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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Descriptions of the Star People

Descriptions of the Star People

When I first started sculpturing the beings, I made a hybrid baby, half Zeta and half human, from remembering my experience in 1997 where I was taken on board a Mothership for a healing of a brain tumor. At that time, I was greeted by a very tall blonde man who appeared to be mid 30s and who was dressed in a pastel, multi-royal colored robe. He never introduced himself, and nor did I think to ask him his name, almost as if it didn’t matter. Yet several years later when I sculptured him, people who had experienced him before identified him as Michael, also known as Archangel Michael. I was to learn that many of the Star People don’t tell you their names because they identify each other by their frequency, and that each soul has it’s own frequency pattern that stays with it through its numerous lifetimes until it becomes one with the Source, Creator, again.
I have only sculptures about 18 different types of races of beings since I first began in 2003. Please know that there are thousands of various races of Star Beings on the largest planets and in various galaxies. There is no way to determine just how many exist, let alone how many hybridization races have been created. The one who claims to know all of them is either a fool or the Creator itself. But the important thing to keep in mind is that all of creation is part of the Source, Creator, God. To judge any race as being good or bad, is no different than “them” judging all humans on Earth as being hateful, greedy warriors because of those who are, for there are vast numbers of humans who are light-workers and live in unconditional Love. Such is also true about other races throughout existence, for there are no lessons to be learned if all was perfect to start with. We do not spiritually ascend without having experienced duality, being of the dark and being of the Light.
The following information of the beings is what I have learned from experiencing “them” and information channeled to me while sculpturing them, as well as information receive from what others have told me of their own experiences with them. It is important to know that my Spiritual Guides come from all over the Universe and will never allow me to make any sculptures of negative or evil intent, for as they have taught me, “that which I make, I bring their frequency into this world”. This is a time when we need to awaken to our “Truth”, a time to learn to live in the Light of the Source, Creator, with unconditional Love. This is a time to release all judgments and prejudices, and embrace all beings regardless of their appearance, knowing that we all have the same thing in common, our connection to the Source, Creator.
Anabua When I first made the Anabua Being it was after have a very unusual woman appear in front of me who looked like an Eagle covered with human flesh. When she walked out of the room, I followed after – only to see that she had vanished. A month later a man in Native American clothing with this same facial features walked down an isle at a conference near my display of sculptures. Same thing happened, he, too, vanished when he left the room. Shortly after that I continued to have dreams of birds, and finally a friend insisted it was time to make the bird people sculptures. While making my first two, an Eagle actually appeared on a pole a 100 or so feet from my house and squawked non-stop until I was done with the sculptures before flying away. While making them, my guides gave me this information: We are the Anabua, the feather tribe of beings you call the Eagle. We came from the Orion Star system and have been on Gia, Mother Earth, longer than mankind has existed. We are the balance of nature, eating only that which sustains us. But human’s greed has cut down and burned the forest, replacing it with cold, lifeless structures while defacing its natural beauty. Man’s greed that has lead to wars and he will eventually annihilate not only himself but all life on Earth, leaving behind a barren planet. We shape-shift now to walk amongst you, to look you in the eye and be your reflection; to awaken you before it’s too late. We plead, put back the Earth the way you found it; live amongst us in peace the way you once did; stop your foolish ways before there is nothing left to save. We cry for the planet Earth and not for the human race. Then months later while talking to a group of people, my guides gave me this information: The Anabua have agreed to work with the Galactic Federation during the cataclysmic times to be the guides, the communicators for those taking large groups of people, the light workers, to the Stargates and the ships. They will fly ahead, and where there is danger, telepathically communicating to the group leaders the dangers and where to go for safety. They understand that humanity is evolving spiritually and have agreed only to help those who are working in and with the Light.
Andromedan When I first made the Andromedan sculpture, I had gone into a trance, not even knowing what I was doing. It was a friend who saw the sculpture and had had an experience being taken to their ship that I was able to get most of this information. Other came from another experiencer. These Andromedan beings, of the Buddic Tribe, stand about 4’ tall, are tan, slender and humanoid in appearance with long arms extending to about the middle of their knees. Because their planet is so close to their sun, they cover their skin with gold dust to protect them from skin diseases. They work with the Galactic Federation, assisting the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Ashtar Command and all the Ascended Masters at this time to help those humans who are ready to evolve from the old world and into the New World. The Andromedans are Lightworkers and have been on this planet previously during the ancient Egyptian times. Their message is for us to stay focused on our own missions without living in the Fear.
Sirian Warrior of Light The Sirian Warrior was one of the first sculptures I made. To my surprise, my guides telepathically informed me how to make their features. They also said that many Sirian Warriors agreed to be born in human bodies in this lifetime to help with the ascension process and protect the Lightworkers to assure that they complete their missions on Earth. These warriors are recognized by having similar features to the Sirian Warrior sculpture. They are very human looking and vary in height, skin & hair color, as do humans. Many are being awakened to their mission and being trained on using alien technology and weapons. Their job is not to kill unless a light worker’s life is in danger, and to destroy the androids created by those governments planning on enforcing martial law or imprisonment of humans and Lightworkers. They work with the Galactic Federation.
