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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sierra Neblina, Starseed Extraordinaire -- Full Transcript.

Sierra Neblina, Starseed Extraordinaire


Sierra Nablina
InLight Radio

April 8, 2012

GD: Hello and welcome to Our Galactic Family, I’m Graham Dewyea. My guest today is Sierra Neblina. Sierra is an Intuitive Pleiadian Starseed, an ordained Minister, a Desert Storm Veteran and the Co-Host of Starseed Radio Academy, on Blog Talk Radio. Welcome, Sierra, and thanks for coming on the show.

SN: Oh, thank you so much, I’m so, so grateful to you and your listeners to have me on the show.

GD: Well you have a remarkable story to share with us today. Where would you like to start?

SN: Well, I think that what I’d like to do is to do a little bit of a history lesson. You know, people unfortunately aren’t aware of our own history. You know the conquerors write history and unfortunately that was a direction that humanity had gone and the truth has been left out for several thousand years.

The Ancients knew the truth. The Ancients knew that star people have been living amongst us and been guiding us through our entire history, as human beings. In fact, human beings are a great experiment on planet Earth. There are several different levels.
So you know, we want to start with the Big Bang theory. You know, there is the God Source and then we all went out into the universe. Soul pods and soul groups and it’s to experience the God Source, or the Source, or the Light, or whatever terminology it is you want to put with it.

There are newer souls and some older souls and we’ll not get too much into that. But, basically what you need to understand is there have been beings that have evolved to the point that we call them Creator Gods. They wanted to have an experiment and several different groups of extraterrestrial, or the “others,” as I like to refer to them as, got together and said, “OK, well, let’s come up with different types of genetic blood lines and let’s put them down on Earth and let’s see what happens.”

Now, this has been going on for billions of years. Our own history has been inaccurate as to how long human beings have been on Earth. But, thankfully with the media being impacted by the Starseeds, or people who are on a mission down here, you’re starting to see things like Ancient Aliens and a lot of things happening on the history channels that are talking about the true history, our true history. They’re starting to bring the truth forward as to what’s actually happened in our own history.

So it’s actually really wonderful and it goes to a portion of what I’d like to touch on. Which are Walk-in’s, or Starseeds, or people here on missions. But, what you need to understand is that human beings were a great experiment. Several experiments were tried and failed and the idea was to see if a very young species could evolve past the 3rd Dimension.

We’ll skip over that and we won’t go into that too much. Because, it’s a little bit controversial even amongst the Starseeds and the Spiritual Groups. Because, it’s hard to get your mind around the fact that history has been so inaccurate. So let’s just jump into the media thing. Let’s start talking about human beings on Earth and what our truth is and what we are here to do. Now…

GD: I certainly appreciate your perspective and it’s a huge topic and it’s good to have discussion around it. So I appreciate you chipping away at that and sharing your views on that.

SN: Well, thank you. Yes, there’s many different blood lines on Earth and there’s many different experiments that have been tracked from the beginning. So that’s why a lot of people question, “Why are there so many different extraterrestrial?” “Why are there so many different experiences?” “Why are there so many different kinds of abductions?” “Why are there so many different kinds of experiences that people are having with the others?”

And it’s because there are multiple bloodlines on Earth and multiple others’ who are here to track and watch the progress. They are very interested in human beings completing the essential process, where they take evolution from the 4th to the 5th Dimension. I want to talk to you about myself a little bit. My story starts with, it’s interesting, and I say it starts with…Because, I had a Walk-in experience.

Let’s break down Walk-in experiences. There are three different types of Walk-in experiences. The first Walk-in experience that has been happening for many years and people can sometimes be frightened by it, is a complete replacement Walk-in. Basically, something tragic happens, or not; it just depends. We’ve seen it over the last twenty years, different type of cases. But, a complete Walk-in is when your soul makes an agreement with another soul, to leave and that soul is to take your place.

You’re done now with your mission here on Earth and so you leave and another entity; someone who doesn’t have any recollection of your memories, or who you were comes in. Something completely and totally separate. Okay, that can be a little bit traumatic to the family and friends of that person. But, we the others, were finding that it wasn’t working as seamless as we had intended it to. In those situations, we were sending souls down to complete a mission here on Earth, in hopes to impact the evolution of the human species.

It left a lot of the family members traumatized. Because, all of a sudden you have a loved one who doesn’t know who you are and a lot of times what ended up happening is the loved one wasn’t able, that person wasn’t able to complete their mission. Because, they were locked up in an insane asslymn, or put on drugs, or different things like that happened. So what started to happen in the last several years, I’d say within the last 5, to 7 to 10 years, there are Braided Walk-ins coming in. Where people put their hands up and there is also a pre-arranged contract that an entity or one of the others of an extraterrestrial source, would come down and merge with the human being, in their body. So you have 2 complete separate consciousnesses in the same body.

GD: That’s what you are experiencing?

