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For it is written in the stars.

Are you not ALL ‘Children of the stars’? Did you not KNOW what you had decided and then came to Earth to put it into place?

The Federation o Light -- 16th August, 2014

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Friday, May 18, 2012

 Esoteric History of Earth 
with much distortion

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At the beginning of the octave of which you are a part, creation was resting in time-less-ness and space-less-ness. By the agency of the first distortion of the Law of One, free will, the One Infinite Creator (intelligent Infinity) decided once again to know itself. And so it became potentiated into a thought. And that thought was full of the characteristic of the Creator which is unconditional love.

The creation itself dwells in a state of ecstasy, much like your sexual orgasm. Yet there is no vector to this ecstasy. It is an ecstasy that rests completely. So this 1st distortion of Free Will caused the Creator to form a potentiated version of itself, that which could act. That was the one great original thought of love. And love in its turn created light and sent it forth in all of its stupendously infinite illusions and systems of illusion. 

And so your solar system and your planet and you yourself were created. In the middle of 1st density, Timelessness began to come into time and space. The vibrations that were in chaos began to organize into roughly circular or elliptical forms, creating the coalescing suns which in turn threw off material which coalesced into planets. And so the creation of the Father was born, and was a part of 1st density. -Q'uo 2.16.08

The Creator of our Creator: 
the Mother of all beings

In the beginning of creations as you understand them, all was of own self, and I felt that in order to explore the ramifications of potential possibility and outcome, it could be useful to begin the process of individual expression. That is why I began to create from my own being different creators, different entities and different varied and unusual personalities covering a wide range of topics to solve and be solved by others. In this way those potentials might have the opportunity to strive for or reach some heretofore unknown (to myself) experience. This had not occurred yet [2002] but I still have high hopes, not based on the Explorer Race [humanity], but rather based on the impact of your Race's expansion.

The Creation of Humanity

Love was involved. The Mother of All Beings had to be present because this was a discussion about all who sprang from her. The Nine beings call the Council of Nine were engaged in a heated discussion about the pros and cons of such a venture. Everyone else was agreed on the value of it early on because of the high level of responsibility all beings would have - it would be like a prep-school for Creators. But these nine beings felt that the process needed to be more mental, and they held the decision up for some time

The Creator of our universe

Our Creator was one of the many. Creator is not old, but is young at heart. At the point of Creator's inspiration that harmony could be accomplished through individuality, Creator naturally needed to move away from the many, which It-He-She did. Creator drew to Itself a consultant with experience in singularity. Creator's whole motivation was to create something new.

For example, before Creator's creation, hope did not exist. It is hard for you to conceive of a world without hope, but it you can conceive of worlds where there is nothing unpleasant, there is no need for hope.

Creator said, " I am going to have a creation that will be the infinite variety of individuality. I am going to foster a portion of Myself that is rooted in curiosity and send it off to explore. Then, I AM GOING TO TAKE AWAY ITS MEMORY OF ALL IT HAS LEARNED for a short time" (which is your lives here on Earth) "AND GIVE IT THE GIFT OF IGNORANCE SO THIS PORTION OF MYSELF CAN RE-CREATE."


Earth is only the third planet where negativity has been tried in a reasonably successful manner. Negativity was the accidental outgrowth of adventure. Adventure initially started as a joyous experience, but because it sometimes has pitfalls, negativity sprouted from it unintentionally. What you are doing here is unknown anyplace else, so this is where the action is. You now have about 46% negativity on Earth, and you do not need more than 2%. So feel free to reduce it.-Explorer Race Origins and the Next 50 years, Robert Shapiro
It's important to understand that the Explorer Race's (Humanity) ultimate destiny is to express yourself as will contract and become more connected with all beings and all life. And you will take over for Creator, give Creator a coffee break and allow Creator to buzz on up to what is next. Your Creator really has no idea what's next, but knows that there is something next because Creator has absolute proof of something beyond itself - inspiration. and so begins our Timeline, even though long before there was life on 3rd dimensional Earth-time did not exist as you know it.
3.25 Trillion Years Ago (subtle types of life forms begin to emerge in this universe. Automated record keeping was replaced with the implementation of live (ensouled) record keepers. This ensured a “keeping of better [astral? Akashic?] records
Enter Love - and Love’s creation: this universe, 3.25 Trillion “years” ago - Shapiro (years = 1 earth revolution around the sun. This was before the manifestation of our 3-D physical sun and earth—this is an approximation of experiential time for humans as given in “earth revolutions about the sun. ”) 78 billion years ago the Elohim enter into the 3rd dimension -channeled
If she makes the ascension, a monumental change will occur in the universe, and you will be part of it. The last time a change of this magnitude has happened in any third-density world was 21 billion of your years ago. -Emmanuel
20 Billion years ago- our universe began as a point of light within the mind of God. -The Founders
15 Billion years ago The last time the Andromedan vehicle known as The 12th Planet was near the Earth. It is important to understand this because there are associations with the 12th planet that connect to Sirius, Orion and Earth.
There has a been a shift in dimensions since then.
[which alters the time lines]

Earth, as all things, began as a thought of God. In the beginning, a thought of God sent out a ray of what we call light. The ray of light in your physical being is felt as love. You feel it as the emotion of love, so therefore it is possible for us to say that love is the base energy of light. 

The field is magnetized to attract the creation. What if you then had another thought of god that was another way of looking at that same creation? Now imagine this creation from many points of perception. Then you have multiple rays of light coming from different angles to meet as one. This gives the illusion of a physical three dimensional object. You know it in your reality as a hologram. Multiple beams of light intersecting at one point create the illusion of real three dimensional objects. That is all that is necessary, for all of life is nothing more than an illusion. 

Earth began as a hologram of light, as did the universe. This was the beginning and from that point a universe was created around it including a big bang to set it into motion. Earth was created intentionally with two sisters, Venus and Mars. The three sisters shared the balance of what you call carbon dioxide and created life on all three planets. There came a point where only one planet was able to balance enough carbon dioxide to maintain, so the two sisters put their energy into the one sister in the middle and breathed life into a planet that began as a hologram of light. In some ways it is as if the three lights created an additional hologram that reprinted Earth.- The Group

There was a need by the universe for a place where ideas that had not moved elsewhere could be experimented on. This is beyond the measurement of years -what could be called "dimensions ago".
T’re or Terra as it is called now once occupied the space that you now occupy on your planet Earth. It existed then at a slightly quicker or higher vibration. The planet made possible instant manifestation -manifesting would not even have to be a conscious act. It was decided that Terra would not be slow enough for [proto-type humans] to understand their lessons and their experiences. Working with light, a photocopy of Terra was made at a slower vibration. The Terrans transferred their bodies to this slower dimension.
The origins of Earth's indigenous race might be conceived of the as the auric Earth energy expressed in its highest purpose. They were physicalized angelics.
Originally, many thousands of your years before you believe your planet even existed, it did exist, and you manifest within consciousness here. You chose the elements of your world and how it would be manifest physically. You chose to manifest all of your creatures, all of your plant life, your rocks, your sand, your water, your atmosphere. You experimented with these elements also. You moved through consciousness non-physically, not manifest. You were within continuous interaction with nature, as you have created it. -Elias
7,250,000,000 YA The earth - some 7 1/4 billion years ago was first spawned along with the galactic system - the milky way. After it came into being and became a proper place for life, it has survived all of the very great disasters it was heir to in formatting itself. But it so aligned itself with the Sun, that it was immediately a proper place for life. -e yada
4.6 billion years ago An agreement was made by the Elohim (with Explorer Race/humanity?) -Operation r Terra
4.5 Billion years ago – A planet where Earth is now forms out of dust and gas, mostly hydrogen. -The Founders

Think back, if you can, to 4.5 billion years ago, when you joined with others to dream this dream together. Operation Terra
2.8 Billion years ago – Alternate Earth in Sirian star system. The metal spheresfound in South Africa were missed during the Sirian civilization "cleanup" before the planet's substance was moved. - Shapiro: -"Earth History and Lost Civilizations"

Your Moon was brought into your solar system 1.7 billion of your years ago. At that time the Moon was set much closer to Earth than it is now, and it was ‘programmed’ to place itself at the exact distance of 30 earth diameters by the end of the present Galactic cycle. Your moon is older than your solar system.

1,000,000,000 years ago your planet was developed to the point that its existence was recognized and registered, and it was named Urantia. The grand universe number is 5,342,482,337,666. That is its registration number as an inhabited world. The last three digits are familiar to you, no doubt. The result of imperfect revelatory transmissions. -Urantia
900,000,000 years ago: the perfection of the DNA keys. The point where the humanoid form began propagating throughout the Universe. This form you have come to know so well, with its arms, legs, torso, head, etc., was the result of genetic experimentation and research comprising a very long period of time - about 900 million of your Earth years. During that time, all manner of exotic life forms were created by permutating the DNA strands and structures. Most of the animal life you are familiar with was brought forth as a side-effect of this research. The Founders
500,000,000, maybe more the Founders are the direct precursors of the Lyran seed. But they were not as you understand it physiologically in your dimensionality. They did however project a portion of themselves into physical dimensionality and took on the humaniform aspect for the purpose of that experience. - -Bashar
500,000,000 - I've heard some information that there was civilization on our planet 500 million years ago, is that correct? B: On your Earth? Q: Yes. B: But, it was not your human civilization. There have been many civilizations that have existed on your planet, extraterrestrial in nature or ultra-dimensional in nature that have come and gone. There have been many. What you know of as "history" is a very small slice of the history of your world. Q: Is there a name for that civilization -- 500 hundred million years ago? B: Anamatha.
500,000,000 Our current planet was still in the Sirius system -Earth History and Lost Civilizations p21
320,000,000 Sedimentation on this globe in the fourth round began.
130,000,000 to 150 million years ago The first root-race is claimed to have originated 130 to 150 million years ago in the Silurian or Devonian period, or possibly in the Carboniferous period, of the Paleozoic era. -Blavatsky
108 million years ago were when the first major wave of individualization began with souls moving out of the Godhead. - Founders/Sal

100,000,000 years ago – life forms created in all densities, including the 3rd But there was the idea...within the overall [Lemurian] land mass...which existed at the time of the projection of the physicality. Then many, many, many, many, many, many tens of millions of your years ago, as you count time. -Bashar Earth History(huh?)
60 million years ago there was an astronomical event. A giant asteroid hit the earth with such a force that the very crust was changed.
65 million years ago the planet's matter was in its transition from the Sirius star system. This planet Earth is entirely made up of matter from Sirius. One of the first things that occurred, and unknown on Sirius, was ice. The few life forms that had agreed to be moved with the planet had to go underground for a time. Invitations were transmitted throughout this galaxy to beings that would well tolerate the cold. That is when you got your first visitors of the paler skin. They brought with them many hardy species. These were the ancestors of your modern polar bears, penguins, white seals. These people stayed only for 50 years. They were from a distant galaxy so cold that almost all planets there are covered with ice. They were largely responsible for the initial seeding of strong species of beings who could survive bitter cold. Those who responded to the invitation were picked up off different planets and brought to Earth. The Earth immediately went into a very profound ice age (200,000 years) in order to accustom itself to having been recreated in this space
-Earth History and Lost Civilizations p19, 46

64,800,000 Years ago the ice receded and a cultural renaissance occurred. Water beings from Sirius and even other universes visited the Earth for 40 years and were invited to form cultures here. The oceans were very calm. This was the beginning of all sea life and some of the land life you now know here.

