archangel Michael’s Comments on SaLuSa, Containment vs. Mass Arrests

2012 July 5 1:18 am
Posted by Steve Beckow
For those who wish to see a transcript of the actual reading in which Archangel Michael amplifies his comments on the reasons why his own message differs from that of our beloved SaLuSa, here it is, courtesy of Ellen. 

Reading with Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow, July 4, 2012

Steve Beckow: Many readers say that they cannot understand the differences between your description of the containment and SaLuSa’s descriptions of arrests. SaLuSa does not mention containment, and you do not talk as if any arrests will take place. Can you please give us as specific a discussion as possible of why your two messages appear to differ and how we can reconcile the two?

Here is the original tape:

Archangel Michael: As I have said to you … first of all, let us back up, for I do not wish to be seen or felt to be in contradiction with SaLuSa. We come from a slightly different perspective, obviously. Now, let us address this.

The Company of Heaven, and yes, my legion of light, have shared with you very sacred information on what we do and how we proceed, in our way and in the way of what you may see as divine intervention, to address a system, a massive system, because it is not simply restricted [to?] this, what you have thought of as poor behavior, okay, egregious behavior, behavior that has never been of love or light, and how we will choose and have already begun to contain this.
Your planet, my dear friend, has a very poor track record of handling such things as mass arrests in a kind and loving, beneficent manner. And if you wish to look at examples, look to the Holocaust. Look to what has happened in other countries, very recently, when people have been herded.

SB: Or to the evacuation of Japanese from the west coast, Lord. I think that’s another example.

AAM: Yes. It is never kind. It is never loving. And what it does in terms of Universal Law, it is not in alignment. And regardless of how many people are saying that they wish to do this in peaceful, calm manners, there is a part of the human psyche, the collective, that is truly looking for revenge and retribution. And the mechanisms that you have for — and I am not simply speaking Canada or the western world — the mechanisms you have in place for such mass arrests, as you call them, have normally and generally and historically involved, if not actual violence — and normally it has involved actual brutality — it is certainly emotionally and spiritually brutal, because it has that element.

You are not trying to contain people so that they can be rehabilitated or re-penetrated by love. Look at your prisons. Where do you intend to put all these people? How do you intend to treat them? And while we are talking of this, what are you going to do with all the people who are in prisons all over your planet?

It is not kind, it is not gentle, it is not loving, and it is certainly not of the higher dimensional reality. Can the human beings, the collective, choose to appoint themselves and go and start arresting people? Yes. I have asked that this not take place, but we do not override your free will. But what I ask is that what you do come from a place of compassion and forgiveness. This is where it is truly required.

We’re not talking about the person who has slighted you in line at the bank, or the person who has broken your heart, or even perhaps stolen your money, taken your home. We are talking about a mass action that there has been no evidence to date … if this was a year from now our approach would be different. But there is no evidence that we see that those who would be on the delivery line of making such mass arrests would not simply be generating more of the same.

We have heard the argument that people need to see the arrests so that they begin to feel safe and that their hearts, the collective hearts, begin to heal, knowing that the punishment, or the secured … this position has been taken. Is this not exactly the accusation that you would make of your enslavers? Is this not exactly the same behavior?

And there is a second layer to this, my friends. Who, who do you think will be in charge of making and coordinating such a massive undertaking? Well, it will be one who seeks control. And that is what you are breaking away from.

So, are you capable of having mass arrests? Yes. Is it what our plan is? No.

SB: If I can intervene, Lord, the dilemma remains for me, perhaps for my readers, the dilemma is, who are they to believe? SaLuSa says there will be mass arrests, or he says there will be arrests. You say there will not be. The readers are confused. They don’t know who to listen to. Could you please reconcile the two? Is SaLuSa correct? Will there be arrests?

AAM: There will be some arrests, but it will not be on the level that you are thinking of.

SB: So, mostly people will be contained, but there will be some arrests.

AAM: Yes, and look to those who are being contained, and notice what they are doing with the change of heart.

SB: Is John Roberts, the Supreme Court Justice, one of those?

AAM: Yes.

SB: So, can I point to that as an example of somebody who is contained?

AAM: Yes.

SB: All right. So, incredible changes of heart?

AAM: Incredible changes of return-to-original-divine-plan of their heart. Yes.

SB: So, you mean to say somebody can be contained and still carry on as a Supreme Court Judge?

AAM: Oh, yes. In fact, it can be very beneficial, can it not?

SB: Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know very much about this subject, so …

AAM: Yes, think of it this way. If it is of love, if it is of light, if it is of peace, if it is of transformation, then that love can enter out into the world. If it is of hatred, cruelty, greed, limitation, then it will not. In the whole time that someone is in the process of containment, think of it has heavenly rehabilitation.

SB: All right.

AAM: They are penetrated deeply, profoundly — more than you can imagine — by the light and the love. And you already know how intense that is. Until then, all that remains within that individual is the return to light and love. So, do we want to have people removed from their positions? Not necessarily. Because if they remain — and this is a call on our side, not yours — but if they remain in that position and become the true light of love, then they are uniquely positioned to create massive change. And that can be beneficial for the whole.

Now, there are some that will simply be arrested because that is what the human collective wants to have happen.

SB: Can you give us any idea of the size of that group?

AAM: We have been very busy with our containment-undertaking project. We would say that that would be less than 100 people on your planet.

SB: Really? Why then does SaLuSa talk about arrests? Why does he not talk about containment?

AAM: Because that has not been information that has been readily available to [him?] .

SB: So the galactics — well, I don’t know if I should say the galactics — but at least SaLuSa does not know about containment…

AAM: No, it is not their purview to speak of it. It is not their purview to undertake it. This is an action undertaken — and let us say exceptionally rarely — by us.