SN: Yes, that is the Braided Walk-in and then there’s the Attachment Walk-in. Where somebody wakes up one day and they are so completely and totally compelled to do something different than they ever have before. Let’s say for instance, a political figure or somebody who has a lot of power and influence, wakes up one day and decides they are going to go and give a lot of money to Greenpeace, or take on some sort of project that they never would have had any affiliation with prior and that’s sort of an Attachment Walk-in and those Walk-in’s come and go. It’s also a pre-arranged soul agreement for that person to accomplish a mission here on Earth.

Now, the most complicated out of those three is the Braided Walk-in because you have two completely different consciousnesses in one body and it really takes something on both the human beings part and the others part, of our Galactic brothers and sisters coming down. Because, being out of the 3rd Dimension there’s a lot of rules and a lot of density to the 3rd Demission. So it really takes something on both parts, both ends. So that brings me to a few years ago when I experienced a Pleiadian Walk-in.

Now, I had no idea what I was about to be in for. But, it’s been very exciting and I’ve been very honored to have participated in this experiment. My Walk-in’s job was to have me remember. To wake up different parts of my body, my energy, my memory and to work with me until I remembered who I am at a soul level. Millions and millions of years, I can trace my soul back several incarnations.

GD: You have a conscious recollection of those incarnations, right?

SN: That’s correct. That is correct. I needed to have my consciousness expanded at a very rapid rate. Because, of the work I agreed to come here to this planet to do, which was to be an ascension worker. To help human beings to really make it this time, to make that jump from the 3rd to the 4th and 5th Dimension. For the ascension, or the shift, whatever people are most comfortable using the terminology for.

So who I am most recently has been a Commander for a Pleiadian Starship and an Ambassador for the Pleiadians. So that was one of the things I needed to come to terms with the quickest. Because, what had happened was I had been evolved out of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Dimension for millions of years. I chose to put my hand up. Because, of my love for humanity and my investment in their success here on Planet Earth. So I put my hand up and I volunteered to come down and be born into a human body and go through this human experiment.

At a certain point there were certain things along the way that were supposed to happen, pre-ordained things, at major points of my life, that I agreed to be a part of. So I could bring a message to humanity and also live as a demonstration to humanity and their expansion. That was very exciting. It was, I can’t say it was a cake walk. There was an actual physical experience, emotional, spiritual, energetic experience with the expansion. A lot of people right now are actually feeling that.

GD: Um hum.

SN: Have you heard or talked to anybody who is having migraines, or headaches or dizziness or anything like that? Have you talked to anyone?

GD: Oh, sure. Ascensions symptoms.

SN: So the planet right now all of the human beings are given the opportunity to excel at a very rapid rate their expansion and consciousness. So that’s one of the things we are doing here. Now, another thing you should know…human beings are not alone and they never have been and they never will be. They are just starting to wake up to the point they are about to join their Galactic Brothers and Sisters. So there has to be a breakthrough of all those densities that holds them back and so I’ve chosen to come back again, in the physical form.

Because I’m so invested in seeing humanity evolve. I chose a magnificent story. I must have a flair for the dramatic or something. “Laughter.” Because, I have not lived a boring life and every day that I’ve woken up, I’ve tried to create the best, the biggest experience. Because, one of the things I asked to remember…it’s hard to remember who we are and where we came from, when we come down into this reality. I always have a sense and never forget it’s such a blessing to be here and that I have the power to create my every experience.

So I try to enjoy my life every moment, every person I come across, every situation I’m in, even a bad situation or what we consider to be a bad situation. I step back and I take a look at it and I look and I dig and I try my hardest to find the silver lining in everything that happens.

GD: You are coming from a very powerful and positive place and I think that is terrific. Because, it clearly hasn’t been a joy ride for you. I meant it depends on your perspective. But, it’s been challenging.

SN: It has been challenging and I chose to burn off a lot of Karma when I came into this incarnation. Because, my intention has been when I leave this plane, is not to incur Karma and have to come back and do it again. I’m from Orlando and my mother is this beautiful Goddess, you know, that was so in love with her life and she came from her own background of abuse and her father abused her and when my Grandmother found out that was happening, she divorced the man. But, the damage was done. But, she made the agreement to bring me into this world. So I’m ever grateful for her for that. But, she was a very lost, very young girl and she got involved with an older man off of McCoy Air Force Base.

Now, McCoy Air Force Base is known for a lot of Top Secret Programs that were are going on there. People from Orlando back in the late 60’s early 70’s talked about all the lights and the space ships they saw going in and out of the bottomless pit lake, that was right on the base, of McCoy Air Force Base. My mother was sought out…now I’m going to speak from the place that I know now. I’m going took back; as I was going through it I didn’t know all the stuff as I was going through it. So it was a very human experience for me and I’ve had to go back and do all the work to understand and put all the pieces and parts together.