People also began to arrive. They did not come because the planet was going to be this or that, they came on the basis of the invitation. The dark-skinned African people and some of the precursors to the native peoples of Mongolia and Siberia were first. (47% of current Earth genetics is traced to the durable Mongolian peoples, 30-35% to the dark skinned peoples of Africa). It just so happens (not coincidentally, of course) that these circumstances ultimately led to a very satisfactory physiological potential for the Explorer Race experiment. Those areas were under a lot of water, but these people proved very adaptable to snow and ice. Animals, fish, birds, even insects were arriving. Inner Earth felt that it was influencing the developing surface Earth life unduly. Access to its realms were sealed for 1500 years. 
-Earth History and Lost Civilizations p49

40,000,000 years ago – A group of souls from the Draco star system sent scout craft to Earth about 40 million years ago, and again roughly one or two million years before a great flood (about 12 million years ago). Although they did not settle en masse, their reports back to the Draconian councils put Earth, Mars and Maldek ‘‘on the map” for exploration and possible conquest.
The Galactic Records shows that the first extraterrestrial race to arrive on Earth was the Draconian Federation from the Alpha Draconis star system, but they failed in the attempt to shift the Earth’s eco-system from oxygen-based into hydrogen-based, so they left. -Emmanuel
5 to 30 million years ago The second root-race (Hyperborean) is claimed to have originated in the late Carboniferous or in the Permian, and ended in the lateTriassic or early Jurassic of the Mesozoic
1,688,345 "Great Approach" of the Hierarchy to our planetary manifestation when individualization took place and the fourth kingdom in nature appeared. 5000 years later: final crisis of individualization took place and the door was then closed upon the animal kingdom.
20 million years ago a group of deleterious beings from many systems arrived upon the planet and attempted to stake a fraudulent claim upon her. Approximately 20 million years ago there were beings with Soul on this planet. They were not evolved technologically. Some of them were on the planet Earth for the preparation of the planet, in terms of plants and animals and understanding. Also, some of them were Others.
18.5 million years ago The third (Lemurian) root-race was claimed to have lived during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous of the Mesozoic (the Age of Reptiles). The middle of the third root-race would have occurred about 18.5 million years ago (near the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary), when the separation of the sexes and the awakening of mind is alleged to have taken place.
18 million years ago Sanat Kumara, a highly evolved Master from Venus assumed the role of 'Planetary Logos of Earth' (He is one of the Council of Twelve)-p365 Prelude to Ascension Vywamus
14,000,000 to 7,000,0000 years ago So called primitive mankind was developed during this period when your planet was opened to free experimentation to sociological and biological engineers. This was a very short time - but it was an interdimensional experience - so while it might seem to last from 7 to 14 million years it was really not that long in terms of real experience.
10 to 12 million years ago The fourth (Atlantian) root-race is alleged to have originated in the later Cretaceous. (Blavatsky) Creative Force of the Law of One creates the "Elder Race". (ra) 1st great flood?
10,000,000 - Tooonm was an underwater civilization on Earth, humanoid but amphibian, life spans of 25,0000+ years. Very instinctual (not authoritarian.) They helped manifest and prepared the oceans about 1000 years before embodying on Earth. Their heritage is Sirian. -Shapiro Expl. Race
Their original template for the Pyramid at Giza started underwater about 7,000,000 years ago,before Egypt as a landmass existed. -Shapiro Expl. Race p59
10 million years ago there were 3 planets that harbored life forms – Earth, Mars and Maldek.
10 million years ago, when the end of the cosmic cycle occurred and the electromagnetic polarities shifted. At that time, great storms raged across the Earth, as a result of the changing EM frequencies, a flood wiped out most of the creatures residing on Earth. This is referred to in your religious writings as the "great flood." At that time, most of the Earth became covered in water, with a few remnants of land and life remaining here and there.
10,000,000 The pre-Lemurian period on your world corresponds roughly to 10 million B.C. until about one million B.C. During that time your world slowly recovered from the great flood and life forms began to proliferate once again. After the destruction of Maldek and the atmosphere of Mars, many of those souls came to Earth and reincarnated, dramatically raising the population. Earth was once again mainly a tropical jungle, with about 90% water cover, and only the polar regions were cool by comparison.
10,000,000 The planet was occupied by the Andazi and was beginning to have interactions with certain being from Sirius, Andromeda, Pleiades and Orion.
8,000,0000 Lets place Lemuria or Mu or Muffff 8 million years ago. These people did not need to make verbal sounds in order to be understood. They were telepathic.-p58 Shapiro Explorer Race
7,000,000-6,000,000 The Human Being has been evolving on this planet for six or 7 million years. - Joopah Shapiro ETs and the Explorer Race
7,000,000 The Tooonm gradually became an underground civilization.
Mankind can date its evolution back to about seven million years 
-Shapiro Explorer Race book 1

6,000,000 explosion of Maldek - Bashar see Annukai
6,000,000 YA "at least" face on Mars - Bashar
After that the Orions interfered with Humanity by seeding the third planet from our Sun with their version of a Human Male. (Less dreamy, more strength, courage and loyalty) Humanity was also given the gift of Linear Mind from the Andromedans. The culture accelerated, got very technological and blew that previous Earth up! That planet looked nothing like our current Earth. It was a warm, yellow planet. It had a fairly thin atmosphere, considerable less gravity, (less mass), and nitrogen in its atmosphere. Had that been your planet, your bodies would have lasted a very long time. But it was the Creator's desire that your bodies not last very long so that you would have a sense of urgency to find out who you are.
Although the Sirians felt badly about the people, the planet and everything being killed, they had their own Human prototype going. The Sirian's Human prototype civilization had reached a status-quo. The Sirians realized that they had inadvertently re-created themselves. At this point the beings from Sirius realized, "One of the reasons the civilization we tried to create on Sirius to be the Explorer Race and prototype human being didn't work is that we were contacting these people all the time. They saw how we were and emulated us. What can we do about that?" This is why a planet from Sirius came to be in your solar system, which is close enough to Orion and Sirius that ships could travel here to check on you. Once the planet was moved out of Sirius, it was no longer getting that direct Sirian energy, so the experiment went on full-blown status. -Explorer race: Origins and the next 50 years
6,000,000 Atlantis began as a reaction to Lemuria
5,000,000 When starseeds arrived to colonize the newly blooming planet, a mixture of positive-negative energies (souls) settled on her body. Arcturians have been monitoring Earth for five million years, since the original Arcturians starseeds were laid down upon her.
About 4,520,000 years ago (YA) Archangel Michael escorted the first souls to Earth. Theses souls originally came from the Dahl Universe. - Telos Vol. 1
4,500,000 years ago Lemurians leave Mu in the Dahl Universe for Earth.-Telos Vol 3
4 million years ago Elohim participate in this solar system to protect the fledgling humanoid species.
over 4,000,000 YA Our space brethren include the Galactic Federation of Light, a sort of "United Nations" of our galaxy, comprising over 200, 000 or 90% of the civilizations in it. It was formed over 4 million years ago. -Wicks
4 million years ago Elohim participate in this solar system to protect the fledgling humanoid species.
3,200,000 years ago Maldek destroys itself with neutron bombs in civil war. Over ten million souls perished in the blast, and these souls later reincarnated on Mars.
“Millions of years ago” the consciousness of the planet Venus blended into the “social memory complex” known in Earth’s history as Ra

The first colony of Hybornea was settled two million years ago. -Update by Sheldon Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1,800,000 Since the fall of your Mu or as some call Meru that which you know as Mars to the Jehovan war lords 1.8 million years ago 

1,500,000 Up until about one-half million years ago in your timeline, Earth continued to attract more and more souls from across the Universe. The vibratory level of these souls was generally fourth density, meaning that they were subject to the astral and etheric distortions inherent within that level of vibration. The genetics were now a blend of many races, but the Orions gradually began to dominate. War between Rigel and Betelguese had made life rather intolerable for many Orions, and Earth was seen as a place to begin life anew. Unlike the Dracos, the Orions were able to easily land directly on the Earth, in addition to coming through the incarnational process, and so their numbers increased significantly faster than the Dracos, whose reptilian bodies had a hard time adjusting to Earth’s atmosphere and gravity -Explorer race: Origins and the next 50 years

1,010,000 years ago – The Sirian proto-type for the humanoid male. Too dreamy. Females protected them. Orion culture objected, and a more “warlike and hierarchical” Adam Kadmon was established. This 2nd prototype were seeded by both Sirius and Orion, about 50-% genetically. Everybody basically looked African.

After that, different races were allowed to people the Earth. -Explorer race: Origins and the next 50 years

1,000,000 years ago first light skinned people “arrive” from their “home planet” 47% of current humans trace their lineage to here. Early days of the Aryan or 5th root-race. White people bring their impatience, to increase Humanity's growth curve. -Explorer race: Origins and the next 50 years
About a million years ago white people as we now have arrived on the surface. 
-Explorer race: Origins and the next 50 years. p 58

Mother Earth intends to have all of you as her guardians. A new, revitalized ecosystem needs to be cared for; indeed, it is this sacred mission that put you on this planet nearly 900,000 years ago. -Sheldan Nidle’s Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the

These points were re-stressed when we again set up colonies on your world around 900,000 years ago.
Your ancestors came to this realm nearly 900,000 years ago, and your first settlement was a joint surface-world and Inner-Earth colony that had the full approval of Gaia and her Spiritual Hierarchy. The daughter colony of Atlantis was in actuality the last of Earth's colonies to be founded. It was in the main a surface colony, while in Inner Earth, great crystal cities were constructed and peace reigned there undisturbed for over 800,000 years. -Sheldan Nidle's Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy 10 Ben, 11 Zac, 7 Ik
Each of these cycles is approximately 26,000 years.Since the beginning of Lemuria over 900,000 years ago, you have completed 34 such cycles and are poised to complete the 35th. Thisgrand cycle is to conclude in the coming solar (or galactic) year of 8 Manik. This is when a special series of galactic events is slated to occur after your Sun crosses the Galactic Equator.
900,000 years ago ...Lemuria's heyday, some 900,000 years ago 

850,000 - The Lemurian island of Ruta in the Pacific did not sink until between 850,000 and 700,000 years ago. 850,000 years ago, at the time of an alleged shifting of the earth's axis
Yahweh/Jehovah [Hoova] Created race of benevolent beings, gentle and heart centered and mystical in their natures and abilities. They discovered that they could move from dimension of about 5 down to three and up to 7. They “refused the forms” of the 3rd dimension.