SB: And who is “us”, Lord?

AAM: By the archangels. By the Company of Heaven. Particularly by the archangels, by the Mighty Ones.

SB: Sorry, I’ve always spoken of the Company of Heaven as if it’s the galactics, the ascended masters and the celestials.

AAM: But do not assume that the galactics have access to everything that we do. That would be an incorrect assumption.

SB: Okay. But it leaves the readers with a picture of there being a kind of a divided effort among the …

AAM: No, there is not a divided effort. It is simply not something that SaLuSa is in a position to address. Much the same way as that I really do not like to address the issue of mass arrests.

SB: All right. So when will this become evident to the galactics?

AAM: How do you mean evident? They are aware of it. It is just not something that they are claiming that they are doing.

SB: But they are part of it?

AAM: No, they are aware of it. There is a difference.

SB: Okay. Well, you realize that I’m going to have to try to make this as comprehensible to readers as possible, because there’ll be much confusion. So …

AAM: What we ask you is to watch, watch the changes — and we are not talking watching for long, because you know that you are on an accelerated pathway. So, the guidance is to observe, to be the observers that we are asking you to be. We are not asking you to go to the streets bearing arms and to become militias of the human collective making mass arrests. We’re not asking you to fall into lock step with military or paramilitary organizations to make mass arrests.

So, as you observe whether there are or there are not mass arrests, you will know, as you observe, are there changes in the leadership that has been abhorrent to us? Do they seem to be shifting in their understanding of what is love? These are your litmus tests. It is not to pit us against one another. It is to be in partnership, one having the approach that they would support the collection … and understand how the galactics also…. Let me speak to this, because it is important.

How galactics or intergalactics would go about collecting those who have, hmm, wronged humanity, who have abandoned the knowing of universal law, is very different and would be far more gentle and peaceful than anything the humans would do. So, even the phraseology — and that is why we have moved away from the using of human language, because of the imprints of what history has meant and what is embedded in your collective memories, whenever you speak of mass arrests.

SB: When can we expect to see the galactics speaking in the same way that you’re speaking? How long do we have to wait before this difference in speaking is reconciled?

AAM: We will have this discussion with them right now.

SB: And so we could expect to see in the channeled messages that come up very soon some alteration in manner of speaking?

AAM: Some alteration in the explanation of what is anticipated.

SB: All right. Well, I’m sure that would be very comforting, and we wait for it with bated breath, I’m sure.

Second question. There are people who — readers — who are greatly annoyed because they waited so long for any tangible, concrete visible evidence of something happening. Now, I realize that the example of John Roberts will help, Lord, so that will definitely show up as tangible proof, but still I want to have asked this question of you on their behalf. They waited for tangible, concrete evidence, and now they hear you saying that these invisible containments will happen, and we can look at them with our third eye or fourth eye and perhaps see it, but there is no tangible evidence, and they have just — stamped their foot and said, “I’m tired of waiting, I want some tangible evidence so I’m not regarded as crazy, so I can point to something and say, ‘This is actually happening.’”

So, and so, when you spoke about your containment, that for them was the last straw. They’re tired of waiting. Could you address them, please?

AAM: We understand what it means to be tired of waiting. And you have not waited that long. Yes, I know you do not wish to hear this from me. But in fact your time of waiting has not been — it has not been for eons within your lifetime, or even a portion of your lifetime. And one of the things that we have repeatedly asked for you is to look for the changes within your sacred self, to look for changes within your family, your neighborhood, your town, to do the work, yes, of cutting cords.

And I know none of you wish to hear that, but I am also not only the archangel of peace, but I carry the blue flame of truth. You will have your evidence. You will have your evidence, and you already do. Look at the skies. Look at what is available to you in your secondary media. Look at the changes that you are witnessing in people’s belief systems. And maintain your balance.

My beloved friends, it is true, you are on the firing line. And you are tired of saying that things are changing and then there is no large, tangible evidence. But your tangible evidence is also within you in how you feel, how you perceive, how you act, how you know. But your systems, you do not want things to crumble too rapidly so that it is complete chaos, so that you are without very basic resources. That is not the way of peaceful transition, of shift.
But look every single day. You are given many, many situations, whether it is in courts of justice or in the news, in a neighbor’s smile, in the children who are remarkable, in the ability to communicate very clearly with Gaia, with cats and dogs and rabbits. Rocks and trees. Look up to the sky and communicate with your star brothers and sisters.

These are tangible. And do not think that everything is a plot. It is not, not on our part, and not on the part of the humans. Yes, there are those who step away from the law, from their highest selves. There are still many atrocities. But this is shifting.

So, yes, even as unreliable as some of your news sources are, look to those that are trusted and note the changes

SB: Could you give any suggestions of anybody to look to? Because there — I know people will say, well, who? Who could we possibly follow?

AAM: Well, of course it is our platform [AAM's name for the 2012 Scenario], but there are certain … BBC news is more reliable than anything that you have in the western hemisphere.

SB: I thought they were. Okay.

AAM: Stephen Cook.

SB: Yes, well, of course. (Steve: I laughed here as if to say “Lord, you don’t need to stroke our feathers by naming one of us. It’s OK.”)

AAM: Yes, but I need to say this.

SB: Oh, okay.

AAM: Because they need to know that there are voices of truth, of balance and of reality. And yes, as surprising as it is, even Diane Sawyer.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Thank you. I’m going to have to close off because I just have eight more minutes to ask all the questions that I have. So I’m going to have to end here. And thank you very much on behalf of our readers for such a full discussion. Thank you.

AAM: You are welcome. Do not hesitate, ever, to ask me the hard questions.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Go in peace.

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