So I’m going to speak from the place that I remember and I know what’s happening. Ok, I’m not going to speak from the human place; I don’t think that would be very productive. I am putting out a book, where I am talking from the human experience. So people can understand. So they can actually find it within themselves to break through whatever is in their lives that they can overcome. So from the beginning my father is a Hybrid. He is a part of the government experiment with extraterrestrial Hybrids. My mother was sought because of her blood line and her blood line is Cherokee and Irish. There is something in the Cherokee line that they are looking for.

So my mother was sought out at a young age. They also wanted someone you know that hadn’t had any other children and could be open to this. So he seduced her and she became pregnant and after she became pregnant she went to the base. She thought she had hit the jackpot with this officer and was looking forward to living happily ever after and he was no longer there, he had disappeared. In fact the MP at the time didn’t know who my mother was talking about.

It was by luck that a man was walking by that she had met while being at this restaurant. Because, they met at a restaurant off base and he stayed off base with her and never included her on base or anything. It was part of the cover. So my father is a Hybrid himself. The entire time that my mother was pregnant with me, she was being abducted.

So it’s interesting here to delineate, I agreed to come in and be a part of this human Hybrid experiment with the government. So I had this whole thing blocked in with the government that I can bring the truth to the people and be a demonstration to the people about some of the lies and deception that has been told to the human, to the people. My mother was also being abducted and working on me by several different extraterrestrial groups the Pleiadians being one group the Arcturians being another.

I appreciate my mother for everything that she does, she’s done for me. But, she ended up making a lot of poor choices for us, myself and my siblings. I’m going to fast forward through my childhood and I’ll just touch on the fact that this was the part of the Karma I was going to burn off between now and then, between then and now. We were in very abusive situations. My mother was not very present. She was on her own journey. She was trying to figure out her own path and it wasn’t until even the last couple of years, that I even understood the depth of her struggle.

But, now I can completely appreciate it and have compassion for who she is. But, at the time she made a lot of poor decisions and she was attracted to men who were abusers. So me being the eldest and being the strongest in character, I stood between my brothers and sisters and the abusers. So I would show up at school being beaten, burned, cut and all different kinds of things. The teachers would try their best to get involved. Basically, it ended up we ran from Florida to Tennessee all the way across the United States. Every time that there was a problem, they would call the man in the house and he was the one that was doing it. So my mother just being kind of absent/present to this day swears she doesn’t, she didn’t know what was happening and it was okay. She was in her own process. But, I was not only taking care of her. But, the entire family.

GD: Umhum.

SN: Up until the time I was nine years old we ended up in Arizona, Superior, Arizona. It was then that my mother started to process that things were very wrong and so she went to the State of Arizona and said, “I want to leave this man and I need help.” She went to the State and the State came in and took us away and put us in foster care and we all got split up and in different homes.

Except for my brother, myself and my next in line brother. We went to a family. We ended up staying in Foster Care for four years and that was just as bad as the original abusive situation. It was terrible. Thank goodness, one day, an angel appeared…it was my adopted family. So I was adopted into that family. It didn’t come without its knocks. Because, this was a very conservative Southern Baptist family and the war was on…

GD: I can imagine.

SN: So another thing to go back to and touch on is sort of like history. But, what we want to touch on is that being genetically engineered in the womb and coming from a Pleiadian Source and being a conscious Starseed coming into this life, I was born with a lot of gifts. Which was very tough in this life to deal with. Because, I had no place, or no one to talk to about it. I was extremely telepathic and I had no idea how to control that at all. So these emotions, feelings and things would just flood me and the only way to know how to deal with it was with anger, in the beginning.

So I was a very angry young child and funneled my anger into sports and physical activities and it was my outlet. In nature, going out in nature was a very good place for me to fill up and to decompress. But, I also had some prophetic dreams. Being born into the Cherokee blood line and coming down at the point that I came in to existence here on Earth. Human beings were on a very different track and it was not good. It was going to end up with another scrub; we were going to be scrubbed and have to start all over again.

So I would be terrified from the time I was three years old. I had prophetic dreams of the Earth changes. So with my genetics and my blood line, it came to me through the Native American belief, with the Phoenix Rising and the Earth splitting apart. I was extremely connected to the Earth and I was extremely connected to people. So anytime that there was any major disruption, a large catastrophe, a natural disaster, or anything that took lives, in my dream state I would be there, even in my current life I was watching.

GD: You’ve had that experience with 9/11, is that right?

SN: Yes, I did. I was actually hiking with a girlfriend of mine down in the Canyon, which is my favorite place to hike, in the Grand Canyon. We had been off trail for two weeks and I went to sleep that day…it was 9/11, it was 111 degrees. We had a dry camp that night and were sweating out all our water. So we took a siesta in the overhang of a rock, in the shade and I dreamt of all I could see though. When I’m there and I’m actually experiencing it, I’m actually astral projecting to the area and there’s no separation to when I’m astral projecting. I can feel the pain, I can feel the terror, I can feel everything as if it’s me that it is happening to and I saw that it was daytime, that it wasn’t quite day time, that it was dark and people were running and screaming.