The Siu-ka-tanz-da race from a galaxy very far away were endowed with a curiosity that went beyond reason. This civilization lasted on this planet for 10,000 years, and their curiosity rubbed off on humanity.-Explorer race: Origns and the next 50 yearsp 58

705,000 Technology unbalanced. War destroys planet, Biosphere degrades. These entities were so traumatized by this occurrence that they were in what you may call a social complex knot or tangle of fear. No one could reach them. No beings could aid them. - Q'uo
600,000 of your years ago the then-existing members of the Confederation were able to deploy a social memory complex and untie the knot of fear. The entities were then able to recall that they were conscious. This awareness brought them to the point upon what you would call the lower astral planes where they could be nurtured until each mind/body/spirit complex was able to finally be healed of this trauma to the extent that each entity was able to examine the distortions it had experienced in the previous life/illusion complex.
After this experience of learning, the group decision was to place upon itself a type of Karma-alleviation. For this purpose they came into incarnation within your planetary sphere in what were not acceptable human forms. And this then they have been experiencing until the distortions of destruction are replaced by distortions towards the desire for a less distorted vision of service to others. -Quo

A great pole shift that has been predicted by many. It happened once about 500,000 years ago.-Debbie Johnstone http://ourreturnhom
500,000 Maldek destroyed. “At one time/space, in what is your past, there was a population of third-density beings upon a planet which dwelt within your solar system. There are various names by which this planet has been named. The vibratory sound complex most usually used by your peoples is Maldek. ...The peoples of Maldek had a civilization somewhat similar to that of the societal complex known to you as Atlantis in that it gained much technological information and used it without care for the preservation of their sphere following to a majority extent the complex of thought, ideas, and actions which you may associate with your so-called negative polarity or the service to self. This was, however, for the most part, couched in a sincere belief/thought structure which seemed to the perception of the mind/body complexes of this sphere to be positive and of service to others. The devastation that wracked their biosphere and caused its disintegration resulted from what you call war....These entities, destroying their planetary sphere, thus were forced to find room for themselves upon this third density which is the only one in your solar system at their time/space present which was hospitable and capable of offering the lessons necessary to decrease their mind/body/spirit distortions with respect to the Law of One.”-Solar System History, Q'uo

[500,000 years ago?] Yahweh/Jehovah [Hoova] Created prototype race that was the basis for the dark skinned African peoples. Eventually Sirians came to visit them.
Yahweh and Jehovah that are familiar to all who have appreciated the holy writings contained within your Bible and that these entities in their original and untarnished state were what you would call social memory complexes or groups of entities known by one name for the ease of identification by the populations that they chose to serve. These entities moved in service to those of not only this planetary sphere but also others as well, most notably those of the red planet that you call Mars who were in need of finding a new home upon which to continue their evolutionary process, having caused their original planetary sphere of home vibration to become inhospitable to life through bellicose action. Thus, these entities of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Creator set before the Council of Saturn a proposal for transferring and somewhat altering the genetic nature of the entities of the Mars experience that they might continue their progress towards the One on this planetary sphere. However, their efforts were not to go without meeting difficulties.
The enhancing of one group over another for the purpose of aiding that group’s ability to apprehend the nature of infinity and of unity also creates an opening for negatively-oriented entities to communicate with the same Terran population and to give them the idea that perhaps they were special, they were elite, and that they were given this special nature in order that they might govern others and bring others into their influence of power. Thus, the experience of the ones known as Yahweh, the ones known as Jehovah, were difficult in that their efforts were lost to the groups of entities from the Orion constellation that moved also in service, yet moved in service of a negatively oriented nature and were able to make inroads for the first time upon this planetary sphere using the efforts first offered by others within the Confederation of Planets.
There is much that has been attributed to these entities that is not of their making. However, they were the first to offer the efforts that created inroads for a mixed contact, shall we say, and results which also were mixed in aiding the entities they desired to serve. Thus, upon reflection each of these social memory complexes have also sought to find other avenues of service to this planetary population that would balance the imbalances that they felt responsible for these many years ago. -Love and Light Research
500,000 years ago Transition to this planet began. Entities from that planet entered Earth’s 3rd density as apes. 500 seed souls enter Earth’s etheric, as 6 parental races help fine-tune the human physical body/brain/dna.

500,000 years ago Another part of your history that isn't much publicized is your moon. It was brought here by outsiders, not originated on the Earth, about 500,000 years ago. It was reduced down to space dust and lasered to the vicinity of Earth. What it does is help keep it stable, like a helicopter does with its tail rotor.-Message from Robert Dowing channeled through Jerry Brown. February 3, 2009

A Planetary Prince was here at one time, some 500,000 years ago, and ‘progress’ flourished, but some 250,000 years later he gave in to the sophistries of Lucifer, the then System Sovereign, and he went astray with him when a widespread rebellion erupted in the System to which your planet belongs.
500,000 fall of Lemuria to the Jehovan strong hold Atlantis years ago
500,000 ya That's where Shaumbra truly started. That's where we came together, wanting to evolve together into the next phase of humanity, knowing that things were in change and in transition. We worked together. We learned about ourselves. We learned about what family energy really is. We learned about how energy works, vibration. We learned about the potential of humanity and about all of the different scenarios that could possibly be played out over the next half a million years.-Tobias
From all extraterrestrial races, the one that have had more interaction/intervention with earthling humans is the Anunnaki from Nibiru, and their first arrival happened nearly 500.000 years of your count ago. Emmanuel

500,000 years ago there is a frequency fence (filter) in your unseen ... vibrating just beyond your fields of perception ... this filter encompasses your earth .... and filters out harmonic vibrations (UV light) that are necessary and conducive to your spiritual growth and development as was intentionally divine in design ... the filter was placed here by certain benign elements approx 500,000 years ago in your linear past which we do not wish to enter into at this moment .... however consider that your ozone layer is a later by product manifest of this filter. -Blue / Raphiem
500,000 years ago The great pole shift that has been predicted by many happened once about 500,000 years ago, and it is predicted that it is to happen again. We'll start by being very direct. We will say that it is our opinion, based on the place that we see and the place that we are at now, that the pole shift has been circumvented.-Debbie Johnstone

450,000 years ago (Not BC), the Annunaki of Nibiru began landing on Earth
450 000 years ago The Anunnaki first came to Earth about 450 000 years ago through the orbit of Nibiru, one of the twelve Planets that orbit your Sun.-Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
425,000 years ago the Anunnaki crossbred the existing Human DNA on that time on Earth with their own. The first genetic modifications were made in laboratories based on Mars, later the new hybrid DNA was implanted in the Homo Erectus DNA, starting the transformation process of the earthling Human race. - Emmanuel
402,000 YA The Anunnaki, also called Nibiruans or Nefilim, are fourth dimensional Beings. They first came down to your Planet in about 400 000 B.C, to mine for gold. -Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

400,000 Sanat Kumara ended up radiating his Light and Love to balance Humanity's gift of Life for over 400,000 years.
309,000 Lizard beings genetically altering the human race after battle for their own feeding purposes
300,000 years ago the Anunnaki came and they helped with some genetic mutations to form our present civilization in Africa. -Bashar
300,000 years ago About three hundred thousand years ago, or so in your terms of counting the final Anunnaki excursion was the one in particular that was cut off and all of the mythologies [about fallen angels] basically stem from that particular excursion. (These were "offshoot Lyrans".) -Cassiopeans
300,000 years ago In very general terms, a cosmic plan for the evolution of humans and Gaia, the Earth Mother, has been in place for millions of years and we are now reaching the end of the current phase of this process which began about 300,000 years ago.
297,000 years ago - measured by your standards - there began a great struggle between the empire and worlds not wishing to continue their affiliation. The result was similar to movies you've seen such as Star Wars. A conflict between worlds started. This conflict lasted a long time. -Pleiadians @
270,000 Daitya, a fairly large island in the Indian Ocean, though smaller than Ruta, would have sunk about 270,000 years ago. The Andazi teach Jehovah [Hoova] how to create human beings. These beings were really very benevolent; they were gentle and heart-centered and mystical intheir nature and abilities. He supervised the creation of the people in Mongolia and the Eskimo people and the dark-skinned people of Africa. Eventually the the Sirians came to visit them. They talked at length with the mystical people and trained them somewhat.
250,000 YA Time of Lucifer rebellion, in which physical tools are introduced to the mystical people of the time. This introduced separation as well. The idea of digging or even building anything that would require cutting and burning and destroying other life forms had been out of the question.
202,000 YA Lucifer experiment, undertaken in about 200,000 B.C, that created the full duality of good and evil on this Earth plane, with the assistance of the Anunnaki. -Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
200,000 years ago- Very dark energy extraterrestrial forces, who were also genetic engineers, desired to keep the development of humankind firmly under their control. They achieved this through the use of genetic manipulation to produce fear and domination. This event occurred in Atlantis, over 200,000 years ago, when the human DNA molecule was breached. When these dark forces unraveled and reprogrammed our DNA, they were able to shut down and isolate many of its strands and human DNA was reduced to only a double helix.
200,000 years ago: This cycle is when humankind first started walking in form in their most advanced stage of evolution. You may have read that the Anunnaki came and brought forth the template of the physical and cooperated with the world of spirit as they experienced life in the Sirian Council and implanted a doorway in a version of the human frame. This is the ending of that cycle as the physical form is now readying itself to advance through another doorway again whereby there will be a great advancement in physical form and in spiritual ability. (2012) - Readings from the Akashic Records from a Band of Angels through Carolyn
175,000 years ago Bashar travels back in time and physically appeared to the negative service to self Orion entity consciousness. Acceleration of Contact with ET Civilizations Bashar through Daryll Anka
147,000 YA Meldek was eventually thrown out of orbit, in 145 000 B.C., colliding with Nibiru, the Planet of the Anunnaki, and exploded.
over 100,000 years ago This was a time when a great number of people on the planet lost their connection with their divine source. That era became the 2nd phase of what you call "the fall" in consciousness, when humanity entered further into density and duality. Dragons became feared and hunted, many of these 5th dimensional beings left the planet durnig this time. - Telos vol. 2

In 104 000 B.C., through the collective signature of One Unity Consciousness from the Cosmic Heart and Divine Flame of Eternal Light of Mother/Father God, a call was put out across all dimensions and Galaxies requesting 144 000 Light Beings to physically embody onto Earth, and to anchor these frequencies of the Law of Oneness through the three-fold flame and heart center of every atom and molecule on this Earth plane, within the Cosmic Law of Free Will. These 144 000 Beings of Light, and Melchizedek Ambassadors of Light, stepped down their vibration to take on earthly form. You originally precipitated earthly forms in Lemuria and Atlantis, bringing through the ancient Mystery School teachings from the Brotherhood of the Light, Overlighted by Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos. -Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

100,000 One hundred thousand years ago was the beginning of what you would call the enlightened Human Being. That's all - just 100,000 years. Oh, there was humanoid development long before that, but the Human Being had no spiritual equipment, you might say, within the DNA. It was just biology. 