Zuma Zeta, A.K.A. Zumaits In December of 2007 a few days after recovering from a flu virus that attacked my heart for the second time, nearly killing me, I was meditating about my genetics in a bath of sea salt water. Suddenly I left my body and found myself in another world in a humanoid body with Dolphin like skin of mushroom white, like a pale grayish beige. My facial features appeared more dolphin by the way my forehead protruded almost like Risso’s Dolphin. I was being told that I was this being before I came to Earth. These beings are from the planet Zumav and have skin similar to a dolphin and are a hybrid aquatic Zeta with webbed feet and hands. They can live in water or on land. They have since come to me several times, always making a squeal similar to a dolphin before they appear beside me. They have reminded me of how to breath in water. When I’ve been taken into the etheric realm and walked amongst several of them, I feel such incredible love, as if they are all hugging me without touching me. They never judge, nor are they prejudiced; they are just pure love.
Cheridani The Kebbens were the creators of the of Cheridani Zeta race, using 50% of their own DNA. There are two different types of Cheridani, the gold skin and the blue-gold skin. Their average height is between 4′ to 5′ tall. Their home planet is in the Reticuli sector. They are quite intelligent and most often scientists on ships or on their home planet. Those who have reported having contact with them are usually engineers, scientists and some medical technicians. They are not aggressive unless they feel threatened. They are not known to be emotional but they do have set ethics.
Blue Lady from Pleiades The blue skin Pleiadian people are exceptionally spiritual, living in peace and unconditional Love through always being in the Light of the Source. When I first started sculpturing them, it was because the Blue Lady was frequently showing up in my third eye for two months. People who have had the Blue Lady have reported having transformations occur from it, feeling such incredible unconditional Love that they start releasing anything they are holding onto that is keeping them from their full ascension process and awakening. Sometimes they will get communication from Isis, Mother Mary or the beautiful Pleiadian blue people, and sometimes they appear in physical form. Nearly a year later, Mother Mary appeared to me in the middle of the night beside one of the Blue Lady sculptures. The room literally glowed where she stood. She motioned to the sculpture and teLady I make.
Tall White Zuma Zeta These beings are one of the highest spiritual beings in the Reticuli sector. They are often over 6 feet tall with glowing white skin and very light-sensitive eyes, which is why they wear the black lenses over their eyes. They are my spiritual teachers that help me continue my mission on Earth, and they are always seen with me where ever I go by those who are able to see higher frequency beings. They also show up in every aura picture I’ve ever had taken of me. Those who have experienced them are people of very high spiritual ethics, and many report that they get guidance from them during times of turmoil, depression and stress, as well as incredible love from them.
Ka-Tsa-Hayan The Ka-Tsa-Hayan beings are related to the Kebben. They are a smaller Zeti native to Serpo-Tavah, a small planet in Reticuli. Their height ranges from 3′ to 4′ tall, with skin color of pearly grayish green, or pearly gold and up to deeper gray. Their skin texture is similar to Dolphin. Their heads are more elongated that most Zeti, but not quite as elongated as the Nefilim. Not much is known about them since they have only recently been observed by a small number of people. However, they are believed to be scientist, engineers and teachers. Some people have reported seeing this being on ships. Normally they are very shy beings, but now since there are more people spiritually evolving and wanting to help humanity, the Ka-Tsa-Hayans have been working with them to assist them in engineering devices for healing and helping humanity.
Blue Arcturians The Blue Arcturians are one of many types of Beings on their enormous planet. They live as separate Beings but as a One Consciousness for the betterment of the whole not the individual. They are highly spiritual, telepathic, living in unconditional love in communal type homes. The Arcturians are teachers, coming here to help us in our spiritual ascension during very challenging times. Those who have come to Earth in Human form are here to awaken and activate people to remember who they are – spiritual beings in a human body.
Nefilim Child The Nefilims are the children of the Annunaki and humans that were on Earth during the Ancient Egyptian times. They originated from Sirius A. During times of great cataclysmic events, some of them went into inner Earth while others returned to their ships or planets. They are communicating with many humans to help humanity release their greed and hatred, to learn to be one with the Earth, respecting Mother Gia and all those life forms on it. They, too, will be returning during the coming cataclysmic events, working along with the Galactic Federation to lift the light workers off this planet.
Mantis Being The Ancient Greek meaning of Mantis is Divine, a being of spiritual or mystical powers. Mantis Beings, also known as Antaiens or the Kageush, are said to be a highly evolved race of the Insectoids. Those found around the Superstition Mountains and throughout Arizona say they are the Cibians from the planet Cibia. They all look similar to the Praying Mantis insect, even some appearing as glowing plasma, while others are reported to have humanoid bodies with Mantis faces. Their height ranges from 4′ to 9′ with skin colors of beige, brown, lime green, dark emerald green, turquoise, deep violet blue, gold or white. They exude feelings of immense love and peace and known to be healers.
Grey Zeta Hybrid There are several groups of Zeta Reticulan greys, also known as insectoids, and many are hybrids of other races. They range in height from 3′ to 6′ tall, with skin colors varying from a pearly whitish-gray to deeper gray, blue gray or green gray and some with skin texture similar to Dolphin. The smaller ones are known as help-mates to others groups in the Galactic Federation, especially the Pleiadians and some Sirians. Others are scientists, geneticists and explorers. It has been said that some of the bad Reptilians and Dacronians working with Earth’s Secret Governments will shape-shift to look like greys so that the real greys will be feared and blamed for horrific experiments and probing done to humans. It has been said that all of the Zeta’s emotions were removed through genetic manipulation, which is why they are more pragmatic, and that only the hybrids are known to have child-like, benevolent & loving emotions.
Master Sananda In December 2007, while recovering from a virus that nearly killed me, I experienced a face-to-face encounter with what looked like the Biblical person Jesus. He told me to call him “Sananda”, for Jesus was not his birth name, and He is not about Christianity but about unconditional Love and living in the Light of the Creator. Sananda said “I am no greater than and no lesser than you.” He taught me that every being becomes a Master in his own time through spiritual ascension. Once we learn to love everyone unconditionally, releasing the need to judge others and self, and learn to use the Light of the Creator, we will then be able to manifest everything we need to live in harmony and in the New World. We then become Masters, helping others in their spiritual ascension process.

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