The terror and the pain and people were dressed in modern day clothes. I woke up screaming and my friend that was with me knew about my prophetic dreams and she said, “What happened?” and I said, “I don’t know if it was a depression left there at that spot and we were trying to work our way through it?” and I said, “No, they had on very modern clothes and I was trying to figure out what was going on. I was terribly sad.” We ended up finding out the next day, what had happened with the towers. So I was having all these prophetic dreams and I didn’t know what was happening.

I went through the majority of my life kind of stumbling through trying to figure out what was going on. I came out of high school to college, on a basket ball scholarship and was injured and sitting on an injured reserve, when I had a confrontation with my basketball coach, at the time. My basketball coach ended up kicking me off the team, for being gay. I didn’t actually really know that I was gay. But, I just discovered that I might possibly be and he was asking me, he was telling me…”If you want to stay on this team and if you want to keep your scholarship and if you want to go on with school, you will never engage in any lesbian activity and you have to promise me that.”

Now, integrity is the most important thing in this lifetime. Even at that young of an age, I was 18 or 19 years old. I think I had just turned 19 and I knew I couldn’t make that promise and I wasn’t going to do so. So even though I was just starting to discover who I am and my own sexuality, my own world and my own expression of that, I couldn’t make that promise. So I was kicked off the team for being gay.

Then the old program kicked in, that I understand now. It was some old programming with the experiment, that I was being tracked by the government. I woke up one day and it was like I’m going to go into the military and I joined the Army. You know, I really love the team work and I want to be a part of something and I’m a Patriot to no end. I believe the God-given right to freedom. So I was willing to give my life for that and I went into the military. Yeah, I was just in time for Desert Storm and I came back out of that and tried to go back into an everyday normal life and it just wasn’t suiting me.

But, I do know that everywhere I’ve gone and everywhere I’ve been I’ve been watched over . I understand that there are a lot of programs running and there are a lot of implants and lots of things I’ve had to deal with in and out of different phases of my life. Yet, the military had an influence, that and it’s who I am at a soul level and it drove me to want to take a stand for who we are in the United States. So I just want to say that I have done it all! You know, I’ve grown up very quickly through the ranks of spirituality; I’ve had a lot of different experiences to grow me up, with my social gifts and social abilities. But, I found myself.

So another thing I want to talk about…empathic and having prophetic dreams. I also was very physic and I was a medium. I could see through veils very easily from the time I was a young girl. So seeing people who had passed, or even seeing other beings, like extraterrestrials and things like that, I’ve being seeing all my life, not necessarily knowing what it is. But, everything started to come to a head in my 20’s and my abilities were starting to strengthen and my consciousness was rising. So I wasn’t really surprised when I woke up. Looking back on it I’m not surprised. It was timing. To where I would wake up in the middle of one of the check-ups the government was doing on me.

So I woke up one night and there was a Grey in my room. This happened in 1994, I had just reunited with my biological mother. My girlfriend was very into the Greys and very into extraterrestrial. It’s kind of funny; we had this little experience with the Grey in the room. She was put in the bathroom asleep, there was a friend on the couch who was there and had the full experience.

I know I’m kind of rushing through this a little bit. But  what I really want to relate to your listeners is the message that the others have for them. So if you are really, really interested in hearing my story about the details about my life and this experience with the Grey’s and The Men in Black, please listen to my story. We’ll give a link to that here at the end.

But, I woke up, with a Grey in my room and with a conscious understanding. Having my conscious and aware of the process was just another level of my development. It had been happening my entire life. But, this was the first time I was conscious enough to awaken during one of these. So I woke up in the middle of this experience. I was a part of the Psychic community in Manatee Springs and in the reserves, at that time in the Army. So I woke up, it was four hours of this experience. I woke up the next day and called my friend over. She looked at me and immediately said, “Your pregnant.” and I said, “Ha, ha, doesn’t that take a man?” We had this joke running –between us.

GD: This was one of the smaller Greys?

SN: Yes, yes.

GD: Were you, I mean there is a very different understand going back in your human form. I know it was anxiety provoking for you, raised a lot of questions. Now, you have some perspective. So was what you were experiencing a Government activity, or was this happening with the Zetas?

SN: This was, and it’s a good delineation between the two. I appreciate that and will hit on that after I answer the question. This was a government experiment. From the beginning, when I chose my mother, knowing this would come up and that I would be the one to stand up and expose this later on. So this was a faction of the Zeta’s and the Government. Not all Zeta’s are in cahoots with the Government of the United States and other Governments of the world.