....With sacred design, this planet was visited in a quantum way by enlightened creatures who were not angels. It's hard to describe how such a thing would be, but it was. ... They came to this planet to plant the seeds of sacredness within your DNA. They came with permission, by design, and within the agreement of all the angelic beings in the Universe. It wasn't an accident, and it wasn't part of a conquering plan. It was their loving job.

I speak of the Pleiadians, and much has been said about them. For when you speak of these things, where one kind of creature comes and touches a whole planet, there would be those who would say, "Well, that has to be inappropriate, that has to be evil, that has to be wrong." It wasn't. There's been much misinformation about the Pleiadians. Let me tell you if you could see them right now, they look much like you! And some day should you get to a place where it is appropriate, they will meet you. They'll call you brother, sister, and if you took a sample of their cellular structure, it would look much like yours. For they have the seeds of enlightenment of the Human race, and they have wisdom and love for the earth, for you are their seeds.

What they gave this planet is difficult to describe to you in a three-dimensional discourse. For using the gifts of being in a quantum state with everything, they gave humanity on the planet two extra layers of DNA. And it happened all at once to only one of the 20 kinds of humans, the kind you have now. Only one kind was ready to receive this gift.

Ask your anthropologists about this. Oh, don't ask them about the Pleiadians! Instead, ask them what happened about 100,000 years ago to Human Beings. They will tell you that against the natural odds of it happening, only one kind of Human Being emerged on the planet. What about the other 19? They slowly died away, unable to compete with the ones with the new DNA. This is counterintuitive to nature, and should raise the eyebrows of those who look at natural selection. So it is something to take note of, and provides proof of what I am telling you.

This becomes the story of creation in much mythology on the planet. Since it happened so quickly and so recently in Earth's history, it carries with it the feeling that it was done all at once, with nothing having evolved to let it take place. Hence, the thought by many that evolution didn't happen at all, and that God created Humans instantly. You see? There is a seed of truth to all things, but they are often placed into a 3D box to make it easier to explain. A beautiful garden, temptation representing good and evil - this is, indeed, close to the metaphysical view of what happened when the one group of humans received their two new awareness DNA layers. For suddenly they began to act out the process of duality, the awareness of light and dark.

The extra layers were a set up for the test of Earth, which would become the only planet of free choice of its time. One layer would include the Akashic Record, the record of all the angelic souls who would come and go within the Human body. Humanity began to become spiritual - not all at once, but very, very slowly over another 50,000 years. - Kryon: THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY" This live channelling was given Sept 2007

About 100.000 years ago Atlantis was a civilization that lies much further back in time than the familiar historical era's. Atlantis gradually came into being about 100.000 years ago and it ended about 10.000 years ago. The first beginnings even predate 100.000 years. Atlantis gradually evolved when extraterrestrial races started to 'invade' Earth by actually incarnating in human bodies. These souls in general had a high level of mental development. At that time, societies and communities on Earth were largely made up of Earth souls, and they were 'primitive' societies' as you call them.

There were, even before Atlantis, many extraterrestrial influences on Earth, from galactic realms that sent thought forms to Earth in
different ways. Thought forms are energies that connect themselves to humans at the ethereal or auric level, and thus influence the thoughts and emotions of people. This happens continuously as you absorb ideas and beliefs from your upbringing and society. These surround you as an infectious web. But it can also happen from the 'astral levels'
surrounding you. The thought forms projected unto you by the galactic warriors were in general controlling and manipulative, but there have always been influences of light and gentleness as well.

It is the human himself who decides what he allows in and what not. At a certain moment, the galactic parties wished to have a more profound influence on Earth and there was an opportunity for them to actually inhabit human bodies, in short to incarnate on Earth. Spirit or Life opened up this possibility for them because it fit into their inner path of development. You were one of these parties. In your spiritual literature, folks that stem from these galactic realms are often referred to as 'star people' or 'starseeds'.

Atlantis was the result of a coming together, a mixture of the native Earth societies and the influx of souls that came 'from the outside'. You, the wave of the lightworker souls, incarnated on Earth because you wished to bring about change and progress and because you wanted to grow yourselves, from an ego-based consciousness to a heart-based consciousness. -© Pamela Kribbe 2006

100,000 years ago The Pleiadians, a group from the Seven Sisters star system, were needed to alter your DNA, which was done fairly recently. You were at that point where you were beginning to develop many kinds of Humans, just as most of the mammals of Earth have done. The first thing they did was to stop the development of all the branches of Humans but one. the kind you have now. The second thing they did was to alter the genetic code of the Humans who would be the core race. This alteration would create a genetic "imprint of God" in each of you, since they carried that too. -Kryon
100,000 Mintaka became the central point in Orion's enlightened government following the resolution of the Rigel-Betelguese wars about 100,000 years agoThe original separation of humanity from Earth goes back to the original seeding.
100,000 years ago. Twenty kinds of Human Beings were in development. There were several places where they were being developed faster than others and your anthropologists know of those. It didn't start in one place on the planet. They were in places that you would call Western Europe, or the Middle East and another unusual place - the middle of the Pacific Ocean! I'll explain in a moment. Evolution was slowly creating many kinds of Human Beings, just like nature does with everything. Then the planet was touched by design - sacred design.
With sacred design, this planet was visited in a quantum way by enlightened creatures who were not angels. It's hard to describe how such a thing would be, but it was. Listen, there is life abundant in this Universe, and some of it is in lessons like you and some of it is not. There are biological creatures living on planets like yours, with atmospheres like yours, but where there is no war. They live in a quantum state, where there is agreement of what they're there for. They represent societies twice as old as Earth. Humanity and such an enlightened group existed back then and it still does to this day. It is located light years away from you, yet you were visited by them easily. They came to this planet to plant the seeds of sacredness within your DNA. They came with permission, by design, and within the agreement of all the angelic beings in the Universe.-Kryon
The very beginning of your cycle of third density upon planet Earth was nearly 76,000 of your years ago, by your counting. The Martian population incarnated in what you would call the Middle East and parts of Africa first. Gradually, they become the populations that you now know as the Moslems, the Jewish people, the Palestinians, and others of Middle Eastern heritage. As the population settled in and began their cycles of reincarnation to gain experience and learn the lessons of love, they spread out, becoming the populations that you now know as the Russian and Eastern Orthodox churches - the Christian church and the Christian Protestant church as opposed to the Christian Roman Catholic church. All of these populations are heavily "larded" with those originally from planet Mars.
76,000 “The first and the largest of these populations was that of Mars. The entities of Mars had made some decisions in the practice of governments upon their planet which resulted in the nature of the surface of their planet changing from a planet which was relatively hospitable to third-density physical vehicles to a planet which was not at all hospitable to third-density vehicles. They were not able to finish the cycle of the Density of Choice in third density upon Mars.
76,000 of your years ago The Guardians of this planet went before the Council of Saturn and asked for permission to move that population to Earth. The second-density vehicles available for physical use upon planet Earth at that time were late second-density great-ape bodies, which the guardians felt might be improved upon by articulating facial features a bit more carefully, by altering the set of the body so it would be able to stand upright, and by improving the dexterity of the physical vehicle, especially in the hands. And by creating a larger capacity within the mind that came with that biological species. In essence they created a new and improved great-ape body which looked a good deal like the one you are now enjoying What they did not anticipate was that the people themselves would feel that they were special. They were aware that their intellect [was more powerful] than other great-ape species that inhabited the Earth at that time. They felt privileged and special. And they created within themselves an attitude of “better than.” The energy of the beings from the Red Planet was naturally somewhat aggressive and fiery. They had demonstrated this aggression, this ability to wage war on their home planet and had succeeded in destroying the surface of it as an acceptable environment for third-density life. They carried these biases with them into third density upon this planet.

The very beginning of your cycle of third density upon planet Earth was nearly 76,000 of your years ago, by your counting. The [Martian population] incarnated in what you would call the Middle East and parts of Africa first, their thickest area of population in that area of the planet. Gradually they become the populations that you now know of as the Moslems, the Jewish people, the Palestinians, and others of Middle Eastern heritage. Their goal: to express in the mind/body complex those characteristics which would lead to further and more speedy development of the spiritual complex.- Q'uo

76,000 years ago Carla: The problem was, you see, that one of the Guardians of Earth, a group called Yahweh, had this bright idea, 76,000 years ago. They had all these people coming in from Mars, which had totaled itself in some extinction of which we've never been given the details. There were millions and millions of these Martian souls that needed bodies. And they took a look at the great ape on this planet which was evolving naturally. It was gradually beginning to stand upright and losing some of its hair. But not fast enough to suit Yahweh. So, they decided - they being a group entity, just like others in the Confederation— with the best of intentions, so I understand it, that they were going to create enhanced bodies. So by changing the genome and then a cloning process, they created hairless apes—which are us. We are 95% great ape. If you look at the DNA it's indistinguishable from the great apes. But that other 5% was that with which they diddled. They made physical changes in the size of the brain and its ability to hold information. They changed the shape of the face so we could speak words. They changed the way a person stood so that a completely upright posture was possible. And just in general, they made a smarter better great ape. They thought this was a great idea because that type of body and mind would be able to understand better, and be a better student of third density. The new great ape would be able to make that choice of polarity more quickly, and just in general be ahead of the game in terms of the ability to grasp, understand and use information, to progress and to evolve.
The Yahweh group worked with those of the planet you call Mars 75,000 years ago in what you would call the cloning process. There are differences, but they lie in the future of your time/space continuum and we cannot break the free will Law of Confusion. ones of Yahweh were attempting to create an understanding of the Law of One by creating mind/body complexes capable of grasping the Law of One. The experiment was a decided failure from the view of the desired distortions due to the fact that rather than assimilating the Law of One, it was a great temptation to consider the so-called social complex or subcomplex elite or different and better than other-selves, this one of the techniques of service to self.
75,000 years ago. Your planet was not 3rd density in its environment until this time. (2nd density in this case means the higher plant life and animal life which exists without the upward drive towards the infinite.) -Ra
75,000 YA Yahweh/Jehovah [Hoova] group initiate genetic changes to humans. The first attempt to aid your peoples was at the time 75,000. This attempt 75,000 of your years ago has been previously described by us. [Ra helped martians incarnate onEarth]. second-density to third-density transition takes place
75,000 years ago, major upheavals 75,000 of your years ago Q: Was the destruction of Lemuria, 7 connected with the altering of the earth axis and what we call the ice age?
B: It was not then the entire idea of what you term to be destruction in the 75,000 year time frame, but also extended to the 50,000 year time frame, of your years ago. This, then was the origin upon North America of that civilization you call the Hopi. -Bashar: Earth History

75,000 years ago when those of Mars came into the Earth’s sphere. -Q'uo
since 74,000 years ago- To do all of this reptoids have been interfering with events for what you would measure on your calendar as approximately 74 thousand years.