There are actually really wonderfully evolved Zetas and you’ll see them represented as tall 6’ Zeta’s. They are taller and almost a different race and so a lot of people don’t talk about it, a lot of people don’t know it. There’s a lot of great authors out there, Judy Carol is one of them, “Human by Day, Zeta by Night”, has a very positive spin on the other Zetas. But, the Zetas who are invested in human beings and ascension.

GD: Thank you for speaking on that. So you left your friend the next day, she said that you were pregnant.

SN: Yes, and with…At first I didn’t understand and I was very upset by it. She told me the whole history of the Hybrid Program and I wanted to call my mother to ask her, “Hey, is it true?” I did so very reluctantly. Because, I had just reunited with her and I didn’t want her to think I was a crazy person. But, after a while, I acquiesced and called her and I said, “Listen, before I tell you what happened last night, I need to ask you…have you ever been, while you were pregnant with me, dreamt you were abducted, seen any extraterrestrials, had any experiences like you felt like you might have been aboard ship?”

I didn’t even get finished with what I was saying and my questions before she said, “Oh, yeah the entire time I was pregnant with you.” She went on to say how driven she was, how it kind of rocked her whole world and what she had to deal with growing up. Having that happen at such a young age and it contributed greatly to her being absent while I was younger and she really struggled with a lot of it. So she’s fascinated with extraterrestrial s to this day and she’s come to terms with it within herself. Me coming to terms with it and understanding who I am has given her a lot of solace.

So I was pregnant for, well we could estimate almost 4 to 4 ½ months and I was starting to show. We had formed a psychic circle around me, when I found out it was a pre-determined contact and that they never leave the baby with the mother for very long and they always take them back. Myself and this group of women at Manatee Springs and psychics did everything we could possibly think about. Because after I was told what had happened and realized what had happened, I decided I wanted to change the plan of the game, I wanted to keep the child.

So it didn’t work. Eventually, I woke up one morning from showing from 5 to 6 to 8 inches out on my belly, to being completely flat. Well, that just wrecked me. It was a terrible experiences to realize I had no say over what was happening, it’s all for a bigger and a greater purpose. So…

GD: At that time you didn’t have that perspective. So I’m sure it was incredibly violating or felt violating and I’m sure you had a tremendous amount of anger; you had a connection to the baby, certainly?

SN: Yes and it’s not just the government. We’re talking about other extraterrestrial races that have an agreement to come down here and bear children and offer them up to the ultimate outcome of the human race. So people ask me, why are they taking babies? Well, for a very long time, they didn’t think we were going to make it. So they were preparing for the next generation to come down here and repopulate the planet and that’s just the cold hard truth of it all. Women…

GD: Now, you have this perspective that you didn’t have at that time. Now, you know that it was part of your agreement, your soul contract when you came on Earth, when you reincarnated on Earth and that this would happen. But, at the time, I’m sure this was very stressful and emotional.

SN: Terribly difficult. Absolutely it was terribly difficult and life changing and life changing in several ways. Another mission I’m also here to help with is called The Disappearing Twin Phenomena. Women knowing or having a sense or seeing on an ultrasound that they are pregnant with twins and all of a sudden there is one. That’s also another thing that happens with women.

So I’m to help guide women and to help them through these experiences and people who have had any type of interaction with extraterrestrials and they are struggling. So there is always a bigger picture and people are struggling with coming to terms with that. So I am available to help people to work with on those levels. But, shortly after that, I just went on a rampage and I brought myself out of the deepest depression I’ve ever been in, from the loss of a child.
I started digging around in my unit. I started asking all the wrong questions, to all the right people. One day I came home and there were Men in Black standing in my drive way. I kid you not, this is before people knew about Men in Black, this is before the movie Men in Black, this is before all the jokes, or all the conspiracy theories around it. There were two men standing in Black suits in front of a Black sedan waiting for me one day. Well, again I told you I was going to talk to you about the bigger perspective.

One of those Men in Black was either a full extraterrestrial himself, or a Hybrid. Because, he had the ability himself to control my thoughts. But, he was actually able to control me physically. So I look back on it now and I think why in the world did you get in the car? But, I got in the car with them and they took me to NORAD. In NORAD, I was shown 3 different things: one was a space craft.

GD: Among many?

SN: I’m sorry?

GD: A space craft among many? It’s a huge complex.

SN: Yes, it is. It was a space craft sitting in there among a bunch of air craft, as if it was another piece of the collection. It was quite interesting. While I was going through this experience I had no idea what they were doing, no idea what they were trying to tell me. Because, these two Men in Black never interacted with me on a verbal scale. They never talked. I did a lot of talking. But, they never talked.

GD: So you were asking a lot of questions. But, they wouldn’t answer?

SN: Exactly. So I saw a space craft and as soon as I saw the space craft off we went. So I didn’t get a chance to look at it deeply. But, in going back in my expansion of my consciousness with my Walk-in, I can see it very clearly and I can remember a lot more of what happened that day than what I was left with for many, many years. I had forgotten, basically.

GD: NORAD is large, you are basically going in and it’s multiple football fields long, it’s a huge complex.

SN: It is. It’s a huge complex underground and I was first trying to get my mind around how in the world did they get all these aircraft in this mountain. Because, when I went to NORAD we were at least 25 stories down. You know you take an elevator down; it’s ridiculous what they have down there. I don’t know how they got it down in there, any of these craft in there? So I spent the majority of my time in this session trying to figure out how they got the aircraft down there. I finally saw the space craft and then boom! Out we went.

GD: One of the things I found interesting. You’re trained in combat.

SN: Yes.

GD: You’re a sniper by training. You are proficient at hand to hand combat. You are in a car and basically taken control of physically, emotionally. So can you speak a little bit about what that was like in terms of how they were controlling your thoughts, your emotions, if you were experiencing anxiety or if you had a plan that you were starting to develop to take control of the situation. How did they deal with all that?

SN: It’s interesting because it started happening right away as soon as I got in the car. Because, I got in the car and all of a sudden they wouldn’t answer my questions. So I looked around to see what weapons I could use. I always carry a knife on me, multiple knives even to this day; it’s a habit I cannot break. I tried to. Because, I tried to evolve my consciousness beyond the level of fear and that I have to defend myself in any way. But, the mere fact I’m down here in the 3rd Dimension…

So there’s a few things I still struggle with. I’m still a human being, in this body, dealing with this consciousness. So I was sitting there and I was thinking, if they are not going to answer me, I’m going to get up and get out of the car. All of a sudden, I told you I had a temper when I was younger, matter of fact I was extremely strong. With the genetic engineering I had, it really helped me a lot with everything I did physically. I was quick at learning and visually I remember things very easily and I’m extremely fast.

I observe everything that is happening around me. I can walk into a restaurant and tell you just about what every person is wearing and where they were facing and what race they were, just kind of instantly. So when I got in the car I started to get concerned for myself. Because, they weren’t answering my questions. I started having a huge flow of adrenalin from my body which would take me hours, I had to develop practices to calm myself down. Because, when that adrenalin gets flowing, I couldn’t calm myself down if I wanted to.

When my adrenalin started to flow, all of a sudden my mind went blank, my heart rate went back to normal-that was impossible for me to do. So I started to look back and forth between the two of them and because I was playing around with my empathic abilities, I said, “Okay, you want to play?” Energetically I tried to go into this individual which I call my handler. There’s the driver and the handler, with this experience with The Men in Black and the next thing I knew… when I tried to go into that being and try to feel out who they were, I was almost awake and had my eyes open the entire time and we were at NORAD.

So about 45 minutes went by. So you know there are some things that my Walk-in said, “Were not important to remember.” Laughter…Because, it was absolutely terrifying. Laughter…I don’t need to get myself all worked up about things. This happened continuously through these experiences. Because, the things they were showing me were terrifying to me, at the time. Because, I had no idea what was happening. So I…

GD: So you saw the craft. What else did you see?

SN: Saw the craft and I was taken into a different part of NORAD. I was gone for about 8 hours and I was taken into a part of NORAD where I was allowed, this ginky scientist was waiting for me. He was the cutest thing, I’ll never forget him, he was so excited, and I don’t think he was ever allowed out. H2 was so excited he got to show his little toy to somebody. He beamed a Pepsi can from one side of the room to the other side of the room. I had to have him do it 2 or 3 times. Because, I wasn’t really believing he was actually doing what I was seeing.

Just like on Star Trek, it dematerialized on one side and rematerialized on the other side. When I asked him, I said, “Where did you get this? Where are they made?” He shut up immediately when my handler stepped into the room and stopped him from speaking. So when we, when they, it was sort of like this whole thing, I had a feeling that he was really going down the path of some sort of collaboration between us and some sort of extraterrestrials source. So we went on to another section of NORAD and we went into another room and a screen was lifted up and on the other side of the glass, on a gurney was a 6 ft tall Zeta, with glass covering the Zeta.

At that point, I don’t know why at that point, but, at that point, I thought, “Wow, I’ve seen too much, they are going to kill me.” You know, I’m done for and I started to get afraid for my life and again my handler stepped in and my adrelin stopped, my mind cleared and I would be at peace. Then, I was taken to another part of NORAD and put in a conference room.
GD: This Zeta was not alive, right?
SN: The Zeta was not alive, the Zeta was dead and that’s what scared me so much. Energetically I went into that being and I could feel it truly was an extraterrestrial source and it was not alive. I have to be careful when I go into beings and people and whatever’s energy field. Because, I can get, I can relive their passing, I can relive their trauma and I have to be very careful when I do stuff like that. I just snapped back out of that being and I was like, “Oh my God I’m dead, oh my God I’m dying.” I can’t believe this. It was horrible. Just a horribly traumatic experience and I felt so sorry.

GD: You’ve since discovered you had a connection with that being, right?