67,000 YA The Martians, who had managed to leave Mars prior to the explosion just under a million years ago, found their way to one of the ten cities in Atlantis, about 67 000 years ago. -Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
67,000 YA We have previously explained how a small group of Martians, a million years ago in their time, entered a portal of Light in Atlantis in 65 000BC, leaving behind their world, which they had atmospherically destroyed. -Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
61,000 YA To add to this negative polar balance, in 59 000 B.C, dark beings from Orion, under Lucifer’s leadership, created a dark portal onto your Earth plane, and assisted by the subconscious thought forms of the Martians, the new Earth Souls and laggard Souls, distorted the magnetic grid around the Earth plane, which enabled them to astrally influence those humans who were most spiritually weak. These negative thought forms, and holographic projections were to slowly distort the Patterns of Perfection on this Earth plane. This would eventually lead to a permanent portal of darkness through which projected negative thought forms and feelings of the cosmic karmic patterns and the earthly ego allurements would be played out over many thousands of years. Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
60,000 YA Easter Island heads constructed aided by the Orion group.
A group of entities from a star system in the constellation Draco came here about 50,000 years ago and enslaved most of the humans until a cataclysm occurred and forced them underground. They remained there till this juncture in time. You call them "reptilians". They have been at war against the Elders, the ones who created you, for thousands of years. What you call planet X is really the Elders returning. I am prohibited in saying more about this but the discerning heart knows. -TimeTraveler
52 000 YA Then, by the Grace of God, in about 50 000 B.C, Mother/Father God expanded in a Cosmic in-breath of forgiveness and Love. Each atom and molecule through all dimensions was bathed in the Divine Unfolding Light of Mother/Father God, and this Solar System, like all dimensions, Star Systems, Galaxies and Universes in your Multi-Universe, was embraced in the Violet Transmuting Flame of Forgiveness.-Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
50,000 years agoGreat Pyramid has existed in there since 50,000 years ago
50,000 years ago Lemurians put themselves in an interdimensional state because the retreat of the ice age that they were in allowed the water to cover their lands. The reason they did it was so they could put themselves in a time capsule of vibratory change. If this earth ever made it past the challenge of the Armageddon (which it did) and moved into the promise of 2012 (which you are doing), that time capsule would open up and spill its wisdom upon this planet -Kyron "Esoterics to the Max"
50,000-60,000YA time frame on the Markawasi Plateau
The next attempt to aid your peoples was approximately 58,000 of your years ago, continuing for a long period in your measurement, with those of Mu as you call this race or mind/body/spirit social complex. (ra) We laid this plan before the Council of Saturn, offering ourselves as service-oriented Wanderers of the type which land directly upon the inner planes without incarnative processes. Thus we emerged, or materialized, in physical-chemical complexes representing as closely as possible our natures, this effort being to appear as brothers and spend a limited amount of time as teachers of the Law of One, for there was an ever-stronger interest in the sun body, and this vibrates in concordance with our particular distortions. - Ra Law of One series
53,000 YA Mu civilization. Somewhat primitive, but very advanced spiritually. It was an helpful and harmless place which was washed beneath the ocean during a readjustment of your sphere’s tectonic plates through no action of their own. They sent out those who survived and reached many places in what you call Russia, North America, and South America. The Indians of whom you come to feel some sympathy in your social complex distortions are the descendants of these entities. Like the other incarnates of this cycle, they came from elsewhere. However, these particular entities were largely from a second-density planet which had some difficulty, due to the age of its sun, in achieving third-density life conditions. This planet was from the galaxy Deneb. Orientals are descendants.
Americas, the continent which you call Africa, the island which you call Australia, and that which you know as India, as well as various scattered peoples— of these, none became what you would name great as the greatness of Lemuria or Atlantis is known to you due to the formation of strong social complexes and in the case of Atlantis, very great technological understandings.
50,000 years ago, in the very beginning stages of Lemuria, there were some very yin and yang processes going on.
Lemuria, in that way, was more the idea of approximately, in that way, allow me to say, 50,000 of your years ago. -Bashar
50,000 years ago. Hard to believe, but lurking in your DNA, those trillions of pieces of spiritual and biological energy in your body are many energies thatare quantum. They're interdimensional attributes of biology given to you by the Pleiadians. What if I told you that this planet of free choice is just one in a series? They happen one at a time, and they're very linear. But the last one that happened was in the Seven Sisters (star cluster of the Pleiades). The last one seeded this one so you so that you would have a piece of God inside.
It created a "spiritual Human," different from any other on the planet at that time. The time frame was more than 50,000 years ago, when there were at least 17 kinds of Humans evolving simultaneously. The Pleiadian visit stopped it all, and only one kind of Human survived...something counterintuitive to the evolutionary process of all other animals on the planet. It was on purpose, blessed, and appropriate.You are one of the only species on the entire planet that has only one kind.
So the core of Lemurian beginnings was about 50,000 years ago. - Kyron
50,000 YA That's where Shaumbra truly started. That's where we came together, wanting to evolve together into the next phase of humanity, knowing that things were in change and in transition. We worked together. We learned about ourselves. We learned about what family energy really is. We learned about how energy works, vibration. We learned about the potential of humanity and about all of the different scenarios that could possibly be played out over the next half a million years. - Tobias Crimson Circle
50,000 Lemuria, in that way, was more the idea of approximately, in that way, allow me to say, 50,000 of your years ago (Bashar)
50,000 B.C ongoing struggle between two groups of humans: those called the Children or Sons of The Law of One and the Sons of Belial. Cayce tells that a series of cataclysms occurred from roughly 50,000 B.C. to 10,000 B.C. necessitating that the people of Mu (LeMUria) and Atlantis migrate elsewhere. Both the Sons of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial were forced to migrate thus continuing their conflict.
50,000 years ago, some of you were Lemurian, some Sumerian, some later become Egyptian. You choose some of the highest-tech societies that been known on this earth, not defined by machines but by consciousness.
48,000 years ago Within your location of a country you now view to be Brazil, there is a location with the name of Pedra Furada. Here is an archaeological site. You may investigate information of this site, for you will find that there is much controversy surrounding this area; for your scientists now are expressing their belief that human individuals existed within this area in a time period which you would view to be forty-eight thousand years ago. Within your known elements of time, of these continents of your Americas, you will find that your scientists believe that you, as humans, did not exist upon these continents before twenty thousand years ago. In between these years, in your time element, they find no existence of man; therefore there is quite a gap.
46,000 call for help from Maldek (?Destroyed?) “The first calling was approx. 46,000 of your years ago. This calling was of those of Maldek” - RA
The Great One (Great Pyramid) has existed for 45,000 years your time and 49,550 years my time. -Thoth through Elisabeth
The 4th Seeding to be Exact, 43 thousand years ago in a place you all know as Lemuria. This Seeding took place just after that of the Reptilian Seeding that has caused much distortion.
40,000 years ago (until 20,000ya). Here is a great civilization on the planet, and it has existed in an elemental form already for more than 5,000 years. It was the grandest society the planet had ever seen - not huge in numbers, but in consciousness. It was not something that you would be emulating later, for it was part of the set-up of humanity. It was the Lemurian civilization. I've never identified how long they lasted, so I will now. What would you think of one society that lasted more than 20,000 years? They lived in peace. It would dwarf, would it not, anything that has ever happened in recorded society on the earth? Nothing you know of comes close to that.
40,000 years ago Planet Earth was rotating at 28 degrees on its axis. That was the tilt of the earth, and it's not the one you have today. In addition, geologically, the planet was much different 40,000 years ago. You were at the end of the greatest ice age you had ever experienced....At that time, one-third of all of the water on the planet was ice. ... It was a much colder planet back then. Some of you are aware of what one-half of one degree in temperature change will do to life on Earth. If you had the average temperature of this planet dip by one-half a degree on an average, it would be significant. So let me tell you what it was then so you can imagine the changes. The average temperature of the atmosphere was eight degrees lower than it is now - very significant for the weather and very significant for the amount of water that was on the planet.

The average water level of the oceans of the planet was 133 meters lower than it is now - that's 400 feet lower. Can you imagine from the air what your continents would look like if the oceans were 400 feet lower than they are now? Mountain ranges would be exposed that are currently now underwater. It would be much different, would it not? The Lemurians lived successfully for more than 20,000 years around the base of the island you call Hawaii. This was, and remains, the highest mountain on the planet, measured from its base. -Kryon The History of Humanity" channelling was given Sept 2007 

38,000 years ago Certain Orion Masters and the savants of the Atla Ra, directed by Thoth first visualized the Great Giza Pyramid . Yet that is also a fleeting number, and hard for the channel to receive or grasp, because they have since dematerialized and manifested again. It occurred again some 12,500 years ago, you see?
37,000 YA – 1st Altean wars (Alt, Atl, Altea = Atlantis)
35000 ya - ON Lemuria: It took 10,000 years to call themselves united (40,000ya), and another 5,000 to begin to come together as a society with a common control center. The Lemurians had a full-fledged, mature civilization from 35,000 years ago to about 15,000 years ago. Remember that things lasted a very long time and were very slow in the early days of developing humanity. What takes you a year to do today may have taken hundreds back then. Language was an issue, communications was new, travel was very slow, and sovereignties had never even been tried. Whereas you might have two meetings a day, they would have two a year, often not even that. Their sense of time was far different in that they had a quantum consciousness, almost a timeless state of being.KryonThe History of Humanity" channelling was given Sept 2007
34,000 Akee –ah gathered clans together to discuss a planet-wide amnesty. The 3 extra-terrestrial cultures met: one which came in love, one which came to observe, and one that came to control. The one that observed recorded the event. There was a massacre as the one that came to control controlled the minds of those at the gathering.
..later a different fraction of the Draconian Alliance came back to set-up the Lemurian collective in cooperation with other two races from the Alpha Canis and Taurus constellations. The Lemurian collective lived on your planet for approximately 40.000 years of your count, until it was destroyed in war. However, not all individuals were killed and many of them moved to other parts of your planet, where they still live.
By 32, 000 BC (34,000 YA) the seed had evolved into a human being. Then at that time those of other civilizations came to this planet with a being we could call the Hawk to interbreed the seeded peoples with beings from other civilizations. It was an experiment: to see in which manner the original Africans would evolve in comparison with those that colonized. Those that colonized, after a period of time, because they came from other civilizations that had more intelligent technology, began to feel that they were superior to the African race. They contrived to dominate the blacks. What was planned for the planet Earth did not come to pass. It was discovered that of all the planets in this Universe, it is the only planet that has such beauty, such diversity of changes and that those that existed upon Earth had great physicalness and sexuality that the colonists began to live in desire for physicalness, and began repeatedly reincarnating on Planet Earth - The Only Planet of Choice p126-7
32,400 When you speak of other races, the red, the yellow, and the white, they were descended from colorizations from other civilizations many thousands of years ago. This is not the same as the colonization from the higher civilizations of 32,400 BC. The originals were the blacks.
31,000 Alt or Altean civilization begins to form. Now called Atlantis civilization. It grew slowly was mainly agrarian until the 2nd Altean wars.