SN: I sure have! I have actually met that being and that being is in physical form, here now to help us evolve in human form and that being shares, I should say more accurately, that being shares a human much like the Walk-ins that come in and out with me and like the Galactic Federation of Light that I channel the beings, I bring forward and the information I bring forward works with this person and this being is just a wonderful, wonderful being.

GD: It’s striking at the time you were shown this being and quite a few years later you are able to connect in terms of who that was and know you are working with this person. So that is striking, that is phenomenal.

SN: Yeah.

GD: So you were shown some things and then what?

SN: I was taken into a conference room and I thought I was waiting for my death. I was very concerned for myself and I was saying goodbye to my family, my adopted family and biological family and I was making peace with what I thought would come next and I didn’t expect what came next. I basically…a very high ranking official gentleman walked through the door and sat at the other end of the conference table. I was flanked by The Men in Black people standing to either side of me and just back, about a half a step out of my peripheral view. He came in and he wasn’t wearing any rank. He was wearing a flight suit, a jumper. A lime green jumper suit like you see pilots wear.

He came in with no rank and insignia. He’s a very high ranking official; he just reeked of a high ranking official. I’ve been around enough of them to understand that this man was not to be trifled with, at all. Gray hair, a high and tight, basically the military cut. He came in and sat down. When he spoke, he said, “Now that you know, you can stop digging.”

I was just dumbfounded. What did he mean, now that I know I can stop digging? You aren’t going to kill me? Laughter…It was certainly not a place to still be alive. This is where my involvement with the government Hybrid Program probably saved my life. I believe that my father, who has been watching over me and I believe that I am a hands-off situation. I don’t think that anybody can take me out or do anything like that.

So he told me…now I can stop digging and he basically started to name off every family member and where they lived. Laughter…Which was extraordinary. I don’t think I could name off so many kinds of people and where they live. I have other talented gifts. But, this gentleman was very adamant, I was not to be talking this with anybody, I was not to be sharing anything I saw there or I would be killed, or worse off, I wouldn’t be killed, my loved ones would be killed.

Then, I lost consciousness at that time and what had ended up happening to me was a lot of programming put in place. Set in place physically and emotionally with this empath, this empath on steroids, this Hybrid that was my handler, that day. So I believe there was a mixture of drug and manipulation in my mind and I show back up at home and basically went on the run for about 10 years.

I packed my bags. I broke up with my girlfriend and I started traveling and I stayed off the radar. I wouldn’t have a checking account, I wouldn’t have a credit card, I surely wouldn’t have any way anybody could get a hold of me and I disappeared and I separated myself from both families, my adopted family and biological family. It became such a subconscious drive that I couldn’t even tell you for years and years and years why I was doing it. Because, I had completely and totally forgotten about my time at NORAD and the whole experience was amazing and I had forgotten about it all.

GD: But, during this time you started to expand your spiritual pursuits, you started to connect with people that really started to help reflect for you who you are and why you are here and you started to become much more conscious of your path.

SN: Correct. I ended up having my own healing business, I did past life regressions for people and I was a medium and I ended up becoming registered later on in the mid 2000’s, with Summit County Search and Rescue as a medium to help find lost people or people who were deceased and they couldn’t find their bodies. My gifts really started to expand. People are going to want to know, why were you underground and why were you so involved? The distinction between the two, I stumbled across, I ended up in Colorado in 2000, I moved from Alamosa to Taos, to Colorado, back to Taos to Colorado and I was just trying to find my place.

I moved over back east for about 9 months and I was just traveling around trying to find people who could answer questions for me. But, I wasn’t going at it from the extraterrestrial point of view. Because, remember that had been erased. I was going at it from…why I am I here? Why do I have all these gifts? I feel like there’s this thing I’m supposed to be doing and I can’t remember what it is. It was a strong thing that drove me. I started to find out and explore more about my Native American past and that I come from a medicine line. My great grandmother was a Cherokee medicine woman and we come from the Dreamwalker Clan. So that explains my gift of dreams. Laughter…

GD: I’d hate to skip over anything. Because, it’s all important and I also know you want to share with our listeners what’s happening today and what’s important to know about these times? What’s going on with our star brothers and sisters? I think it would be important if you would speak to what’s your role now, now that you’re conscious and aware? What are you doing as a human and what are you doing with our extraterrestrials star brothers and sisters?

SN: It’s multilayered. I’m writing a book right now, “My Immaculate Conception”, a true story on abduction, impregnation, and government collusion. I’m writing in detail what it was like going through the experience I went through and it touches back on my life and gives greater detail to my experience on a human level. So that people can relate to my experiences no matter what terrible things may or may not happen to you, there’s always a bigger picture.