When visitors came here approximately 30,000 years ago and extracted all the gold they could for their own personal need, they created a system of human beings that, at that time, would pretty much follow anything that was set before them and by using a process that they devised called fear, they were able to control most of the world and get them to extract the gold for their purpose.-Message from Robert Dowing channeled through Jerry Brown. February 3, 2009
27,300 About 2,000 years before the end of Atlantis, the Atlanteans developed radionics devices using quartz crystals. They were able to generate all the energy they needed for virtually every part of their civilization. This energy was powerful enough to tempt the unsavory aspects of the society. Several Atlantean scientists made deals with Orion groups orbiting the Earth, trading technology in an attempt to gain superiority. This is similar to what is occurring today between certain Earth factions and the Zeta Reticulins.
26,000 cycle that is ending now (2012 AD ) starts.
Then in the second 25,000 year major cycle was there any great civilization that developed? Ra: I am Ra. In the sense of greatness of technology there were no great societies during this cycle. There was some advancement among those of Deneb who had chosen to incarnate as a body in what you would call China.

The Ark of the Covenant was given to us by the Pleiadians in the Altean (Atlantian) age.

It was given as a key to unravel certain concepts of materialization dealing with teleportation of a mechanical nature. It was designed to reawaken the awareness that there is the technical capability and desire to harness energy at a scale far beyond what is presently perceived by humanity. It will be used to explain certain religious concepts, certain awarenesses within humanity of the Pleiadians, of the Atlantians. 


Location of the Ark today 

The ark remains on earth, buried within the Persian Gulf. Within the Persian gulf itself you will find a series of stones, similar to a roadway to a temple. The ark lies within. As of 8/21/06: 

Probability of it being found within the next 30-50 years approximately 22.8 % ; in the next 200-300 years approximately 38.4%; in the next 700 years approximately 74.2%. If found, is likely that it will be used as a religious symbol, and be manipulated and controlled. Eventually it will destroy itself.

[You are in a] ..completion of not just a cycle that started over 25,000 years ago. It is one that has been of immense time, from when you first descended from the higher dimensions into the more material state of being.
25,000 years ago So here we come to the time of the underground, which I’ve not talked about much in the past. We’re just starting to open to some of that information. It was also the time to begin to understand the concept Goddess, what you would now call a higher being, a spiritual quality. It was a very crude interpretation of the God energy, but it came into human consciousness now – the greater Self, the greater being. These ones – you – living underground, this existed for a long, long time. There wasn’t what you would call a lot of development of the body or the mind, but it was survival and it was contemplation, until about 25,000 years ago. 

25,000 that the downfall of the second Atlantis occurred in about 23,200 B.C., and was due to the misuse of crystalline energy generation systems. We will give a brief accounting of how this transpired.
25.000 13th Gate. Not much is known about this Gate at this time, since it has been sealed for more then 25,000 years.
25,000 YA - As a result of wars, great devastation took place on Lemuria and on Atlantis. They were battling over ideologies. The Atlantians sought to control the less evolved cultures, while the Lemurians fought for their right to evolve at their own pace, according to their own understanding and pathways. 

25,000 YA in what you term to be Atlantis, or in their dialect Atalundi, you will have found that the idea of separation of the self from the 'creatorhood' began in earnest, though it had appeared upon your planet before that. -Bashar seeAnnunakai
In Atlantean times, 25,000 years ago, when Earth became a quarantine planet under the occupation of Dark Forces, one part of Forces of Light withdrew under the surface and built there a civilization of many Cities of Light interconnected with vast system of tunnels. In those Atlantean cities the beings were pursuing their spiritual path under the vigilant guidance of the King of the World, Lord Sanat Kumara. This Kingdom of Light is known by the name of Agartha, [Telos] or Shamballa and must not be confused with the Shamballa which exists on the etheric plane since Lemuria and which served as a spiritual beacon for the underground civilization. -The Underground Kingdoms
25,000 years ago (YA) Now, many have experienced the inner dimensional, etheric city located within Mount Shasta that is referred to as Telos. Dear Ones, we tell you it is indeed real. It is inhabited by an advanced cycle of those you term LeMurians, the blue skinned, ones who have obtained full consciousness. Some of your explorers and writers have experienced this inner world and referred to it as Agartha. These beings originally escaped into the inner hollow chasms of your planet some 25,000 years ago, in your measurement. Metatron
25,000 YA You will find, now, there was the choice within the mass consciousness of that era to determine for themselves that they were, in this way, not needing the integration of the self to the All That Is, but that they could exercise their power directly in such a manner as to separate themselves from the totality of All That Is, so that they could recognize themselves in a more, I'll say, personalized way as being the creator. This stemmed from the projection of spirit into material form. As it continued, as spirit continued to project into material form, in and of itself, was the definition of separation, limitation to a certain degree. Thus, the more spirit experienced the idea of material form or physical reality, slowly, in a sense, but as you say surely, became used to the energy patterns. They began to sense ideas, feelings, emotionality, thoughts, beliefs that they had heretofore not encountered within non-physicality. They began to create the idea of fascination with the limitation, and in so doing, allowed themselves to become enmeshed, locked in, so that they could experience all that there was to experience in that mode as well as every other mode that had been experienced within All That Is of non-physicality. Thus, they became use to, or as you say, created the habit of expressing themselves in material ways, again, through emotionality, and thought, and belief, rather than knowingness (dei un gnost). - Bashar

In fact you are within the place and space within your minds that you left give or take some 23,000 years ago. Beloved ones, we welcome you back within the timeline of Atlantis.
The current unfolding energy is a very similar energy that was present some 25,000 years ago, some know this and some don’t. There are many similarities between now and then 21 July 2007-Ascended Master Kuthumi -Channelled through Lingenfelder
RA visited your peoples 18,000 of your years ago, but did not land. 

That segment which you call the Michael line became imbued with divine ight, and drawn into power points and cosmic alignment points some 18,000 years ago.-Metatron
16,000 ya A feminine race trains Egyptian Priests and Priestesses - Shining the light vol. III Shapiro
15,000 Fifteen thousand years ago, the ice started melting, and the Lemurians knew it. It was slow, and they did their best to hold it back. By this time the Lemurians had become a sea-faring society, and most were in boats. They knew what was going to happen eventually, and they became very interested in ships. And this is when the Lemurian nation began to split up. It happened faster than they thought, because they didn't understand the significance of the new weight distribution of the water, and what it would do to the earth's crust movement [lots of earthquakes].

Their volcanic basin began to quiver and move faster, letting the water in. From 15,000 years ago to 10,000 years ago, the water balance of the earth changed and poured into the valleys of Lemuria. - Kryon The History of Humanity" This live channelling was given Sept 2007

15,000 Alteans sustain high technological understanding.
13,200 years ago when Toth, Ra and Araragat began the synthetic reconstruction of the grid in the Giza plateau. Its birth lasted about one month with the assistance of Polynesian elders. The Christ-consciousness grid, a living energy field around the earth, has been fully formed and birthed, it is now alive and conscious as of Jan 2008; and this changes everything. Mother Earth has made a conscious decision to move into the higher overtones of the fourth dimension. "Human God and the Universe" Margo Kirtikar
13,000 The next attempt to aid your peoples was long in coming and occurred approximately 13,000 of your years ago when some intelligent information was offered to those of Atlantis, this being of the same type of healing and crystal working of which we have spoken previously. We went before the Council again, offering this plan to the Council as an aid to the healing and the longevity of those in the area you know of as Egypt. In this way we hoped to facilitate the learning process as well as offer philosophy articulating the Law of One. Again the Council approved -Ra
13,000 YA The Martians, who were intent on controlling your Earth and her people, created a synthetic Merkaba in about 11 000 B.C, like they had done a million years before on their own Planet. However, they were unable to remember the technology, and this experiment failed, nearly destroying you and your Planet. And the outcome of these tragic events were as follows: this synthetic Merkaba spiraled completely out of control, ripping open the lower dimensions on Mother Earth, the dimensions upon which millions of the laggard Souls had been stuck in limbo since the Fall of Lemuria. Many of these laggard Souls were able to enter the bodies of Humanity, and you sweet Ambassador of Light, and almost every sentient Being on this Planet, entered into an era of darkness. - Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
13,000 years ago: The Annunaki During the last civilization of Atlantis, before the great downfall, approximately 13,000 years ago, you had the Annunaki, who were stationed, as it were, in the solar system on the planet Mars. They were harvesting materials from Mars. They ruled a great deal of the property / planet in the Sirian and Orion galaxies [meaning solar systems here]. And they’re from Nibiru, all right? And the planet does pass through this galaxy [solar system] as it was knocked out of its orbit by a comet, all right? So, it is not actually a part of your solar system. It is aligned with the Sirian solar system. 

They are scavengers. And they play their role in the play of duality. They have forgotten how to tap into their emotional bodies. They were more concerned with experiencing the depths of physicality, the pleasures of the flesh, about being grounded, exploring sexuality and what it was to be a very physical being. They were not interested in the spiritual aspects of it. So as time progressed, they lost touch with that emotional side. And in the process, they have lost touch with their connection to other beings, to their responsibility and the repercussions of their actions. They have lost their consciousness, as it were, their sense of conscience. 

The Annunaki during the end of the Atlantian life-times, did interact with the Atlantians. 

Within the structure of Atlantis you had those who were purist, who believed that nature should not be tampered with in any way, shape, or form; you had the opposite extreme, the polarity that nature could be altered and it did not matter what action that they took. And then you had those who were the middle of the road who thought “well, if we can do this for the betterment of our species, then, we can work with nature and we need to be mindful of what we’re doing to the Earth”. So you had all three levels. 

The Annunaki saw the opportunity… to kind of push it over the edge, push Atlantis over the edge: to support those who were going to bring about the downfall; for complete lack of respect for the Earth. And they played a small part in that because they saw the potential to be the ruling species, as it were, on this planet, because they had pretty much destroyed what was left of Mars.

…They took advantage of the downfall of Atlantis. With Lemuria/Atlantis gone there was no one to really question what they were doing, you know, how they were utilizing Earth’s resources. And they also saw the opportunity to re-write history. They utilized the current genetic structure of humans and to manipulate it to their benefit. So the DNA was deconstructed. So you were left with two strands of DNA to keep you from remembering that you were whole and connected to other realms and dimensions because you had the ability in other times to communicate with the other realms. That was very common in Atlantis and in Lemuria. And many Lemurians went back to Lyra, which was their home world. So: The Annunaki have rewritten history and they continue to use human being to do their work. -9th dimensional Pleiadian Collective, "the P's" - channeled via Wendy Kennedy 2006 audio free mp3

12, 500 Certain Orion Masters and the savants of the Atla Ra, directed by Thoth first visualized the Great Giza Pyramid .
12,460 Sphinx built - Cayce

Sphinx built approximately 10,400 BC- Bashar
12,244 years ago the Great Pyramid was built. A number of Atlanteans had migrated to Egypt and Atlantean crystal technology was used to levitate the stones. Pleiadian technology was used to cut the stones precisely using a laser-like technology. The Wonders
12,662 Great Flood. 13,000 years ago and then 5,000 years ago, there were devastating meteor strikes. Much dust was thrown into the atmosphere up into what you call the stratosphere and the result mainly was rain. Science can see it in the strata, and it has even been associated with the mythology of a great worldwide flood and an ark.

10, 491 BC the destruction of that land mass than approximately 12,500 of your years ago
12,000 Zohar guided and assisted in the establishment of the city of Telos 12,000 years ago, when the Lemurians first moved there. He assisted and counseled them the 5,000 years prior to that, when they first began to prepare the city to be habitable, once they knew that their continent was destined to be destroyed.
Ten thousand years ago, give or take a few thousand years, a huge meteorite landed on the Earth with a great cataclysmic shock and shock wave; so much so that it would be on your Richter scale now, as you measure the earthquakes, it would be a 12 or more. The shock wave was felt throughout all of the planet, and the succeeding shock waves tossed the waters into the air and land masses underwent earthquakes and changes, one upon another, until there was a complete devastation of what had been.
12,000 Lemuria vanishes beneath the waves.
11,228 – Fist settlement in Megiddo.
11,000 Wars in Altea which resulted in the sinking of Atlantis, “the great flood”. The first of the, what you call, wars, caused approximately forty percent of this population to leave the density by means of disintegration of the body. About 11,000 years ago 40% of them died in the first war.
11,000 YA Ra contacts Egypt, South America: “The next attempt to aid your peoples was 11,000 of your years ago.” We are those of the Confederation who, eleven thousand years ago, came to two of your planetary cultures which at that time were closely in touch with the Creation of the One Creator, It was our naive belief that we could teach by direct contact. These cultures were already closely aligned with an all-embracing belief in the live-ness or consciousness of all. We came and were welcomed by the peoples we wished to serve. We attempted to aid them in technical ways having to do with healing of mind/body/spirit complex through the use of the crystal. Thus were the pyramids created. However, it turned out that those in power reserved this technology for themselves. This was not intended by the law of the One. We left your peoples.- RA


RA: am part of the social memory complex that voyaged outward from a planet in yoursolar system, the one you call Venus. We are a race old in your measures. When we were at the 6th dimension our physical beings were what you call golden. We were tall and somewhat delicate. The covering of our physical body complex had a golden luster. In this form we decided to come among your peoples. Your peoples were much unlike us in physical appearance. Thus we did not mix well with the population and were obviously other than they. Our visit was relatively short. This was when we built the pyramids. (book 1, p90)

(10,846 years ago Oct 31st/Nov 1st) Exact day of a major catastrophe. Three of the positively-oriented Atlantean groups left this geographical locus before that devastation, placing themselves in the mountain areas of what you call Tibet, what you call Peru, and what you call Turkey.

About 10,821 years ago in your illusion the 2nd war, the most devastating one, caused earth-changing configurations and the larger part of Atlantis was no more. Some escaped to Tibet, Peru, and Turkey. In the case of the Atlanteans, enlargements upon the information given resulted in those activities distorted towards bellicosity which resulted in the final second Atlantean catastrophe

10,645 years ago the Great Pyramid was built

10,400 YA the time of the sphinx. - Bashar

Some 10,000 years ago, a great global flood stopped a consciousness rebellion dead in its tracks. Nidle
Ten thousand years ago, the water stopped rising, representing the water levels that are similar to what you see today. The top of the Lemurian capital mountain is now a series of islands called Hawaii (Kryon)
About 10,000 years ago Stonehenge built, Lizzie have “regenerator? Remolecularizer” which regenerates matter
9,600 of your years ago final sinking the last great land masses
9500 Ancient Egypt thrived until about 7,500 B.C., at which time seventh density Sirians from the Sirius B star system arrived on the scene and began unraveling the work of Thoth and his group. The Christian, Jewish and Greek legends and myths are all about the Sirians.
9000 years ago (7000BC) First true Egyptian civilization forms near Abydos. In another timeline it is 1,5000,000 years ago. Speaks of Many Truths says:
“ Time has changed so much since then that it is almost irrelevant.” 
-Earth History p.168

9000 years ago (7000BC) Earliest "meddling" with our current timeline by the Sinister Secret Government. -Shining the Light 1st Alighnment
8,500 years ago, having considered these concepts carefully, we (RA) returned, never having left in thought, to the thought-form areas of your vibrational planetary complex and considered for some of your years, as you measure time, how to appropriately build these structures pyramids].
8243 years ago Aryans invade India
The last time when Sanat Kumara allowed a fragment of his own beingness to take a physical embodiment was as Zoroaster, the prophet of the Zoroastrian faith. That was 8,000 years ago.
7633 Freemasonry society founded. What is their focus? Overseers of the status of Quorum. Quorum mostly alien, focused on Service to Others and they, in their pathway of Service to Others begin to understand that some Service to Others includes refusing to give to those who are Service to Self.
7645 Eanna Temple in the time of the Tower of Babel; 5645 B.C. Elias
7500 The same beings who came with us returned approximately 3,500 years later in order to attempt to aid the South American mind/body/spirit social complex once again. However, the pyramids of those so-called cities were not used in the appropriate fashion. (Ra)
6000 (approx) By now many of you will have heard of the Anunnaki (Zeta Reticuli.) who have now left Earth. They were attracted to it some 6000 years agoby the low vibrations that still existed following the demise of Atlantis. [Mike Quinsley confirms Cassio date below]
The Anunnaki's next experiments with humans led to another great failure and another global destruction, this time by fire, around 6,000 years ago. What the Anunnaki were trying to accomplish with all this was to manipulate these limited-conscious humans into forgetting their previous abilities, allegiances, and origins. - Sheldan Nidle

6000 Great Pyramid “re-formed” (approximate to remodeled: say the Cassiopaeans) The first, the Great Pyramid, was formed approximately 6,000 of your years ago. -Ra

5314 YA Start of the long count in the Mayan Calendar The 260-day based, the 52 year/Venus based, and the Long Count 1,872,000 days based. These calendars have been given to the Mayan people by a very advanced extraterrestrial civilization and the Long Count (13 periods of 144,000 days each, starting on August 11, 3114 BC and ending on December 21, 2012 AD) is the most accurate calendar ever found on Earth.
5000 Around 3,000 B.C. Cayce asserted that remnants of the Lost Tribes of Israel also came to this area of the world. Coming first to the southernmost portions of the United States, the members of the "Lost Tribes" then moved to the Yucatan merging with the groups already established there. Sometime later, this mixture of people moved north into America eventually becoming the mound builders. (Cayce)
5000 Years ago (3,000 B.C) The last meteor strikes of 5,000 years ago was bigger. It did two things for the planet. The first is that it created such a shift of the mantel of the planet that the earth moved from 28 degrees tilt to 23 and 1/3. It was quite an impact! That was only 5,000 years ago. The second is that it affected civilization. Much dust was thrown into the atmosphere up into what you call the stratosphere and the result mainly was rain. The rain terminated much of humanity. Many animals and many Humans died. It was needed, necessary, and we have spoken of it before. It was part of the plan. The main purpose was to erase all of the Lemurian knowledge and create many lakes for humanity to use. Science can see it in the strata, and it has even been associated with the mythology of a great worldwide flood and an ark. -Kyron THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY This live channeling was given Sept 2007
5000 YA What was artificially holographically inserted by the Reptilian races in the Planetary 5th dimensional Stargate holds timeline memories that changed our bodies and subsequently damaged our genetic code. This is an event that changed the direction of the human race, began the introduction of organized religion as a political control machine, and disconnected us entirely from the "mother" life force of our planet approximately 5,000 years ago. ES Monthly News Article Lisa Renee

5000 YA A band or tribe wandered off from a larger group in Mesopotamia and went exploring, wandering in northern Africa. Over about a generation and a half they walked back north until they were near what is now known as the Giza pyramid. By near I mean about fifty miles away, close enough that their most spiritual seers could observe the blue light that radiated in those days off the tip toward the heavens and was directed that particular night toward the Pleiades. This tribe had evolved into about 650 hardy souls of all different appearances. Some were of what you now call the whites. In the nicest possible way, it was a motley group. They watched the light for a time. Pretty soon a ship appeared, hovering in the light. As the ship moved towards them, emanating this blue light that gave them all a very wonderful, tingly feeling. The seer and some members of the tribal council could hear words forming in their heads (in their own language) "Would you like to come with us now?" "Have you gathered enough information?" "Would you like to come home?" To summarize, this former lost tribe of Israel, as it is called, went to the Pleiades, got educated spiritually by Pleiadian teachers (and some Andromedan teachers), learning everything they could about you (who were living in the future, from their perspective,) so they could come to be amongst you to help you understand your own abilities and remind you of who you are and help you wake up. This lost tribe is returning to you now, infiltrating is such a way that they would be absolutely undetectable by any citizen born and raised on Earth. This will last seventy years (until 2065), but the bulk of your waking uptakes place from 1995-2025. - Explorer Race - origins and the next 50 years. p103-105
4,000 (approx) Hoova launches attempt to upgrade Earth (and help the Israeli strain of human) via Abraham of Ur (Sumeria/Mesopotamia) a new hybrid species of human introduced.
4000 At that time there was a population of fairies exceeding 50,0000.
3983 YA Machiventa Melchizedek, who we previously mentioned, and who again physically incarnated in Israel in the year 1973BC. He began the teachings that were to later be called the Essene Brotherhood.
3500 (approx) Brother of Moses; 1500 B.C. (Elias )
3,600 Orion Entry to Earth (Anak and the Sumerians)
3,400 years ago (1410-1372BC ) - Reign of Amenhotep III 18th Dynasty


How was a typical temple ritual performed about 3400 years ago?
3,300 Confederation entry to Earth. At the start of the 18th dynasty Ra contacts Ikhnaton, who is terrorizing Amon worshipers and destroying the people’s traditions. (RA) He held that the sun, named Aton, was god, and god alone, and that he was Aton's physical son. The solar monotheism was absolute; the new system allowed no accommodations and no exceptions. Ikhnaton's fanaticism was his undoing. He defaced every monument carved with the name of Amon, previously the greatest god of Egypt. The Aton cult died with Ikhnaton because the sentiments of the priesthood and the people were outraged by his destruction of their traditions and by his terror-filled reign. 18th Dynasty; 14th Century B.C. Introduced concept of One God into Egyptian religion (Elias )
3300 years ago (1304-1213 BC) Moses as Jehovah. The leader of the Hoova returns in human form, to help the Israelis . Around the time of Ramesses II 19th Dynasty. Abraham was Moses - Tobias
3211 approx. (Years ago or B.C.?) year of the life of Hermes Trismegistus (Traitor to court of Pharaoh Rana) He inspired divisions within ranks of Egyptians, Essenes, Aryans, and Persians et cetera
2634 you are now (2006) awakening dormant aspects of your abundance consciousness that fell to sleep 2634 years ago - Kuthumi
2600 years ago Greece calls for assistance through Thales, Heraclitus and Pericles. Ra responds. Law of One was the primary information given in the distortion of the ways of love and understanding, so that there were those philosophers within the Greek culture and experience which made this assumption the foundation of their philosophy and their view of the nature of creation, its purpose, direction and ultimate conclusion.
A little over 2,000 years ago, during the inception of the Piscean Age, a plan was set into motion to anchor the archetypes for Humanity’s pathway back to Christ Consciousness. This plan, much like what is occurring now at the dawn of the Aquarian Age, involved embodied Lightworkers working in unison with the entire Company of Heaven.
36 BC March 31st Jeshua incarnates, Jeshua’s ministry continues after his death for several years.
200 AD - 1000 AD - Essassani contact part of an Iranian civilization that named themselves after their perception of them. They are in the Middle East of what you now call Iran, the Sassanians.