I’m also working with women who have had these experiences of disappearing twins, or disappearing children. I’m working with people who have had, we’ll just call it abduction experiences right now. So that they understand what the bigger picture is. I’m working with Starseeds, for the Starseed Hot Line and the Starseed Radio Academy. Because, in this time more than any other time in history there are more Masters and Starseeds. People like myself that came from a higher consciousness chose to come down in a physical form, whether it be born, or walk in into, or braided into. With humans on this planet with a mission, a very specific mission.

GD: You’re feeling pretty optimistic about what’s to come?

SN: Absolutely. There are messages that our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters want us to know. First, and foremost we have to remember who we are and our connection to Source. The greatest lie that has happened to us, the greatest travesty is that we have been conditioned as human beings to forget how powerful we are and how we can create our own reality. It’s so important. We have been born into, we have inherited conversations, we have inherited social conversations, we have inherited economic conversations and we get trapped in thinking we’ve only got x that we can do, or we can only do x, or we can’t do x.

The thing of it is…everything that we think; everything that we intend has power. It truly, truly has power. We create our own Universe our own reality. Every human being on this planet creates his or her own reality. When we stop buying into the lies and when we stop buying into the fear, we can start to see the impact that we have on each other and on our environment, in a positive way. The most important thing besides that is that our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters want us to know that don’t buy into the fear. Right now is so important. It’s such a beautiful and exciting and breathtaking time to be here on the planet right now and you need to know you came here to witness this, to be involved in this and to assist in this ascension with human beings, with everybody.

Whether you consider yourself to be a Starseed or not, you are here to participate. Participate is the keyword. Apathy is the soul killer. For so many years we’ve been bought into and lied to and sat back on our laurels’ in our apathy and watched things happen to our brothers and sisters on our planet. Right now is the time to wake up and get involved. You have a voice, use it. Speak your truth. Get involved. Go out and do things in your community.

GD: What’s your specific role with the Galactic Federation as a Pleiadian Starseed?

SN: There are several different ways I am raising the consciousness on the planet. Every single night I’m aboard ship, or I’m out of body doing work and still being trained myself by Ascended Masters and Ascended beings. I’m still learning and integrating. So basically I go out and I energetically come back and I literally ground consciousness into the planet, into the Earth, into people. Just by being, by hearing my voice, by being in my presence people are starting to wake up whether they know it or not. It’s an energetic thing that I’m providing. I’m also providing it by demonstration, coming down and being born in this body and working my way all the way up to this point. By demonstration to show people that no matter what your situation is you can achieve whatever it is you put your mind to.

GD: Why don’t you mention your web site and maybe again mention the title of your book they can be looking for.

SN: Absolutely. One other thing I’d like to finish up with is one more point they would like everyone to know…it’s always darkest before the light and the thousand years reign of peace is just beyond our finger tips. Have faith and believe and know and create towards you the world it is that you want to live in. The beautiful, peaceful world.

GD: What is that vision for you?

SN: Oh, my goodness. I see where human beings live in cooperation with each other and their environment on every level. There is a balance between human being, environment and animals and the world. In fact, that in itself propels us to be on the Galactic level with our brothers and sisters.

GD: Beautiful.

SN: So just, no matter how bad it looks, no matter how bad you think it is…don’t buy into the fear. Because, there is another program running that we need to throw out completely. No more fear. Please don’t be afraid and please love and bring light and bring hope into every dark place that you find.
GD: Well said.
SN: But. So I’m the co-host on the Starseed Hot Line, go to and if you want to listen to my story go to We are also on\StarseedRadioAcademy. We are on every Tuesday evening 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time. We have a lot of great guest.

GD: What is empowering you to come out and talk about this stuff, including the experiences you had with the military? What you experienced would quiet a lot of people. So clearly you are coming from an empowered place, you have high energy, you are on a mission. What advice do you have for people that are in a place of concern, worry or fear. But, may be thinking…hey, it’s time for me to speak up.

SN: Ok, that’s a great question. There’s several different factors in that. Know that you are a creator God and that your experience here is important. Just as important as mine or anybody else’s expression of being here on the planet right now. It’s valuable. Pull yourself up by your boot strings. You are not alone. Pray to your God to your spirit guides, your angels. Whomever it is that you deem is your support. Because, every being on Earth has their own support group out there helping them. Believe that they are here to help you and take courage and take a stand. You are beautiful and magnificent and you’re important and share that with your community. It is important.

GD: Perfect.

SN: No matter how…don’t say it’s somebody else’s job, they have a bigger or better story, they got something more to say. No, even if you are only saying it to the people in your family, or the people in your community. It’s important to be said. A stand is to be made right now. It’s important that everyone get involved and take a stand. Because, the more that stand up and do it, the quicker the consciousness spreads and the quicker we see that beautiful, glorious future to ourselves.
GD: Terrific. Well said. Well, you’ve been listening to Sierra Neblina. I want to thank you for your courage, your work and for coming on the show today. Please check out her book its coming and the web site. It’s been such a joy to have you on today.

SN: Thank you so much. It’s been such a pleasure. Thank you for the opportunity.


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