There is an entity in that time frame with a name, Mazdak. In that sense it was an entity that recognized, through certain psychic methodologies and means, the idea of a vibrational connection to our civilization and an incorporation of many of the principles of our civilization were attempted to be infused into the society at that time, although of course, it took its earthly bent, in its own unique way. Expressed itself as other than the way it came across, but this was the nature of channeled interpretations at that time. Though they were understood as high vibration they were still adapted to the methodologies and the culture of the day. - Bashar

The last small little ice age you had was in the 1200s to 1400s -Kryon

1302 AD 12 house zodiac established. 

1400 (approx) Shift begins to be felt by humanity.

Early 1700's less than 300 years ago, the earliest form of what became the Illuminati.
I take you to a room filled with old men, seniors each, professionals each. Some were leaders in the government and some leaders in law, even one leader in the church. They were meeting in secret, sitting in a circle, in an important meeting that will not be identified by a name or a place or a town, but it took place. The meeting was an agreement to continue the secrets in various ways, using social organizations as a front. >This was the time when intuitive spiritualthoughts were becoming seen as evil, where basic Human nature was being taught as from the darkness, and where the gifts of Spirit wereseen as the devil's work. They had to do something to preserve the simple truths of God that had been with humanity for eons but were now being threatened. - Kryon July2009

1765 – 1788 earlier time on the same cycle we’re in now: sacred EXHALE intended to be INHALED through the solar plexus as one focuses on the pure essence of LOVE, the "dragon" becomes a winged angel of light in the energy bodies, opening portals to the place beyond the constricted lower astral levels. However, many humans will simply swim in the denser fumes and not breath them into the light of their being. “idokii”

1800 (approx) last great galactic wars which largely ended some 200 of your years ago (Nidle )

1900 It wasn't until the year 1900 that the actual new enlightenment process started on the planet. (Kryon>)

1947 Roswell Crash (actual crash was 157 miles to the West by Northwest, of the center of the town called Roswell)

1949 There were agreements between our government -- specifically the NSA -- to cooperate with an ET species commonly called the Greys in exchange for their cooperation to stay hidden and conduct their biological experiments under the cloak of secrecy. There was also a bungled technology transfer program, but that's another story -- However, not all the Greys were operating within a unified agenda. There were certain groups of Greys that looked upon humans in much the same way as we look upon laboratory animals.

"They're abducting humans and animals, and have been for the past forty-eight years -- they're essentially conducting biological experiments to determine how their genetics can be made to be compatible with human and animal genetic structure. Their interests are not entirely understood, but if you accept their stated agenda, it's to perpetuate their species. Their species is nearing extinction and they're fearful that their biological system lacks the emotional development to harness their technological prowess in a responsible manner.
1987 A.D., the event known as Harmonic Convergence (August). The Earth's vibration was measured esoterically. Humanity passed this test.
1987 when you chose to continue the spiritual evolvement of the Human race.
- Quantum Effect As channeled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

April 23, 1994 Alignment of Sirius A and Sirius B. Humanity lifted to 3rd level of Christ Consciousness, allowing for the 1st activation of etheric chromosomes. -Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network
June 21, 2001 - Humanity's 4 initiation. Releasing of the etheric records of Atlantis which were sealed within the solar unity portal. The memories unveiled assisted in the awakening of many lightworkers and star-seeded ones.-Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

2001 September 11th - 9/11 Twin Towers attacked

September 9, 2009 - Opening of 999 gateway. The activities of Light that occurred at this time, primarily the activation of three of the twelve Atlantean crystals as well as the activation of the 48 symbols of immortality, a portal of Light has been created into Atlantis, and we can now bring through many of these Mystery School teachings. All life will have the ability to receive the cosmic rays 13-19. -Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network


Predictions for the future
No More Secrets: There is an event coming on planet Earth that will be of great proportions. All the truth must come out, so it will be an unveiling of sorts. You will see and feel the truth even if no one admits to it. Humans everywhere are starting to see truth in themselves. As a result of many lies and misdirections of energy much has happened that was not public knowledge. These are the areas that will now come into the light. You will start to perceive and everyone will know very quickly what took place and what happened. How that is perceived by the world at large will determine the immediate future of the economy, beginning first in the United States and quickly spreading to the rest of the world.
You will find out things about the event that you call 9-11. You will find out many of the hidden structures that have been on this planet. The veil is being pulled away, so there will be no more secrets on planet Earth. It is that simple. Even though many of your leaders do not know that yet, they are finding out very quickly for it is not possible to be totally out of integrity and be in front of telepathic beings on planet Earth.

2012 the bridge or reconnection point has been maintained for those who would wish to awaken and make their choice of polarity by the date which has been set as the last possible date to keep this connection point open, which, as we have said before and still find to be true, is the date of the winter solstice of the year 2012. - Q'uo

2012 December 21-24 My brother, the moment in time of which you speak is one which could be regarded by many of your planet as quite significant to the physical plane.
B: The likelihood of the kind of quake you are talking about in Southern California does not really reach an approximation of occurrence until around 2010 -- and even then it is not certain. And, as we have said before, and you can apply this if you'll remember, the idea is that the more you change yourselves the less likely it will be that you will have to create circumstances to shake yourselves awake. You can transform the energy; it is your reality. Remember what we said about reality being an illusion? - Bashar
Is the 2012 date an accurate date for the culmination of the ascension process? 

X. We would give a more precise date of 2017 though there are those who will leave much sooner, as early as 2009.

And by the year of 2037 the Earth will most likely become a member of the Association of Worlds, to which we belong. That is generally how we understand your energy to be unfolding and why we are communicating with your species at this time, because we are communicating with the evolving Earth that is heading in that direction generally. Does that make sense to you? In and around your time of 2037, when your planet will join the Association of Worlds, will be a time when there will be certain a number of hybrid beings living on your planet. It will have begun before that time to some degree, maybe even around your year of 2022, in that sense. But certainly, by my contemporary time frame of what you would call three hundred of your years from now, the Earth will be very heavily populated with human and hybrid species. -Bashar
2050 You will not be to the stars yet. Certainly the more advanced spiritual people amongst you will be doing that without ships, but if you're asking whether you'll be gallivanting about in the universe freely - no, I don't think so.
Science will officially "discover" the soul about 2075.
The Federation will probably accept you into their midst by around 2075.
2156 - we look the same essentially as you in this juncture do except for the fact that we are healthier and live longer do due what we ingest. We have eliminated all toxins from our systems and have the technology to replace worn out organs with bio-replicas instead of machined parts that was developed in the era of nano-bio-technology, about 150 years into your future. - Dr. Bruce GoldbergPast Lives, Future Lives.
2300 - What is the world and America like in your time?

Bashar: Your planet?

Q: Yes.

B: In our contemporary time zone? (approximately 300 years in our future)

Q: Yes.

B: The idea is that there isn't so much the concept, specifically, of what you call America.

Q: Oh.

B: It is recognized as a region, and in many cases is still referred to as a region, but it doesn't really exist politically.

Q: Are there politics at that time?

B: Not in the sense that you have it now, no; your planet, in my contemporary timeframe, is a member of what you call The Association of Worlds, and functions as a single planetary system. Even though it is allowed -- through the recognition of the balance of diversity - it is allowed, in that sense, it has allowed its own culture to remain defined for the richness of the diversity the different cultures produce. But it is not political. -Bashar

Q: Thank you.

3500 - There will exist around this time a place on Earth that welcomes all peoples from all over the universe and beyond, and creates a place for cultural sharing and comparing of stories. The Academy of All Peoples is also a place where people and tribes and clans and cultures of the past can be temporarily re-created in the spiritual feeling of their moment, 3500. -Speaks of Many Truths Earth History and Lost Civilizations.

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The world's greatest whistleblower is stuck in the Russian winter, facing solitary confinement, ridicule, and life in prison if US agents grab him. But this week, we could help get him to safety.

Edward Snowden exposed the mind-boggling and illegal level of surveillance the US government is conducting on, well, all of us. His welcome in Russia runs out soon, and he's got nowhere to go. But Brazilian President Dilma is angry at US surveillance and experts say she might brave massive US pressure to consider asylum for Snowden!

This is about much more than one man. If Snowden's act of truth-telling leads to crippling punishment, it sends the wrong signal to abusive governments and whistleblowers everywhere. If 1 million of us take action now, we can send President Dilma the largest citizen-supported asylum bid in history -- sign to safeguard Snowden and defend democracy everywhere.



Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine

In the last days I received multiple requests to translate my posts for foreign readers, as they have very limited information about the happenings in Ukraine. This material describes events which took place in Kyev on January 22 and 23.

Sharing and distribution is appreciated.

22 January 2014. Battles on streets of Kiev.

I came to Kiev. I came to see for myself what is happening here. Of course, an hour after arriving at Maidan, you begin to understand that everything what you've read in dozens of articles, saw in TV news reports is total crap. In the upcoming reports I will try to, as objectively as possible, to sort out this new wave of Kiev revolution.
Janeiro 16, 2014

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Falado em Portugês Biografia - Albert Einstein nasceu na região alemã de Württemberg, na cidade de Ulm, numa família judaica. Em 1852, o avô materno de Einstein, Julius Koch, estabelece-se como comerciante de cereais em Bad Cannstatt, nos arredores de Estugarda. Os pais de Einstein, Hermann Einstein e Pauline Koch, casaram-se em 8 de agosto de 1876. Hermann, que era comerciante, muda-se de Bad Buchau para a cidade de Ulm, onde passou a viver com a esposa. É em Ulm que nasce Albert Einstein, em 14 de março de 1879.

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